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VIDEO: Dubai weather centre seeds clouds with rain



In case you haven’t been outside today (or on any social media channel, for that matter), it’s raining in Dubai today. In fact, according to the National Center for Meteorology & Seismology, the rain is expected to continue in some parts of the UAE tomorrow.

However, far from just reporting on the weather, NCMS are hard at work making the most of our cloudy skies. This morning they posted this video of one of their research planes flying above the clouds in order to analyse the current weather conditions. NCMS sometimes ‘seed’ clouds with rain in order to bring temperatures down, and they posted this with the caption, “seeding since early morning.”

Wondering exactly what cloud seeding is? Well, there are various different types, but on a very basic level, it’s the scientific process of increasing a cloud’s ability to produce precipitation (that’s rain to you and me).

Cloudy weather and fresh winds are expected over the next few days, with a slight drop in temperature. According to NCMS, winds may cause rising dust in areas of the UAE. Longer range weather forecasts seem to show clear skies and sunshine from January 16, so let’s hope it stays that way.

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