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6 movies to see in the UAE this week



Zoolander 2 (PG18)
Ben Stiller returns as the world’s favourite “model idiot”, 15 years after the cult success of the original Zoolander, an eminently enjoyable parody of the catwalk world. This time Derek Zoolander and his one-time model rival Hansel (Owen Wilson) find themselves the forgotten faces of fashion only to be hauled back to relevancy following a spate of “beautiful” celebrity murders (cue an actually semi-amusing Justin Bieber cameo).
What links all of these mysterious murders, however, is that the victims post a pouting selfie shortly before their deaths, uniformly mirroring Zoolander’s famous “Blue Steel” look – which is where our aesthetically pleasing, intellectually maligned Derek comes in. Teaming up with sultry Interpol agent Valentina (Penelope Cruz), the vacuous duo are thrust into the criminal underbelly of the modelling world.
In cinemas from February 25

Colonia (15)
Leaving the cherubic, precocious wizardry of Hermione Granger well behind her, Emma Watson stars opposite Daniel Bruhl in this (loosely) historical thriller, set in the dark period of the CIA-sponsored Augusto Pinochet coup in 1970s Chile. Watson and Bruhl play German partners whose lives are thrown asunder when Bruhl is kidnapped and sent to an interrogation camp, the now infamous Colonia. It prompts a frightened but determined Watson to attempt to rescue her imprisoned lover… without a spell or incantation in sight.
In cinemas from February 25

Trumbo (15)
In 1947, one of Hollywood’s best screenwriters, Dalton Trumbo, was arrested alongside a number of other artists for their political beliefs, effectively ending what was then a glittering career. Blacklisted in the industry as a communist, Trumbo was forced to carry on his work under the cover of darkness and multiple pseudonyms. A story that’s long deserved its cinematic telling, Trumbo sees an Oscar-nominated Bryan Cranston in the role of the writer, bringing this (still contested) nadir in Hollywood’s history to light.
In cinemas from February 25

Kings of Egypt (PG)
Following his popular turn as King Leonidas in 300, Gerard Butler has got his mythical warrior helmet back on in Kings of Egypt – except this time he battles on behalf of the bad guys bent on taking over the Egyptian empire. It falls to a mortal hero Bek (Brenton Thwaites) to unite with the mighty Horus (Game of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) to topple Butler’s Ruler of Darkness, and, well, probably get the girl and all that. A big, sunburnt actioneer.
In cinemas nowStill showing…

Ryan Reynolds stars as a very different kind of masked crusader in Marvel’s snarkiest comic book caper to date.

Hail! Caesar
The Coen brothers’ latest offering sees a glittering cast comprised of Scarlett Johansson, George Clooney and Josh Brolin in a satirical romp through 1950s Hollywood.

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