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UPDATE: Lion found roaming the streets of Dubai



You may have seen reports that a lioness was spotted roaming the streets of Al Barsha on Thursday night. After receiving calls from the public, Dubai Police managed to capture the animal safely. But many questions have been raised regarding how it got there, how it was captured, and where it is now.

According to Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, officers responded to several calls about a stray lioness around the Al Barsha areas. Along with a team of vets, Dubai Police found and captured the lion before anyone was hurt.

The lioness is believed to be 4-months-old and of African breed. A report by Emirates 24|7 states that the animal is believed to be a pet. The website reports that the person who brought the lioness to its owner has been arrested, and investigations are currently underway in order to discover how it got into the UAE in the first place.

Reports suggest that the owner did not have a permit. The lioness has been seen to by specialists and is now being kept at Dubai Zoo.

This comes just a week after the UAE announced plans to clamp down on the ownership and trade of wild animals. A draft law, which will be debated by the Federal National Council, would further help control the trade and possession of all types of “non-pet”, and put stricter sanctions in place, which could be up to three years in prison and a AED30,000 fine.

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New UAE law could ban possession of wild animals

In addition to banning the unlicensed ownership of these animals, the law also outlines stricter records for wild or “non-pet” animals. It also calls for all kinds of imported animals to be registered and carry official certificates issued by UAE vets.

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