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Top Coolest Hair Salons In Dubai That Makes You Look Hot



Top Coolest Hair Salons In Dubai That Makes You Look Hot

A perfect haircut can make a major difference and Dubai offers some of the best and most luxurious salons. Dubai has some great salons founded by top hairstylists. Let us look at some of the well-known best Hair salons in Dubai that can provide you with the haircut of your dreams.

Top Hair Salons In Dubai

Dubai has multiple hair salons, and every one of them boasts of the amazing service they provide. With this, choosing which hair salon you want to go to might be difficult. Especially when you want luxury on a budget.

Dubai Saloons


From bouncy curls to pin-straight hair, balayage to blowouts, these salons are experienced in everything and will give you the hair treatment of your dreams. These salons are expertise in beachy blondes to beautiful brunettes and can revamp your hairstyle in hours. These salons are highly recommended ones you must check out on your trip to Dubai. So we have listed some of the best hair salons in Dubai.

  • Pastels, Ritz Carlton
  • Tips and Toes, Mira
  • Locks By Lou Lou, JLT
  • Yin Yang The Salon, JBR
  • The Blowout Bar, Palm Jumeirah

1. Pastels, Ritz Carlton

Location: Pastels Salon, Ritz Carlton Hotel, JBR, Dubai

Timings: 9 am-9 pm Monday – Sunday

Speciality: Full head Highlights, Blowdry, and styling

Pastels top our list of top hair salons in Dubai, As Walking into Pastels will give you the luxurious feel that you expect Dubai will offer you. The sleek and minimalistic design of the salon brings about a unique and reliable aura that you will surely like.

Pastels, Ritz Carlton


The hairdressers are good at what they do, and the entire salon gives off a professional vibe. The stylists are passionate about their craft and bring wonders with the expertise that they have gained over years of experience.

Before the appointment, they prefer a consultation that helps them understand your requirement and vision. This establishes a destination for them and for you as to what procedure they will undertake before the styling is done.

The stylists provide a genuine version of your vision, telling you how it will look on you. 

Pastels are famous for hair washes; they give an incredible head massage and wash off all the colours or soap from your strands. There were so many best hair salons in Dubai with many facilities available

Even though it is a little bit on the pricier side, it is absolutely worth your money. The experience and rating speak for themselves, and Pastels have emerged as a customer favourite in Dubai. 

2. Tips and Toes, Mira

Location: Tips and Toes, Mira Souk, Mira

Timings: 10 am-10 pm Monday – Sunday

Speciality: Full head Highlights, Blowdry and styling long hair

Katerina in Tips and Toes has an experience of over 20 years and is possibly one of the best hairdressers you can go to. Tips and Toes in Mira Souk is not your regular hair salon. They are exceptional in their service, with trained staff and reliable hair stylists.

 Tips and Toes, Mira


If you are looking for a place to get your hair colours, you do not need to look further. Their expert hairdressers will take you through your vision boards, giving you recommendations and guiding you through the entire process of colouring.

The stylists at Tips and Toes recommend the perfect shade based on your face and skin tone and the treatment as per your hair texture and porosity. If style can come with care, Tips and Toes have mastered the domain, and its one of the good hair salons in Dubai to consider. 

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If you are looking for highlights, but do not want the chunky colour on your head, then this is the salon for you. They are expertise in fine highlights that will make your hair looks healthy and voluminous.

Even when your hair starts growing out, you do not need to worry, as the highlights will look natural with your natural hair. They also help you in applying toners to maximise the post-salon glow. 

3. Locks By Lou Lou, JLT

Location: Locks by Lou Lou Hair Boutique, The Dome Tower, Cluster N, Dubai

Timings: 9 am-9 pm Monday – Thursday, 8 am-5 pm on Fridays, and 9 am-6 pm on Saturdays

Speciality: Full head Highlights, Blowdry, and styling medium-length hair

If boutique-style salons are your forte and you want to be pampered by the staff of such, then Locks by Lou Lou is your destination.

Locks By Lou Lou, JLT


Honestly, this is one of the best hair salons in Dubai this salon looks nothing less than a boutique from the Victorian era and is a one-stop destination for every beauty and hair. Whether you are looking for hair extensions, highlights, nails manicure and pedicures, spray tanning or even just a haircut, the salon offers it all.

Not only will the stylists make you feel at home, but their experience will also blow your mind when they bring about your exact vision in reality. They are trained and have been in the business for many years, making them an expert in their craft. 

The team is an all UK-trained L’oreal professional and are award-winning stylists and hence have immense knowledge in what they are doing. They are also one of the most affordable hair salons in Dubai with great services.

You can simply sit back and enjoy the quality treatment as they work wonders with your hair or any other service you are opting for them.

4. Yin Yang The Salon, JBR

Location: Yin Yang The Salon, Sadaf 3, JBR, Dubai

Timings: 10 am-11 pm Monday – Sunday

Speciality: Balayage Highlights, Blowdry, and styling

This is JBR’s ultimate Brit-run salon, and with its cream-padded chairs and the iconic flower wall, you might want to feature this on your social media sites. After all, almost every girl dreams of such a pretty salon backdrop.

Ying Yang The Salon, JBR


Yin Yang The Salon will give you the ultimate girl’s vibe that you and your girlfriends might go for a pamper session. From tapes and weaves to micro rings, these UK-trained stylists can do anything you are looking for.

Dubai has a particularly challenging climate, and the stylists are well aware of this. They have amazing recommendations on what you can do with your hair to survive the climate. 

Yin Yang The salon has expertise in everything from party blowouts to sleek candlelight dinner hairstyles. You can just walk in and let them know what you are looking for, and they will serve you.

They also do lash extensions and nail manicures and pedicures. Therefore, offering a complete beauty salon experience. If their service doesn’t blow you out, their affordable rates surely will.

This affordable hair salon in Dubai, with its excellent service, is highly competitive, acing the market with its services and facilities. It is one of the top hair salons in Dubai, and you must check it out on your next trip to the city. 

5. The Blowout Bar, Palm Jumeirah

Location: The Blowout Bar, Golden Mile Building 10, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Timings: 8 am-9 pm Sunday to Thursday, 10 am- 9 pm Friday and Saturday

Speciality: Balayage Highlights, Blowdry, and styling before red-carpet events

The Palm is known for its exquisiteness and luxury, and salons there offer no less than celebrity outlooks. From a bouncy blowdry before a big date or a sleek hairstyle before a glitzy party, The Blowout Bar will blow you out with its extra touch of fabulous.

 The Blowout Bar, Palm Jumeirah


The stylists are experienced, passionate, knowledgable, and sophisticated- everything you will need to get on your diva style. And to put the cherry on the cake, they are super affordable.

This is quite surprising since The Palm offers some of the most luxurious and expensive services on the planet. This automatically makes us assume that the service will burn a hole in our pockets. if you are searching for hair salons in Dubai, the Palm is always a great choice to consider.

The beauty of Dubai can be explored with its ambiguous services, The glittering city offers services with equal luxury to every economic stratum.

The Blowout Bar at Golden Mile has expertise in hair styling and make-up and lask extensions, manicures, pedicures, eyebrow care, and hair colouring.

You can simply consult their stylists on the type of shade you are looking for with an undertone or highlight. And based on your skin colour or face shape, they will suggest the best styles and colours.

If a perfect haircut is your dream, Dubai has some best salons to offer. We provided all details of the best hair salons in Dubai. Whether you are ready to spend a massive amount or go there on a budget trip, this UAE country will welcome you with open arms. Not only this, they will provide you with amazing services and facilities in the lap of luxury.

You can experience all that you are looking for without denting your bank account. Dubai harbours beautiful places and mind-blowing services, whether it comes to self-care, food, tourist places, and many more. All you need to do is to do your research well and hop on the next flight for your vacation in this glittering golden city

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