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British Expat dies in Dubai



A family support group has been set up after a British expat died in Dubai last Saturday. According to the website, Paul Schofield died on October 17 “suddenly and unexpectedly.”

The circumstances of his death are not known, with the site stating that Schofield had a wife and young son. By Tuesday morning, over AED60,000 had been raised for him.

The site said: “Having been a self-employed, Paul did not have medical insurance and because of the emergency medical care he received, his wife Alma now faces a large hospital bill. Also, during the next few months, while all the administrative matters are being settled, Alma & James (his son) would like to try and remain in Dubai. As is obvious in this awful situation, Alma will need a lot of support to pay the rent, repatriate his body, close all the bank accounts, pay bills & prepare for the future.”

It added:  “Our small group of friends would like to help her financially during this devastating time and show her our love, care & support. We would like to encourage everyone who knew Paul and those who haven’t, but heard about what an amazing man he was to donate as much as they can spare. Any amount no matter how big or small will help to make a difference!”

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