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Two Hollywood blockbusters currently filming in Dubai



A helicoper circling buildings in JLT got the Twittersphere talking today, with many unsure why it was flying so close to residential towers.

Others were more on the ball, realising that Jacky Chan was using JLT in Dubai as one of the filming locations for his latest movie. Yesterday, the RTA issued warnings, as two Hollywood movies are filming in various locations around the city.

Some residents got pretty cool shots from above the helicopter, as it hovered close to the ground while filming scenes.

Others were able to get up-close pictures of the action, as the crew filmed in Downtown Dubai.

Star Trek Beyond is the second film causing a stir on social media, with a helicopter spotted flying between Dubai World Trade Centre and Dubai Mall. @Louisebolo wrote on Instagram: “What’s going on #dubai? Why is there a helicopter encircling #damac #ParkTowers very slowly and super close?! Scary when I can see them flying on my level. Is this part of the Jackie Chan or Star Trek shoot?”

A video posted by @louisebolo on

The bad news is that traffic jams (as seen in JLT today) are to be expected during filming. The good news is that we can all get excited about seeing Dubai on the big screen twice in 2016.

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