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THE CHOSEN FEW: Pool Accessories



There isn’t a minute that goes by without someone Instagramming a picture of themselves in a pool on that inflatable swan – #fact. But if you’re looking for something a little different to sport poolside, try one of these blow up gadets. Actually, you could buy a combination. Sit in the donut, put your drink in the flamingo cup holder, and let your music float by on an inflatable speaker, and create your own pool games with the water slide. Did somebody say pool party?

1. Flamingo Cup Holder
No more precariously balancing your beverage on your belly as you wallow around in the water.|
Price: AED45 for 3 from

2. Gigantic Donut Pool Float
Sure, that huge inflatable swan doing the rounds on Instagram is cool, it’s not exactly practical is it? This is the perfect lilo compromise that doesn’t require a 6-seater van to ferry it around.
Price: AED95 from

3. Ivation Bluetooth Speaker
Enjoy your playlists in the pool while keeping your iPod on dry land with this nifty waterproof speaker. About the size of a volleyball, and streams via Bluetooth up to 33ft and offer impressive sound quality.
Price: AED450 from

4. Rainbow mattress
Make a colourful statement with this rainbow lilo – perfect for topping up your tan.
Price: AED75 from

5.Intex Inflatable Water Slide
If the disaster that was City Slide has put you off attending a future event, create your own one at the pool with this slippery slope. Jets of water spray from the top, so there’s no danger of it running dry.
Price: AED307 from

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