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VIDEO: Hailstones in Dubai



If you’ve been on Twitter this afternoon you’ll know that there are hailstones falling in Dubai, and people can’t contain their excitement… Neither can we. Partly because our weather forecast was indeed correct (OK we didn’t predict the hail, but we did call rain) and partly because this almost never happens! Let’s take a look at some of the best videos and pictures, shall we?

A photo posted by Sachin Sankar Ck (@sachinsankarck) on

A photo posted by itsmekrismagboo (@itsmekrismagboo) on

A video posted by Rohan Dhakan (@ronzii8888) on

A video posted by الحمدلله (@eng_binhaider) on

A video posted by @335.tsu_ji on

A photo posted by Sarah Ventura (@sarah.ventura) on




A video posted by Catboy (@catboy92) on

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