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Rain expected to hit UAE again this weekend



It’s been a turbulent few weeks for UAE weather, and it seems that we could be in for more cloudy days. The UAE’s National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has warned that we could have rain this weekend.

Speaking to Emirates 24|7 an NCMS spokesperson said that low pressure is moving over from Saudi Arabia towards the UAE. “Over the next few days, the depression will move eastwards, giving rise to convective clouds of the eastern region by the afternoon, with increased cover over the western region by night, along with the islands,” they said. “This weather is likely to give way to rainfall by Friday.”

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Many roads in Saudi Arabia have been flooded by the rain, and schools in certain areas have closed as weather warnings continue. Videos have emerged showing cars completely submerged in water, and those who do drive are being told to do so very cautiously.

We’re not likely to see heavy storms on this scale in the UAE, as no weather warning has been issued. Reports suggest that we’ll have a similar few days to the weather we saw last week, with dark clouds followed by a day of rainfall.

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