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Could the UAE be too hot to live in by 2070?



Now it’s no secret the ShortList team like our weather updates. In fact, some of you even think we are obsessed with them.

Well here’s a proper long range forecast: The UAE, notably both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, could be too hot to live in after 2070. What?! Yep, that’s just 55 years away, meaning that many of you reading this would see it happen in your lifetime.

This isn’t a BBC long range forecast, but the conclusions of a new scientific study published by Nature Climate Change. According to the authors, Professors Jeremy Pal and Elfaith Elathir, both of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (where all the clever people hang out), this could happen if climate change isn’t dealt with. They argue that unless we seriously start to cut greenhouse gas emissions, then extreme heatwaves – worse than anything on the planet before – would affect Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha and coastal cities in Iran.

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