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Best Dog Friendly Restaurants In Dubai: Dine With Your Pooch



Best Dog Friendly Restaurants In Dubai - top 10

Dubai is known for its luxurious lifestyle and is now embracing a new trend – dog friendly restaurants. Dubai now offers a range of restaurants that welcomes both humans and their furry companions. Whether you are a local resident or tourist, Dubai offers a range of restaurants where you can enjoy your meal along with your pets. Dog friendly Restaurants in Dubai are known for their delicious cuisines and dining options.

Now they offer options for dog owners to enjoy delightful cuisines with their dogs. This article will help you to know more about Dubai’s dog-friendly restaurants, exploring the pet-friendly culture, unique offerings, and the benefits of this trend for both humans and their furry friends. We will also discuss the special features of these restaurants and the range of services they provide to their guests and their pets. So keep reading until the end of the story.

Top 10 Dog-friendly restaurants in Dubai

The Dog owners in Dubai are very lucky as the city is home to a number of excellent eateries that welcome canine companions, so let’s explore some of the best dog friendly restaurants in Dubai.

1. Arrows and Sparrows

Arrows & Sparrows is a popular pet-friendly restaurant in Dubai. It has become a go-to spot for locals and tourists as they offer delightful dining experiences by enjoying the company of their furry friends.


The cafe is located in The Greens Community and provides a warm atmosphere for both humans and canines. The interior of the restaurant has a minimalist design which offers a cozy and relaxing ambiance. The outdoor seating area is designed to accommodate both humans and their pets. The restaurant also offers playful pet-friendly facilities and a menu of healthy and tasty treats. 

Location: G04, Emaar Business Park , 4 4a Street – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Timing: 7 AM – 10 PM
Contact: +97145588141
Menu: Food and Drinks

2. Cafe Artois

Cafe Artois is a dog friendly restaurant in Dubai which gained popularity for its cozy ambiance, variety of cuisine, and warm hospitality for both humans and their pet friends.

Café Artois by bridge water- JW Marriott Marquis, Business Bay, Dubai

The cafe is situated at Bridgewater Tavern with elegant decor and natural light. The cafe is very spacious and provides ample room to relax and socialize. The menu at Cafe Artois offers a range of Mediterranean and European cuisines that satisfy your cravings. They also have a pet menu with a range of healthy treats, dog biscuits, and ice creams.

Location: Business Bay – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


Monday: 4 pm–12 am
Tuesday: 4 pm–12 am
Wednesday : 4 pm–12 am
Thursday:4 pm–1 am
Friday :12 pm–1 am
Saturday :12 pm–12 am
Sunday : 4 pm–12 am

Contact: +971 4 414 0000

3. 1762 JLT

1762 JLT is situated near the Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As the restaurant provides a pet-friendly space, it has quickly become a go-to destination for pet owners in Dubai.

1762 Stripped, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai

1762 JLT has a spacious outdoor terrace to accommodate pets and is equipped with pet-friendly facilities where pets can relax and enjoy their time with their owners. This dog friendly restaurant in Dubai offers a range of international dishes and has a variety of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The chefs at 1762 JLT use high-quality ingredients and prepare each dish by ensuring a memorable dining experience for their guests.   

Location: ONE JLT Building – Jumeirah Lake Towers – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Timing: Monday to Sunday 7 AM- 7 PM
Contact: 971 4 255 1762

4. Brunch & Cake by the Sea

Brunch & Cake by the Sea is a delightful dog friendly restaurant at the Pointe, The Palm Jumeirah. The restaurant offers a unique dining experience where you can explore a variety of dishes by enjoying your time with your dogs.

Brunch and Cake By The Sea , Dubai

The spacious seating areas at Brunch & Cake by the Sea restaurant are arranged to accommodate both humans and their furry friends. The menu at the Brunch & Cake by the Sea includes a variety of options for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. The staff at the restaurant is very attentive and friendly and is always ready to accommodate your pets. 

Location: Ground Floor, Wasl 51 – Al Wasl Rd – Jumeirah 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Timing: Monday to Sunday 8 AM – 11 PM
Contact: +971 4 340 5662

5. Collective by Yashna

Collective by Yashna is a renowned pet-friendly restaurant situated on Umm Suqeim Road, Dubai. The restaurant will be open from Wednesday to Monday from 9 am to 9:30 pm.

The Collective By Yashna, Dubai

The Collective by Yashna is a dog friendly restaurant in Dubai that provides a warm and inclusive environment for both humans and their pets. The cafe creates a safe and comfortable space for dogs and the outdoor seating area allows your dogs to freely roam and socialize. Collective by Yashna offers a wide range of dishes and flavorful main courses. The relaxed and modern interiors make you comfortable throughout your dining.  

Location: 205 Umm Suqeim St – Al Quoz Industrial Area 4 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Timing: Monday to Sunday -9 AM – 9.30 PM
Contact: +971 52 508 1986

6. Logs and Embers

Logs and Embers restaurant situated in Club Vista Mare, The Palm Jumeirah Dubai, stands out as a unique Dog friendly restaurant in UAE.

Logs & Embers, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

The relaxing atmosphere at Logs and Embers makes it a perfect place to enjoy your meal with your dog. Your pets can roam around the restaurant and can socialize with other furry friends. For humans, Logs and Embers offer international cuisines and a variety of dishes to choose from. The staff at the Logs and Embers are experienced and well-trained to handle dogs and they treat them with all care and attention. Logs and Embers frequently arrange pet-themed parties and activities.  

Location: No.002, Club Vista Mare, Palm – Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Monday :11 am–1 am
Tuesday :11 am–1 am
Wednesday :11 am–1 am
Thursday :11 am–1 am
Friday :11 am–2 am
Saturday :9 am–2 am
Sunday: 9 am–1 am
Contact: +971 52 109 6802

7. Palm Bay

Palm Bay is a Caribbean restaurant situated at Club Vista Mare, Palm Jumeirah. Palm Bay restaurant creates an environment suitable for both humans and dogs.

Palm Bay Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

The outdoor terrace dining is designed with comfortable seating arrangements for dogs to relax. The staff at the Palm Bay restaurant provides top-notch services for humans and dogs. They also offer mouth-watering dishes and beverages including cocktails and wines that satisfy your cravings. This Dog friendly restaurant in Dubai, Palm Bay adheres to strict health protocols and provides a lean environment for both humans and dogs. Also, the staff are trained to handle dogs.

Location: 001 CLUB VISTA MARE, PALM – JUMEIRAH – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Timing: Monday- Sunday: 9 am–3 am
Contact: +971 4 554 2665

8. Aprons and Hammers Beach House

Aprons and Hammers Beach House is located on the Palm Jumeirah at Palm West Beach. This dog-friendly restaurant will be open daily from noon to midnight.

Aprons & Hammers, The Beach Mall, JBR, Dubai

Here, dogs are more welcome in the non-smoking outdoor areas. So the guests can enjoy their delightful meal without worrying about leaving their pets at home. The non-smoking outdoor areas are arranged in a way that is comfortable for both humans and dogs. This area offers a beach view and creates a perfect ambiance for relaxation. Since the restaurant opens from noon to midnight, it will be convenient for both lunch and dinner outings. 

Location: Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Monday :12 pm–12 am
Tuesday: 12 pm–12 am
Wednesday :12 pm–12 am
Thursday :12 pm–12 am
Friday :12 pm–1 am
Saturday: 12 pm–1 am
Sunday :12 pm–12 am

Contact: +971 4 456 7888

9. Breeze Beach Grill

If you are a dog owner you are in search of a perfect place to dine out with your dog in Dubai, then Breeze Beach Grill is the right choice.

breeze beach grill palm jumeirah, Dubai

Located in the Club Vista Mare on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah, Breeze Beach Grill welcomes you along with your dog. It is a popular hotspot at Palm Jumeirah for a relaxed atmosphere for both locals and tourists. Breeze Beach Grill provides views of the Arabian Gulf while enjoying with your furry friend.

Here, dogs are not allowed indoors and they are welcome to join with you in the outdoor seating area. Breeze Beach Grill restaurant will be open from noon to midnight on Sundays through Wednesdays and until 1 am on Thursdays. On Friday and Saturday, the restaurant will open from 9 am to 2 am. 

Location: Palm Jumeirah, Club Vista Mare, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Contact: +971 56 992 7221

10. Counter Culture

Counter Culture restaurant located in the Dubai Marina area, is a famous spot in the morning for both locals and tourists.

Counter Culture Cafe - Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel, Dubai marina

It offers dog-friendly dining at its spacious terrace and is provided with doggy treats and water. The restaurant will be open daily from 7 am to 8 pm and is perfect for morning breakfasts and brunches and is the last one on this list of best dog friendly restaurants in Dubai. 

Location: Ground Level Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel & Suites, King Salman Bin – King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Timing: Monday- Sunday: 7 AM – 10 PM
Contact: +971 4 319 4000

Benefits of dog-friendly restaurants

  • Specialized menus for dogs

Dog-friendly restaurants in Dubai offer specialized menus and treats for canine companions. They offer a variety of healthy dishes including homemade dog food and even dog-friendly desserts. Pet parents can enjoy their meals while their furry friends are treated to specially crafted dishes.

  • Comfortable ambiance and amenities

The dog-friendly restaurants in Dubai prioritize specialized dishes and provide a comfortable environment for dogs. The main features of these restaurants are spacious outdoor seating areas and play zones for dogs. Even some of the restaurants offer grooming services and daycare facilities. 

  • Promote health and overall well-being

These dog-friendly restaurants allow pet owners to include their dogs in social activities. Accompanying their owners to restaurants and including them in social activities reduces anxiety in dogs and promotes relaxation and reduces stress.  

Dubai offers a wide range of dog-friendly restaurants to appreciate the bond between humans and their pets. In this article, we have explored some of the most popular dog-friendly restaurants in Dubai. The policies and regulation at these restaurants accept dogs and other pet animals as members of our society and provides a space for them to socialize.

They create a positive environment for their guests and pets to enjoy their valuable time together. This has a positive impact on your overall well-being by reducing stress and improving mental health. Also, every guest at these restaurants can enjoy their meal without worrying about leaving their furry companions at home.      

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any restrictions or guidelines to follow while bringing dogs to restaurants in Dubai?

Yes, each restaurant in Dubai follows guidelines and policies. You have to follow all these guidelines while bringing your pet to the restaurant. 

2. Can dogs enter indoor dining areas?

This differs for each restaurant. Anyways, most dog-friendly restaurants have outdoor seating areas for guests and their pets. 

3. Do they provide amenities for dogs?

Most of the restaurants provide amenities for dogs including water bowls and doggy treats. Some may even provide a dog-friendly menu.

4. Can I bring more than one dog to the restaurants?

This depends on the policy of the restaurant that you selected for dining. Most of the restaurants encourage bringing more than one dog to the restaurants and this may be different for each restaurant.

5. Can I leave my dog unattended at the restaurant?

You cannot leave your dog unattended at the restaurant. If you cannot provide attention to your pets, you can seek service from the staff at the restaurant who were trained to handle dogs. 

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