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5 TikTok-Trending Hacks That Look Good on Everyone, In UAE



5 TikTok-Trending Hacks That Look Good on Everyone, In UAE

TikTok is a globally-renowned platform that has taken every country by storm. The way influencers give online users fresh ideas, DIY projects, fashion inspirations, and hacks has caught everyone’s attention. If we talk about UAE, the content by influencers on TikTok has seen tremendous growth with a spike of 31.6% within a year.

TikTok-Trending Hacks

So, it is no surprise that there are plenty of trending makeup hacks on TikTok that can be applied to anyone’s routine and would look good. If you are curious about what those TikTok trends are, this blog is for you

1. Gym Lips – A Maekup Hack

The first TikTok-Trending Hack that is becoming increasingly popular on TikTok is the makeup hack for gym lips. This is a way to make your lips look natural yet pouty and is especially perfect for women who are going for minimalist style.

The beauty community on TikTok – BeautyTok started becoming obsessed with the gym lips. Does this mean that the lips would look naturally plump even after a sweaty workout?

Gym Lips – A Maekup Hack

Nope, this is not what this hack does. Gym lips are a way of getting hydrating and plump lips by combining two lip products. This is perfect for regular use.

This trend started getting recognition last year in April when Kelli Anne Sewell (a makeup artist) debuted on Instagram with her gym lips.

She went to her gym while wearing nude glossy lipstick. This trend quickly spread on social media and turned into a popular “gym lips” hack on TikTok with 2.8 million views!

2. Viral Lipstick Hack

Last year, Fenty Beauty left everyone impressed with its Hot Chocolit gloss. When it reached the shelves of the ladies, it created a new reign for brown lips! After that, plenty of brown-colored glosses and lipsticks were used but the one that got famous in UAE was the Super Lustrous Glass Shine by Revlon.

Viral Lipstick Hack

Its creamy aloe vera formulation and hyaluronic acid inclusion gave the lip gloss a smooth glide on everyone’s lips. It was a perfect choice for anyone from warm to pale skin tones. The lipstick is now called a daily lip.

3. Benefit Benetint

Tints have become a must-have makeup product for everyone’s vanity. When beauty experts discussed it, they found that lip tints have certainly made a strong comeback in the industry. This all happened because of K-beauty.

Benefit Benetint

What caught everyone’s attention was the beautiful Benetint by Benefit. It is a multi-purpose tint that can be used on the lips and cheeks. The first kind of tint like that was created in the 1970s but slowly, its trend faded away. Now in 2023, this product has made a strong comeback.

Ladies who want a no-makeup makeup look have become a fan of this natural product. That’s what the verdict via UAE’s TikTok trend is!

4. Viral Blush

The Soft Pinch Dewy Liquid Blush from the house of Rare Beauty caught everyone’s attention in 2022 but is still going strong in 2023. This liquid blush by Selena Gomez has introduced ladies to something unique and special.

Viral Blush

It can be spotted in several GRWM (get ready with me) videos on TikTok where the influencers of UAE have used it to get a naturally dewy look. One of the best things about this blush is that it stays for long hours without any smudging.

The pigment of the Rare Beauty blush can be achieved just by applying a small dot on both cheeks. It has such a rich and bright formulation that looks good on everyone’s complexion. The color that has become extremely popular on TikTok is “Happy”.

Its seamless blending and botanical formulation make it a great choice for regular use. Some buyers have even said that although it might take a while to blend the blush, it goes a long way.

5. Hair Oil by Gisou – Infused with Honey

Those who want to invest in luxurious and healthy hair oils have taken Gisou’s word for it. If you look at the UAE influencers on TikTok, they have always added this to their shopping haul because of the kind of love it gives to your hair.

Hair Oil by Gisou – Infused with Honey

The formulation is cruelty-free and you can achieve a spa-like finish with it. There is honey in this hair oil that hydrates your hair by drawing out moisture from your surroundings. Try these TikTok-Trending Hacks to modify your beauty.

Apart from that, hair would also benefit from various antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins infused in it. There are no harmful parabens or sulfates and you can even use the oil as a hair mask overnight.

So, if you are a makeup lover and want to include some of the best products in your vanity this year then the above-listed items are the best! Makeup influencers in UAE have already sworn by it, are you ready to do the same?

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