5 Dubai places to grab a healthy snack

There’s very little point waxing lyrical about the benefits of healthy eating. There can’t be too many people who don’t actively know that fresh, locally sourced produce, baked grilled, is better for you than a processed slab of reconstituted meat deep-fried until it’s the colour of a mahogany sideboard.

Of course, healthy food hasn’t always been a byword for tasty food. So here are five places in Dubai that manage to be healthy without sacrificing flavour.

Where: Galeries Lafayette, Dubai Mall
Price for two? AED150
Bestro caters exclusively to vegans, with noodles, curries and pizza all on the list. They specialise in organic beverages, using almond and coconut milk, vitamins and super foods to create drinks that sound interesting, to say the least. The setup would have you believing it could be a small ice cream parlour or milkshake pop up, but the same cannot be said of the food presentation. Our mini pizzas came on a wooden board that suited the style of the food well, and from a friendly, knowledgable server.
Contact: Tidjoori Bio-organic and Vegan Cafe
Where: Trident Tower, Dubai Marina
Price for two? AED220
Tidjoori only opened in early 2015, meaning the restaurant is as fresh as the food it serves. This theme seems to continue with the restaurant itself, with clean and green interiors complemented by wooden furniture, suiting the name ‘Tidjoori’, which means treasure chest in Hindi. With a growing focus on the healthy lifestyle attitude, they might have come into the market at just the right time. An interesting menu with items such as tofu cheesecakes and plenty of kale, quinoa and olive oil will surely help them on the way to success.

Organic Foods and Cafe
Al Quoz, The Greens, Jumeirah Village
Price for two? AED160
Half café, half supermarket, Organic Foods and Cafe does exactly what it says on the sign. They stock fresh foods from their in house butchers, fishmongers and bakery, and a have a coveted “organic certified” label. An ideal little spot to stop in pre- or post-shop, it obviously keeps with the setting and theme of the overall venue. The menu does have slight issues with availability, which can be a little frustrating if you spot something you really want, but on the other hand it’s nice to know that the products used are fresh and not kept for days on end.

Balance Cafe
Where: Oasis Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road
Price for two? AED175
The menu at the Balance Cafe leaves no doubt that this is a place to eat well. It’s not just for items like “brown rice masala dosa” or “low cholesterol omelettes”, or even the vegetarian section, but the information that comes alongside each entry – carbs, grams of fat, etc. For anyone looking to take their healthy eating to the next level, the cafe also offers a range of cooking classes at reasonable prices.
Contact: +971 4 515 4051,

Which wich?
City Tower 1, Sheikh Zayed Road
Price for two? AED100
Which wich? is a spot where you can be as healthy or as unhealthy as you like. From a fully vegetarian “lettucewich” option to a massive philly cheese steak with an oreo milkshake on the side, you can treat or abuse your arteries as you see fit. The concept here involves checking off your selections on a paper bag, similar to Subway but with more choices. We went for a black bean patty to get on the healthy side. The bread is soft, and the fillings happily flavoursome. A great little spot for a snack, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see more branches opened soon.

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