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Terrifying new attraction planned for Dubai



With the parkour and freeclimbing trend growing across the world (just check out Oleg Cricket’s latest antics), people are putting themselves in great danger just to experience the view from the edge of a skyscraper. A brand new attraction has been announced for Dubai, which will give visitors a similar adrenaline rush while being completely safe… and legal.

AYKON Dare, which will be in he new AYKON City development, will let daredevils venture out onto the roofline of the skyscraper and allow them lean right over the edge. It’s being modelled on similar lofty experiences such as the Edge Walk at Toronto’s CN Tower and SkyWalk at Sky Tower in Auckland.

The terrifying attraction will be accessible from the 78th floor lounge of the tower, and visitors will walk around the platform before beginning their ascent towards the roofline above – all of this while being strapped to a safety rail, of course.

The scenery on offer is pretty spectacular, with a panoramic view of Dubai, stretching as far as the Dubai/Abu Dhabi border on a clear day.

As you would hope, the experience will be run by trained professionals, with state-of-the-art equipment. The full thrill is expected to last around 45-minutes, giving you just enough time to feel like Tom Cruise in his epic Dubai Mission Impossible scene.

Those who still want a thrill, but a slightly less petrifying one, are in luck. There will also be a glass box viewing capsule, which looks directly down to Sheikh Zayed Road. The box’s floor is completely see-through, standing 258 metres above the ground.

The AKYKON City development is on Sheikh Zayed Road and, once completed, will overlook the Dubai Canal project, making it a stunning location. The development will have four towers – a five star hotel, luxury apartments, residences and boutique office space, linked by a central podium to retail, dining and entertainment.

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