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Dubai Metro: A Travel Revolution In The Middle East



Dubai metro a travel revolution in the middle east

Metro systems are emerging and advancing rapidly to suit the needs of a fast-growing world. There are several interesting metro systems with remarkable amenities coming up in different parts of the world, but the Dubai Metro is one that definitely goes under the exceptional list.

The Dubai Metro in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates is one of the pioneering and revolutionary transit rail networks in the world.

When is Dubai Metro Launched?

The Metro was successfully launched by Serco in 2009 as the first urban transit rail system in the Arabian peninsula. Extended over a span of early 90 km, It has a wide range of deluxe amenities to offer. It provides passengers with an unequaled opportunity to explore the magnificent city.

When is dubai metro launched 2023

It is owned by RTA and operated by a French company Keolis and a Japanese company MHI. The Metro displays two main lines- Red and Green, provided to assist passengers in planning their journey. Dubai has transported over a billion passengers over the years with an accumulated benefit of the project estimated to be 234 billion by 2030.

The Dubai Metro is renowned for several prominent features, making it revolutionary among the world metro systems. What makes it stand out from the metro networks of other advanced countries? In this article, let’s find the answers to questions that arise regarding the seamless metro system in Dubai. Have a look at some of the unique features that Dubai Metro demonstrates. 

Top Features of Dubai Metro


Dubai Metro was designed by a leading international architecture firm named Aedas and constructed by the Al Ghurair investment group. The metro has 53 stations with world-class facilities. There are not many metro systems in the world that uses 3d printed spare parts and the Dubai metro is one among them. It has even advanced ways to increase its availability and update to improve performance. 

Top features of dubai metro station

Driverless technology:

It is featured driverless carriages and is one of the world’s largest driverless metro systems. It is operated by the first fully automatic digital railway signaling technology, SelTrac. Thales Rail Signaling Solutions offered this technology.  As a measure of caution, it has been facilitated with an optional human supervision system.

Operations Control:

The metro is operated by a well-facilitated operations center connected to a modern enterprise command and control center. Cctv connects the whole project and transmits live updates to the unit. It even uses advanced technologies to control all means of public transport including the metro, Dubai tram, and taxis. 


One can use the Dubai metro by buying one-time tickets or using a smart card called Nol. Nol cards are rechargeable cards that can be easily topped up and get you cheaper fares. These are easily attained from all metro stations, bus stations, and supermarkets.

Tourists prefer silver Nol cards that can be credited up to AED 1000. An online journey planner by the RTA is available to easily navigate through stations. There are information banners displayed all through the station to guide passengers. Lift access has been provided to all stations. 


The metro has different types of cabins designated for different passengers like Nol gold card holders cabins, special cabins for women and children, and general cabins. 

Assistance for People with special needs:

The metro has especially focused on the convenience of its differently-abled commuters by providing additional amenities. A smartphone solution that uses voice commands for the blind to easily access the whole station is one of the metro’s notable features. In addition, visually impaired passengers are guided along tactile guidance path surfaces and the trains have specially destined spaces for wheelchair users. 

High-Class Amenities:

The Metro features first-class facilities that primarily focus on the comfort and safety of passengers. The alert metro police force and thousands of CCTV in all trains and stations ensure the enforcement of rules and security measures.

High-speed wifi access and network coverage everywhere is a huge advantage to commuters. Emergency call centers are aimed to support those who come up with emergency situations or first-time passengers in need of assistance. Light signals and audible beeps while opening and closing doors to alert passengers add to their safety. 

Stations and zones:

Dubai Metro has 53 stations. It has two main lines, red and green. The red line goes from Al Rashidiyya to the UAE exchange and the green line moves along Etisalat to Creek. The red line splits into two routes at the Jabal Ali interchange. It has two stops at Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport. Dubai Metro is divided into seven zones. 

How is the Dubai Metro Revolutionary?

The rapid hike in population, high traffic, and public demand for sustainable travel options are signaling a huge investment for the transport sector in the Middle East. Evolved strategies and initiatives call for a high demand for updated transport projects. 

The Middle East has always left the world breathless with its countless constructions in every sector. But the futuristic nature of Dubai has indeed made it stand out. Dubai has always been known for thinking out of the box in all its operations. They construct not for the present but for the future. For several years, Dubai residents have been suffocating due to severe traffic congestion and limited public transport means.

The Metro Train In Dubai emerged as a revolution to change its people’s lives for the better. The countless facilities that the world’s longest transport system provides have not only affected the travel habits of people, but their whole outlook on life. The living standards of people have progressed remarkably. No doubt this venture was made to drastically improve the lifestyle of people. 

How has Dubai Metro Influenced the lives of people?

Saves Time:

The daily toil of people hurrying to work, school, and other necessities is a tiring fact. The wasted number of hours stuck in traffic and the constant worry of being late is indeed taking a toll on people’s minds and energy. Valuable time and energy that could have been spent effectively are lost in the traffic. The metro has improved the lives of millions of people by enabling them to spend time more fruitfully with their family, friends, and hobbies. 

How has dubai metro influenced the lives of people

Saves Energy:

As opposed to grinding through the unbelievable traffic and losing one’s mind at the best time of the day, the metro has sufficed people to put their minds at ease by reading, engaging in conversations, or napping peacefully throughout their journey. People have been able to perform better at work and increase their productivity. They have been even able to work on their stress levels and cultivate a healthy body and mind. 

Reduced road accidents:

Reckless driving to save oneself through the morning rush is a necessity with dangerous outcomes. The number of lives lost on the roads every year is devastating. With the emergence of the metro, traffic congestion was immensely reduced and so was the number of accidents and deaths. People preferred the pleasant journey on the metro to the mind-wrenching road journey tearing them apart every day. 

Positive impacts on the environment and health of people:

The enormous traffic growing day by day is leaving irreversible scars on the environment. The toxic emissions constantly released are polluting the air we breathe and have put our lives in danger. It has been found that road transport is the most significant contributor to global warming within the whole transport system. The metro has revolutionized by greatly declining the number of vehicles on the road polluting the air. 

Reduced Expense:

With the appearance of Dubai Metro, people have been able to grow their savings, owing to the money spent on private vehicles and other transport means. The Dubai Metro proves that it values the comfort and convenience of people with its incredibly reasonable fares.

It has encouraged people to give up spending their money, time, and energy on expensive cars with nothing to earn, and much to lose. Any daily commuter would only prefer the metro to travel to their destination every day. Who can shut their eyes to such high-class facilities within their reach at such a cheap price? 

Enhanced Unity:

The Metro has improved the connection between cities and people. Places and people living far apart have come closer and become connected much more than before. Such inventions that ease transportation, and promote the unity of people is a much-needed revolution in the world we live in today. 

How has Dubai Metro influenced other countries?

The Dubai metro arose as an innovation among the GCC countries. It has rapidly spread far stretching impressions and consequences in the Middle East. Being a flourishing city in the Middle East, Dubai has influenced many countries like Abu Dhabi, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia to advance their transport systems and make traveling easier.

Dubai metro influenced other countries

Abudhabi’s integrated mass transit system and the long-distance rail networks of Oman and Kuwait are examples of how Dubai has motivated other countries to establish their own impression in the world transport network. 

New guidelines for first-time users of Dubai metro In 2023

  • Dubai Metro is a quick and comfortable means to get around for even first-time users. 
  • You can either buy a ticket or a rechargeable Nol card.
  • You can carry two bags as luggage on a Metro train. One large suitcase and a handbag. 
  • There is an online journey planner to assist you through stations. 
  • There is free wifi everywhere to help you stay connected. 
  • Train fares are calculated based on the number of zones you pass. 
  • Nol cards can be recharged using vending machines or ticket booths at every station. 
  • Tourists usually go for Silver Nol Cards that can be credited up to AED 1000.
  • The Metro system has two lines- red and green
  • The red line starts from Centrepoint station and stops at the UAE exchange station. 
  • The green line starts from Etisalat station and ends in Dubai Creek. 
  • There are informative displays that guide you through all stations and trains. 
  • The Dubai Metro is accessible for the disabled and it has special facilities provided for easy movement of handicapped passengers. 
  • There are lifts to take you through all stations. 
  • There is an active radio link between the Metro and emergency services. 
  • An emergency call box is provided at every station. 
  • There are special cabins for women and children. 
  • There are private cabins for gold-class ticket holders, which are worth taking during peak hours. 
  • Metro stations are mostly named after nearby landmarks. 
  • Trains and stations can be congested during peak hours- 6 AM to 8:30 AM and 5 PM to 7 PM. 
  • Eating or drinking is not allowed in Dubai Metro cabins. 
  • Metro operating hours can change during public holidays. 

The Dubai Metro was one of the best moves undertaken by its government. This spectacular invention is the joined effort of countless people who have worked behind the realization of the dream project. The fact that the whole construction was systematic and completed and launched in time definitely deserves appreciation.

Dubai has become a testing ground for future transport technologies. It is planning technologies to even bring traffic to the skies. It seems that the Metro is only one among the numerous innovations the world will witness in the coming years. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Dubai Metro cheap? 

Dubai Metro offers one of the most reasonable ticket fares. 

2. How to travel in Dubai Metro? 

A passenger can take One time tickets or a Nol card that can be conveniently recharged anywhere

3. Is Dubai Metro disabled-friendly? 

Yes, the Metro has special pavings and spaces in trains for wheelchair users. There are smartphone guides enabled for visually impaired commuters. 

4. Is Dubai Metro comfortable for first-time users? 

Guiding sign boards and emergency centers will assist any first-time user moving across stations without hesitation. A high-speed wifi network is provided which let passengers stay connected the whole time. 

5. Is the Metro in Dubai running every day? 

The Metro runs seven days a week, every four minutes at peak hours and every seven minutes at off-peak hours. 

6. What are the types of cabins? 

There are three types of cabins in Dubai Metro- Gold, Silver, and women’s cabins. The gold-class cabins are luxury cabins that are spacious and have beautiful leather seats.

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