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Dubai parking charges set to double in some areas



Think you pay a lot for parking in Dubai? You will soon be paying more – in fact, nearly double in some areas.

New rules will come in around late May which will see parking divided into two categories. The first, which will cover around 23% of parking in Dubai (which is 30,000 of the available 120,000 spaces) will include key business districts in the emirate, extending to Deira and Bur Dubai.

In these areas, it will cost you AED3 for just one hour, AED6 for two hours, AED8 for three hours, AED12 for four hours, AED15 for five hours and AED20 for 24 hours.

And it isn’t just the rates but time times: the higher charges will run from 8am to 10pm, which is two hours more than it is currently.

But it isn’t just meters. Season parking permits will also shoot up to AED1,400 for three months, AED2,500 for six months and AED4,500 for one years.

Permits for parking lots will also go up. New rates are AED700 for three months, AED1,300 for six months and AED2,500 for one year.

As for multi-level garage permits, they will be AED2,000 for three months, AED4,000 for six months and AED8,000 for one year.

Why is this all happening? Word is the authorities would like more people to move to public transport to help ease congestion. And we presume reduce pollution.

The good news is the Dubai Tram and Dubai Metro are staying at the same rates, and the new Dubai Water Canal is taking shape fast. Buses are also looking pretty efficient, and the RTA is rolling out a whole load of new public transport plans in the coming year, to link the various transport systems in Dubai.

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