TRAILERS: 6 films to see in Dubai this week

Blood Father (15)
Such is the baggage Mel Gibson brings to a movie these days, most pre-release interviews usually revolve around his co-stars justifying why they signed up in the first place. But his comeback from “that” highway incident, which began with the low-key Beaver, continues here with this above par, well-crafted chase movie in which an ex-con trying to stay straight – wonder how he stayed in character? – rescues his daughter from a drug gang. It’s enough to think the fallen Aussie idol warrants another shot at redemption.
In cinemas from September 1

Imperium (15)
Daniel Radcliffe is becoming a sort of British Elijah Wood; a capable enough actor no doubt, but a combination of his most famous role and a permanently boyish appearance means there’s a certain credibility gap when he plays harder-edged characters. This is a case in point. Can he pull off an FBI agent posing as a former marine to infiltrate a gang of white supremacist thugs in suburban America? It’s a stretch, although you do manage to summon the required empathy as his cover begins to unravel.
In cinemas from September 1

Morgan (18)
There are strong echoes of both Silence of the Lambs and Ex Machina about Morgan, a 20th Century Fox film produced by Ridley Scott and directed by his son, Luke. Kate Mara plays a risk-management consultant investigating a young woman whose conception was lab-engineered and, as a result, has violent tendencies that have resulted in her being confined to a concrete room. Mara, aided by the excellent Toby Jones and Paul Giametti, must determine whether the experiment should end now.
In cinemas from September 1

Akira (15)
A Hindi remake of the 2011 Tamil-language thriller Mouna Guru, this is an energetic and generally engaging action-adventure yarn from director AR Murugadoss – who also co-wrote the adapted screenplay. It stars Sonakshi Sinha – who was injured during filming – as a fresh-from-the-village college student in Mumbai who is implicated in a criminal heist after her phone number was traced by the police. She doesn’t, though, take anything lying down.
In cinemas from September 1

Secret Life of Pets (PG)
A take-to-the-bank certainty, this appealing animation from the Illumination Studio –Despicable MeMinions – is based around a gang of animals in New York City and theirFinding Nemo-style adventures. The plot isn’t particularly important (a pampered Jack Russell gets sidelined by a shaggy interloper), it’s just a vehicle for visual gags and the verbal dexterity of a voice cast that includes Louis CK and Kevin Hart.
In cinemas now

Suicide Squad (15)
The cartoonish antiheroes continue to set the zeitgeist with their madcap adventures, led by Will Smith and Margot Robbie.
In cinemas now

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