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UAE Police warn residents of typical scams



With many people travelling and withdrawing large amounts of cash over December and January, Police across the UAE have been keen to offer tips to make sure you stay safe. Dubai Police are excellent at giving out security tips on Twitter, so make sure you follow the official account @DubaiPoliceHQ. Here’s a few that have been mentioned on social media and in the press over the past few weeks.

Scam 1 – spit and shift
This one is a bit disgusting, hence why it works. According to recent reports from Abu Dhabi Police, this technique was used to scam AED10,000 from a person who had just withdrawn money from the ATM. A man spat on his clothes by ‘mistake’ and then proceeded to help wipe it off, while swiping the money from his pocket. The Police have warned residents to be extra vigilant around ATMs and report any incidents.

Scam 2 – prize winner
Dubai Police took to Twitter to remind residents to be wary of any phone calls suggesting that they have won a valuable prize. They tweeted: “#INFO: Call us on 901 if you receive a call from a person stating that you have won a valuable prize. #DubaiPolice YourSecurityOurHappiness.”

The likelihood is, if you haven’t entered a competition to win a prize, you probably haven’t won anything. Don’t call the number back or give out your bank details. Instead ask if there is a website you can visit to check the company out.

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