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Dubai Metro Vs Dubai Taxi: Comparing The Costs And Benefits



Dubai metro vs dubai taxi price, cost,which is better

Dubai boasts of a quality lifestyle and unique architectural marvels. All this and much more attract thousands of tourists and expatriates daily from around the world to Dubai. In its commitment to give its people and tourists the best experience possible, the Emirate has introduced multiple transportation facilities. 

Beginning with air travel, Dubai prides itself in providing world-class travel facilities through its airline, The Emirates. The airline commenced operations during the Late His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum and is considered one of the world’s best passenger airlines.

Dubai also has a comprehensive airport system with three international airports and one airport that focuses solely on freight movement. These airports are all unique in their look, operations, and functions. They hold millions of passengers annually and are famed for their connectivity, support, and luxury.  

How To Get Around The City Of Dubai?

While most persons living in Dubai have their vehicles, getting around Dubai is a common concern mainly voiced by tourists because you will be spoilt for choice in Dubai. You can rent a car in Dubai for your visit if you have an international license.

transportation facilities in dubai

This is done quickly and is recommended if you want to explore the city your way. For those reliant on the public transportation system, the Road Transport Authority in Dubai offers its people a wide array of transportation facilities. Each facility is impeccably organized and operated to ensure maximum satisfaction and efficiency and reduce loss of time. 

Some public transportation facilities operating in the Emirate are

Apart from this, Dubai also facilitates travel through its traditional Dhow, which is called Abra. Dubai also has a tram service and a monorail.

Public transportation in Dubai is reasonably cheap. However, you can use the Nol card for your travel purposes. This makes using all public transportation facilities easy, and you do not have to hunt for loose change every time. The nol card is a smart card that you can recharge multiple times.

The Nol card enables holders to use all RTA-operated public transport, including metro, cabs, marine transportation, buses, and trams. It can also be used to avail parking services and even in certain stores. The RTA offers multiple options for using the Nol card. Persons can plan an entire journey on the RTA website and use the Nol card to pay for the same.

Dubai Metro Vs Dubai Taxi: Top Features

The Dubai Metro is a fully automated electric railroad system that commenced operations in 2009 during the reign of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It spans 90 km and is a quick and effective way around the city. The metro operates on two routes called the red and green lines, with interchanging points in certain stations. The metro is bifurcated into the gold, silver, and red classes, with the former charging more fare than the latter.

The Dubai Taxi Corporation operates the Dubai taxi. They provide around-the-clock cab and limousine service, driven by skilled and hospitable drivers adept in traveling within the Emirate. 

Both means of transport are highly comfortable and popular among people and tourists. However, let us try and compare the two.

Dubai MetroDubai Taxi
You can travel to multiple metro stations in Dubai and access all significant destinations, landmarks, and neighborhoods in Dubai by relying on further modes of transportation or walking.You can travel anywhere in Dubai. The taxi offers pick-up and drops at the destination service, so there is no need to use other transportation modes or walk to your destination.
Metro operates on specified time schedules.Operates at all times and is available anytime.
You can travel publicly with people from different backgrounds and cultures. This will help you to understand life in Dubai and make new friends.You can travel in a taxi at your convenience and in the privacy of your space. 
Metro allows each passenger to carry two luggage bags.The taxi will enable you to bring whatever luggage you have without limitation. 
Specific cabins are designated for Nol gold card users, women and children, the differently abled, and others.DTC offers customized taxis based on persons and purpose. They also provide limousine services and school and commercial bus facilities. A unique initiative is my driver option, in which people with personal vehicles can hire drivers for the same rather than availing of a taxi.
User-friendly and inexpensiveTaxis, while being user-friendly, are comparatively more expensive.
There is constant wifi, radio links, and an emergency call box.These facilities are not available in the taxi
Safety patrolling and 24*7 CCTV support make the metro a safe travel option.There is no CCTV support or constant patrolling in taxis, but customer support channels are always available.
With some planning, you will reach your destination on time, as there is no traffic and the metros are fast and efficiently operated. It’s possible that traffic will delay you significantly.

From the above comparison, we can infer that while both means of transport have pros and cons, the metro would be a good option as it is more economical and you can still travel comfortably.   

Destination hopping in the metro

The metro connects us to some of the most famous destinations in Dubai. The red line and the green line connect the various destinations in Dubai. The red line begins at Rashidya station and terminates at the UAE exchange station.

popular places in dubai to visit via dubai metro

It runs along the Sheik Zayed Road, and most of Dubai’s major attractions can be seen and accessed while traveling the red line. These are

The green line, on the other hand, links Al Tawar station with Dubai Creek. It takes you through some of the historical landmarks in Dubai. These are

Other attractions, such as Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Towers, Knowledge City, and such, are accessed by a combination of metro and trams. 

Future of transportation in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a pioneer in future technologies, which also applies to transportation. All public transport systems in Dubai are interconnected and use mobile applications and cashless transfers to operate. The Expo 2020, the major event in Dubai for the past two years, garnered much attention.

future transportation systems in dubai

To facilitate easy access to the Expo, the metro’s red line was extended. However, apart from innovations and modifications to the existing form of public transport, UAE also plans to introduce energy-efficient, ecologically sustainable, and emission-free transportation solutions such as hyperloop solutions and electric vehicles. Some of the latest transportation solutions that Dubai aims to introduce in the near future are:

  • Volocopter – a flying taxi that is the world’s first fully electric and manned aircraft
  • Hyperloop – a closed automated transportation system traveling at the speed of an aircraft and which can immensely reduce noise pollution
  • Sky pods – intended to transport passengers from the tall skyscrapers of Dubai are suspended transportation systems using a magnetism-based technology.
  • Self-driven cars
  • Electric aircrafts
  • Ropeway system
  • Driverless taxis

All these initiatives align with Dubai’s resolution to become sustainable and reduce its ecological footprint by 2050.

The extension plans for the Dubai Metro include extending the red line to Expo 2020 and further to the border of Abu Dhabi. The green line is proposed to be extended by 11 km to the International City. Further proposals for the introduction of the purple line, pink line, blue line, and gold line are well underway. This would ensure that the entire Emirate is connected via the metro system, and people can commute throughout the length and breadth of the city effectively and efficiently. 

Transforming the middle east, one metro rail at a time

The Dubai metro is a unique metro system not found in any other Middle Eastern country. It commenced as a symbol of determination and progress during troubled times and showed the rest of the Middle East and the world that Dubai will progress despite its challenges.

With its accessibility and connectivity, the metro has become a part of people’s lives and livelihoods. The metro also allowed people to opt for a sustainable way of life by not relying upon their personal vehicles and opting for public transport.  

In conclusion to Dubai Metro Vs Dubai Taxi, the Dubai Metro is a travel-friendly and comfortable option for residents and tourists. It is cheap and has all the amenities required for comfortable travel. Dubai staying true to its goals has ensured that the metro becomes an irreplaceable part of its future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get to metro stations?

You can commute to and from metro stations by walking or any other transport mode. There are frequent buses to and from the metro stations. 

2. What are the timings of the Dubai Metro?

The red and green lines function daily from 05.00 am till 12.00 am., midnight. On Fridays, they work from 05.00 am till 01.00 am and on Sundays from 08.00 am till 12.00 am, midnight. It may operate longer during particular days or holidays

3. How to use a Nol card in the metro?

The nol card is a multipurpose, rechargeable tap card. The card is recharged online or from any metro station by inserting the card and the requisite recharge amount. Once the card is recharged, it can be used instead of money to travel in the metro. You can tap in the card at the sensor gate during departure and tap out during arrival. The amount for the travel will be automatically deducted from the card. 

4. How to commute if you do not have nol card?

If you do not have a nol card, you can take a one-time ticket from the ticket counter at any metro station. 

5. How much do the metro tickets cost?

Children below five years travel for free in the metro. The zones include the metro, tram, and feeder buses, which are all part of the Dubai metro.
Standard Adult Ticket (Red) : 4 dirhams – 8.50 dirhams
Pre-paid Standard Adult Ticket (Silver Nol) : 3 dirhams – 7.50 dirhams
Concessionary (Blue Nol Card) : 1.50 dirhams- 3.75 dirhams
Gold Class (Red Ticket) : – 8 dirhams – 17 dirhams
Gold Class Pre-Paid : – 6 dirhams – 15 dirhams

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