3 new sculpting techniques and how to master them

Just when you’d finally mastered a bronzer/foundation balance that would put even the most selfie-centric Kardashian to shame, the beauty world ditches the contouring status quo in favour of three new techniques that aim to lift, brighten and mattify your face. Strobing, baking and clowning are the latest skills being honed by beauty vloggers. Get ready to swot up on your make-up skills as Shortlist brings you a face-painting master class.

The Subtle: Strobing

Invented by editorial make-up artists to help capture camera flashes on set, strobing is basically highlighting on steroids. No dark foundation, muddy bronzer or sharply angled brush required – it focuses on drawing attention to the areas where light would naturally hit by blending light-reflecting primers and illuminators into the most prominent parts of your face. The result? That dewy, pearlescent, supermodel glow you’ve always wanted. You’re welcome.

Key tips:
– This look works best with a more natural skin tone so swap your foundation for a light coverage tinted moisturiser.
– Focus on the bridge of the nose, high of the forehead and cupid’s bow.
– Keep the look more subtle than sweaty by blending the products using your fingers for a delicate finish.Products:
Benefit Sunbeam AED95, Sephora
– Clarins Instant Light Complexion Base AED155, Harvey NicholsThe Sensible: Baking

Fans of a more au natural look stop reading now as baking, also known as cooking, is a culinary-inspired craze that’s not for foundation-phobics. Used largely on TV and stage actors, this technique sets and somewhat solidifies your make-up so it’s totally budge proof.  The process is achieved by sweeping an excessive layer of translucent or nude powder over your face, concentrating on your t-zone and cheeks, after you’ve applied your foundation. Left on for a minimum of 10 minutes, the powder soaks up any excess moisture from your make-up and sets it firmly in place, you then simply brush away the excess product using a sturdy kabuki brush and you’re cooked to perfection. Bon appetit!

Key tips:
Not an ideal option for dry skin tones this method works best with oily or combination skin.
– There’s no subtle version of baking so the look is best kept for after-hours or dimly lit occasions – no one needs daytime cakiness.
– Perfect for holding your face in place as you hit the dance floor this technique eliminates the need for constant touch-ups.

Givenchy Kabuki Brush AED180, net-a-porter.com
– MAC bronzer AED99, The Dubai Mall

The Surreal: Clowning

A more tongue-in-cheek approach to prettifying, clowning requires expert blending and brush skills as well as a sense of humor. YouTube’s Bella De Lune, Wayne Goss and Smashin Beauty pioneered the approach which makes classic contouring look like child’s play by drawing precise circles, squares, and even an emoji or two, on the face and then blending them all together to create one neutral base tone. The make-up equivalent of ‘colour by numbers’ it’s a tricky method to master if you’re not a beauty pro but can help you neutralise redness, enlarge your lips and fake a sharp set of cheekbones.

Key tips:
Clowning precisely pinpoints and corrects tone and skin problems so if you’re blessed with a pimple-free face, it’s probably not worth your time.
– You’ll need an expert set of brushes to conquer this method so make sure your make-up kit is up to scratch.
– As demonstrated by Bella de Lune the look is meant to be a laugh so don’t be afraid to paint more than a little outside the lines.

Beauty Blender AED85, Sephora
– Dior Nude Foundation AED240, Harvey Nichols

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