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STYLE: Is the man bun over?



You only have to turn on BeIN Sports to see an array of ‘out there’ hair styles – Olivier Giroud’s floppy quiff, Lasith Malinga’s bleached curls, Stephan El Shaarawy porcupine inspired ‘do… we could go on. We asked two of the UAE’s top stylists whether men should push the style boundaries like their sporting heroes, or just leave their barnet alone.

Danielle Cee, senior stylist at Toni&Guy, Dubai
I fully support men who are open to expressing their adventurous side. Be it the man bun or man braids, those “going for bold” looks explore a different side of male creativity that should be embraced. Men in this region are starting to open up to the latest trends; a good example will be Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo). Defined as the manly man, Momoa’s hair has moved from care-free waves to dreads to edgy cornrows to a man bun.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, if braids and buns suit you, go for it. There are intricate French and waterfall braids, there is the popular top knot with undercut combo that Harry Styles and Jared Leto have worn. Just check #manbraid across social media to see them.

It’s about abolishing boundaries and moving away from the norm. Your hairstyle can be a mixture of trend and self-expression and I think that’s what counts. You will never be out of style as long as it defines who you are.

Jay McLintock
Barber at Chaps & Co. Barbershop
Experimenting is fine. Going crazy is not. We’ve all been at an age when tips, highlights and bleaching were all the craze, but in this day and age you need to transition with dignity. And you do that by going from one barely distinguishable hairstyle to another until you reach your intended destination. Either that, or resign yourself to the same hairstyle forever. There’s no harm in subtle change but always experiment within reason.

For young guys we recommend short hair because it’s cool and low maintenance. Add some style by keeping the top strands a little longer so you have something to play with. For the older fellows, we like a neat finish on the sides and take good care of a swoop at the crown of their head. The most popular haircut at Chaps & Co. is the blended fade on back and sides. Simple, stylish and with a neat finish on top, often combed over to the side. The simpler the better, I say.

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