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James Bond’s Aston Martin DB10 on display in Dubai



There are only ten Aston Martin DB10s in the world… Well, there was, until four were written off while filming latest James Bond movie Spectre. One of these exclusive cars was revealed at a VIP event in Dubai this week, and it will be on show for the public at Dubai International Motor Show next month.

Aston Martin has become synonymous with Bond, having been the secret agent’s car of choice for over 50 years. Goldfinger, which was released in 1964, featured the now iconic DB5. And it seems that Aston Martin are more than aware of how lucky they are to have scored such a massive partnership.

“It’s always a big impact for us when a Bond film comes out. We need Bond, and I think Bond need us. There’s a spike in interest, and a spike in sales,” Neil Slade, General Manager Middle East and North Africa at Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd told ShortList. “You can’t buy this kind of branding or promotion, we wouldn’t be able to afford it! So it’s fantastic for us.”

Far from having years to craft the perfect Vehicle, Slade says that they were given just five months for the whole production – “The DB10was a celebration of Aston Martin’s 50 years with Bond, and it had to be produced in just five months – from when Sam Mendes came through the factory door to see how we were going to do it.”

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The question on every (rich) Bond fan’s lips, is ‘when can I buy one for my personal collection?’ but unfortunately, the car will never go into mass production. That hasn’t stopped people from trying though. “Of course, I’m flooded with calls from people every day wanting to buy this one, but it’s not for sale. It’s actually been racing round the streets of Rome, and ended up in a river – so there’s actually no interior to this one…”

You may not be able to drive it, but you can marvel over the incredible wheels at Dubai International Motor Show from November 10 to 14 at Dubai World Trade Centre.

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