INTERVIEW: Cirkopolis comes to the UAE.

Cirkopolis is about to transport UAE audiences to a very dark, grey world where life is without colour. We agree, that doesn’t sound very appealing does it? But bear with us.  Over 90 minutes of death-defying stunts and circus-style acrobatics and dance – your jaw is likely to drop so much your muscles will hurt. It has been a hit with audiences across Europe, in New York, Sydney and Quebec. And if you’re still not convinced of its magic, here performer and master of ‘The German Wheel’, Frédéric Lemieux-Cormier, may just persuade you to book a ticket…

We know the show combines circus and dance, but what else can we expect?
Expect to see a group of young, highly skilled artists perform a very energetic, interesting and emotional show as part of contemporary circus group Cirque Éloize. We create this different grey world through a mix of projections and movement on stage.

Is there a story running through the show?
Not really. Cirkopolis was inspired by the classic 1920s silent film, Metropolis, and is a mix of 1950s noir and art deco touches. We want the audience to use their imagination and make up their own stories within this imaginary world. It’s about trying to find our own identity, it’s very emotional.It all sounds very serious, what will we take from it?
It’s touching, dramatic and poetic. It’s very theatrical, dramatic, but slower in places. There’s humour too. Not laugh out loud stuff, but we like to think people leave feeling joyful and that anything is possible.So it’s a feel good show?
People can interpret it however they like. A main theme is finding your own identity and feeling empowered by just being yourself. That applies to everyone in real life too.

We hear ‘The German Wheel’ is your speciality, tell us about that?
The Wheel is hard to explain. You have to see it to believe it! When I’m in the wheel I cannot see because it is rolling. It’s risky, but I’ve never hit anyone with it so far. I don’t just do that though. I spend most of the show on stage, we all do everything. I’m an acrobat, I throw people in the air and I dance.

What made you runaway to join the circus?
Well my mum was a costume designer for Cirque Du Soleil so I’ve pretty much grown up with the circus and on the road. From a young age I was climbing on everything. I would ride really fast down a hill on my bike and deliberately thrown myself off and do a big flip at the end.

You’re mum must have loved that?
[Laughs] She tried to channel my energy into other things. She didn’t want me to go into the circus, all the travelling and being on the road. So I did martial arts, swimming and diving. I think she hoped I’d get it out of my system, but I kept pushing, kept doing flips!

You’ve been with Cirkopolis for over three years, the training must be gruelling?
We’re based in Montreal, Canada and rehearse for eight hours every day. When we’re touring it’s more like two hours a day. I think I’ve bruised every bone in my body! What we do is very contemporary, but I try to keep traditional circus in mind when I’m training – the energy and the risks people have taken to express themselves should never be forgotten.

What do you love most about being a part of the show?
I love discovering new places. We’ve been to Chile, Australia, and Mexico as well as most of Europe on tour. I’ve never been to the UAE so I’m excited to visit this new interesting land very soon.

Cirkopolis, Du Forum and Dubai World Trade Centre, Abu Dhabi Sept 17 to 19, Dubai Sept 22 to 26.



When: Sep 17
Start: 17:00


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