Internet backlash to Jennifer Aniston’s Emirates advert

It was only released yesterday, yet Jennifer Aniston’s Emirates advert already has over 1.5 million views. The funny TV commercial, which is part of Aniston’s new $5 million role as brand ambassador, has gone viral across the world.

Being as the UAE is the home of Emirates, residents have quite a lot to say about it. Although many of the comments have been positive, others aren’t so happy with the Friends star’s ‘dream’.

In response to news that Emirates are spending $20 million on the campaign, Asad Bukhari wrote on our Facebook page: “20 million dollars spent and all they mentioned was a shower by Jennifer Aniston. I would have sued the marketing team for that.”

Others, including Andy Swift, pointed out that Emirates have been flying the A380 for years, and the advert comes a little too late. However, most of the criticism centered on the advert being elitist, with many unhappy that economy class isn’t considered.

Tony Halliwell wrote: “Good luck finding a shower in economy class in Emirates. All I usually find is cramped conditions, bad food and poor service.”

While on YouTube 113Robinho joked: “I had a dream I was not rich once. It was horrible.”

Others were more positive about Aniston’s new role, seeing the funny side of it all. @AdaRenedo wrote on Twitter, “In love with @emirates new commercial featuring Jennifer Aniston!” echoing the general thumbs up from many.

A lot of people saw this goofy character as Aniston revisiting her character from Friends, Rachel. Mocking the last episode, Vinn Bergamotto commented on our website: “I was waiting for ‘I have to get off the plane!’”

Those who are clued up on their US aviation news may have spotted a mocking undertone to the commercial. It comes as Gulf carriers explore expansion into the US market, possibly eating into the profits of their US rivals. “It’s an ad against the U.S. and it’s brilliant,” said Phil Richard Harrison on Facebook.

We’re quite impressed with Emirates for going with a witty and controversial advert. Bravo.

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