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5 weird things for AED7 in Daiso Dubai



When we wanted a thermometer for our balcony to do that smug expat photo thing for everyone freezing back at home, we wondered: what shop is a thermometer shop? We didn’t know. What we did know is that Daiso sells everything, and they didn’t let us down – we had a choice of three.

The Japanese business opened as a 100 yen store back in the ‘70s, and there are now stores across the UAE. Everything starts at AED7 here, and you really can find pretty much anything you want. If your kids love Frozen, there is so much stuff with Frozen stuck to the front of it. And whilst you’re getting an Elsa branded tea-set/lunchbox/everything else, you can pick up a USB powered fan for the office (just shove it into your computer). Don’t forget about these, either…

1. Chair socks

These knitted things reminded us of the wooly doll our Grandma used to cover her loo rolls with, but do you know what? We love them.  With one on each chair foot, you stop the scraping noises across your floor (and somebody else’s ceiling). Got neighbours who enjoy rearranging the furniture at 2am? Leave a set on their doormat. Simple genius. They should be given out to everyone living in a tower block apartment.2. A tube squeezer

“Push the toothpaste from the bottom”, our Mum always used to say. Whether you’re still trying to please your own Mum or just make your money go a bit further, this little piece of plastic sits at the end of the tube and rolls it up a little bit every time with the turn of a handle. The toothpaste comes out neatly and it thriftily uses every last drop. Deeply satisfying.3. An illuminated ear pick

The Japanese are really serious about keeping their ears clean. There are dedicated salons you can visit and some steady-handed folk will even remove your wax on the street. Daiso’s attempt at tapping into the craze is now available in their UAE stores. This plastic wand- shaped device has a green light that will illuminate the inside of your ear canal, so your partner can see exactly what they’re doing. Quite the romantic night in.

4. Almost everything you’ll ever need for a banana

It’s easy to laugh at a banana shaped lunch box (fits: bananas) and your colleagues probably will, but they definitely stop your lunchtime fruit from bruising. You’ll easily fit more than one ‘nana into the jumbo-sized versions Daiso have at the moment, too. Next to them you’ll find a banana-shaped fruit “chipper” which will dice up your snack into lots of equal-sized chunks in a second.

5. …and a really tiny lamp

Daiso’s cute “spot and book light” is only a couple of inches high. It’s battery powered, shoving out enough light for a book or notepad. Useful for night-time reading under the covers or pretending that you’re a giant.
Daiso have stores throughout the UAE. We found everything we’ve mentioned here in their Dubai Mall branch, which is on the lower ground floor near to Waitrose. Everything featured is AED7.

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