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15 of Twitter’s best #DubaiProblems



1. When your car finds a better lash technician than you.

2. Being late for work because you can’t get your usual helicopter

3. Don’t you just hate having too much money. Sigh.

4. Nobody is EVER prepared for rain.

5. A morning of tough decisions.

6. Noooo, not the chocolate buttons.

7. Because being on time in Dubai is basically being an hour early.

8. Just try paying for a taxi with that note…

9. In case you were wondering what 5am in July feels like.

10. What? Why? Did you have a camel in your car Suzanne? So many questions!

11. We’ve all been there bro.

12. Forget the one leg in, one leg out struggle…

13. There are downsides to that view from your corner office.

14. Don’t we all Aysha, don’t we all…

15. The awkward moment when your cover is blown.

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