28 Jul 2015 AT 04:59 PM

Gas panic? The UAE petrol price explained

It’s an extra AED4 to drive your Porsche to Ras Al Khaimah!
28 Jul 2015 AT 04:59 PM
Gas panic? The UAE petrol price explained

From August 1, as has been widely reported, the UAE fuel price will go up from AED1.72 per litre of Special 95 petrol to AED2.14. As a result, the internet seems to have gone into full meltdown mode at the steep 23.6 percent increase.

So what does this actually mean for the humble Dubai or Abu Dhabi resident? Shock horror: it may cost an extra AED4 to take your Porsche on a roadtrip to Ras Al Khaimah – each way! And don’t even get us started on filling up the family Chevrolet Suburban…

[Disclaimer: all figures hastily cobbled together by people who are very bad at maths. Treat with extreme caution]

Weekend roadtrip

Trip: Round trip from Downtown Dubai to Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah
Car: Porsche 9.11*
Old price: AED34.74
New price: AED43.22
Difference: AED8.48
*Based combined highway and urban average of 11 litres per 100 km.

Fill up the family car

Car: Chevrolet Suburban 2015
Tank size: 117 litres
Old price: AED201.24
New price: AED250.38
Difference: AED49.14

Commute to work

Trip: JLT to Media City*
Car: Jeep Wrangler
Old price: AED15.30
New Price: AED19
Difference: AED3.70
*Based on weekly commute of 68km consuming 8.9 litres.