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Ramadan sharing fridges pop up across Dubai



Embracing the giving nature of Ramadan, many people across the UAE are giving back to the community this month, with charitable donations and acts of kindness across the country. One charitable effort that’s gone viral is a “sharing fridge” concept, started by Australian expat and mother of two, Sumayyah Sayed.

The campaign started as an individual act, with the 29-year-old placing a fridge outside her home stocked with food and drink so that people could stock-up during iftar. Pretty soon, the whole community got involved, and since then the idea has spread across the city.

There are now at least 20 fridges across the city aimed at blue-collar workers for when they break their fast. The closed Facebook group now has more than 8,000 members. “Let’s share our food with the people who make our lives easier. It may not be much, but it’s a start,” reads the group’s description on Facebook. “Grab an extra loaf of bread or an extra kilo of fruit when at the grocery store, or even a pack of water bottles (it gets so hot here and is gratefully received).”

The campaign spread through word-of-mouth and is now gaining traction online. According to reports, each fridge is stocked with around 55 pieces of fruit, 100 laban bottles, and 50 meals as well as snacks such as dates and biscuits. There is also water and juice. Some of the fridges are serving almost 100 workers each day – which means that they need to be restocked continuously.

Many people are praising the community spirit of Dubai, highlighting how safe and honest the city is. Some online commenters have pointed out that they would not be able to do things like this back in their home countries, for fear that people would steal the fridges.

If you would like more information and the location of the fridges, join the Sharing Fridges group on Facebook at

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