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Dubai launches robot lifeguard for public beaches



Last week it was driverless vehicles in Downtown, this week it’s robotic lifeguards on the beach. Dubai is on a roll at the moment with innovative technologies that render us humans a little bit useless. Could this be the future? Less hours in the office does sound appealing…

We digress. The Dubai Municipality has launched a robot rescuer for the public beaches in the city. According to a press statement, the robot can reach 35 km per hour – that’s approximately 12 times the speed of a human lifeguard. So the next time you don’t listen to your mum and you go swimming straight after you’ve eaten, at least you know that if cramp strikes there will be a robot to the rescue.

The robot works using remote control technology. We’ve watched a video of how one of these things works and we think it looks pretty impressive.

Alya Al Harmoudi, director of the environment department at Dubai Municipality said, “The move is also in response to Dubai government directives to keep up with the latest technologies and innovations in this area as well as to ensure that all the necessary requirements and precautions are in place to enhance the rescue operations on the public beaches of Dubai.”

So what smart technology is up next? Go on, give us your best guess…

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