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Dubai Nol Card Guide 2023: Everything You Need To Know



Dubai Nol Card Guide 2023 Everything You Need To Know

The Dubai Nol Card is simply an electronic ticketing contactless credit-card-sized rechargeable chip smart card of Dubai. In August 2009, this Nol card was released that gives access to the public for all modes of transportation under Dubai’s Road and Transportation Authority (RTA).

The word “Nol” was derived from an ancient Arabic word that is used for the fare. Octopus Cards Limited, a Hong Kong-based company established the Nol Card system. Four years after its release, in June 2013, the Dubai Nol card was awarded in the Smart Card Awards Middle East 2013 as the Best Prepaid Card in Middle East countries.

Later, Dubai’s RTA announced its collaboration with Etisalat & Du to launch its first “Smart Nol Card” services on the 26th of November, 2013. These Smart cards require Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled smartphones and sim to log in and out of the transport services.  

Importance of Dubai Nol Card for public transportation in Dubai

Dubai Nol Card holds significant importance for public transportation in Dubai as it enables an individual to pay for the use of various RTA transportation services including Dubai metro, buses, trams, water buses, taxis, etc.

Importance of Dubai Nol Card for public transportation in Dubai

with the ease of a single tap at the entry and exit. In addition to the payment for RTA transport services, the Dubai Nol Card can also be used for the payment of RTA’s parking of private vehicles, Dubai public parks, and many other places.

This card is used in various ways which holds great significance for both the residents and the tourists of Dubai as it makes traveling very easy for them in Dubai.

Overview of different types of Nol Cards available

The different types of Nol Cards available in Dubai include the Red ticket, Blue card, Silver card, and Gold card. These four Nol cards of Dubai offer different usage and validity.

Some of these cards provide special concessions for senior citizens, students, people of determination, and the locals of Dubai. In addition, the gold card provides gold-class access to the metro and trams. Various other benefits and features of different Nol cards will be discussed below in this article.

How to Get a Dubai Nol Card? Where to purchase a Nol Card in Dubai?

Dubai Nol Card can be purchased conveniently from:

  • Ticket Offices situated at Dubai Metro and Bus Stations
  • Ticket Vending Machines
  • RTA Customer Happiness Centers
  • RTA Authorized Sales Agents
  • RTA Online Applications

How to reload/ add credit to your Nol Card?

One can add or reload credit in their respective Nol Card either through the online application or offline various means.

To reload or add the credit to your Dubai Nol Card through Nol Pay Application, you need to follow these steps-

  1. Log in to your Nol Pay account using the UAE pass.
  2. Select the “Top-up” option.
  3. Enter the amount you need to top-up on your card.
  4. Pay the amount you entered for top-up using a credit or debit card.
  5. Instantly, your Nol card will be topped up.

Some ways that can be used to top-up the Nol Card include adding credit through RTA-authorized sales agents, and at the ticket machine counters located at all Dubai metro stations or bus stations, or airports.

Note:- Your Nol card must have a minimum balance of AED 7.50.

How to use Nol Card for various modes of transportation?

Dubai Nol Card can be used for various modes of transportation including the Dubai metros, buses, trams, monorails, taxis, creek water taxis, water buses, etc.

To use the Nol card for such various modes of transportation, one just needs to simply swipe the card in front of the chip reader on the validation barrier at the entry and exit gates.

How to use Nol Card for various modes of transportation

When you swipe the card, a green light will appear on the machine to signal the validation of your journey and the door will open.

Furthermore, the system will automatically calculate the trip cost based on the zones and display the amount deducted as well as the remaining balance of your Nol card.

Fare structure and pricing for different modes of transportation

The fare structure and pricing for different modes of transportation depend upon the 7 Zones made on the Dubai map. Each zone’s charges differ according to the time taken and zones changed during the travel.

Benefits of using a Nol Card

  • Nol Plus Programme
  • Can be used for micropayments
  • Different Nol Card category provides different benefits to the individuals
  • This single card can be used for entire RTA transportation services and parking facilities around Dubai.
  • You don’t have to worry about carrying the right cash change for payment.
  • Nol Cards offer various concessions to senior citizens, students, locals, and disabled persons. 
  • You will benefit from discounted fares and flexible transfers across multiple modes of transportation.

Where Nol Card can be used beyond transportation?

Dubai Nol Card can also be used beyond transportation. The places where these Nol Cards can be used are RTA paid parking areas, Etihad Museum, Dubai Public Parks, Medicare clinic, ENOC petrol stations, Telecom 050, Autopro car services, 2000+ supermarkets, and others.

Types of Nol Cards and their features

There are 4 different categories/types of Nol Cards in Dubai:-

1. Nol Red Ticket

This is a paper-based card or ticket that can be purchased at any time from the ticket vending machines. The target users of this category are tourists, visitors, or occasional users of these transportation services.

It can be used only for travel by metro, bus, and tram. It allows you to pay for a single trip, load up to 10 trips, or 5 daily passes.


  • Lower ticket cost i.e., only AED 2 for the ticket with no balance
  • Redeemable for 90 days following the date of purchase
  • The minimum balance should be AED 7.50
  • Automatically calculates the exact trip cost based on different zones.
  • There are unlimited daily and monthly metro passes available.

2. Silver Nol Card

The Silver Nol Card is the best category of starter card for regular users of these transportation services.

It offers an e-purse that can be loaded up to AED 1000. The target customers of this category are frequent travelers for the purpose of a job. It can be used in all modes of RTA transportation facilities. 


  • Cost AED 25 including the e-purse value of AED 19.
  • Valid for 5 years from the date of purchase
  • The minimum balance should be AED 7.50
  • The maximum travel duration for one trip can be 180 minutes i.e., 3 hours.
  • Automatically calculate the cost trip and deduct it from the e-purse.

3. Nol Gold Card

The Gold Card is somewhat similar to the Nol Solver Card with some additional benefits. This card allows the user to travel comfortably and use the luxurious facilities of certain modes of transportation.

It offers an e-purse that can be topped up to a maximum of AED 5000. It is an anonymous card as no registration is required. 


  • Cost AED 25 upfront including the e-purse value of AED 19 and the processing fee of AED 6.
  • Its validity is 5 years after the date of purchase.
  • Gives access to Gold class sections on the Dubai Metro and Trams.
  • Maximum travel duration can be 3 hours.
  • Automatically calculate the cost trip and deduct it from the e-purse.

Nol Blue Card

The Blue Nol Card is the same as the silver and gold Nol cards except it can be personalized with your name and photographs. It is only for the residents of Dubai.

The target users of this card are frequent travelers who want security for their card balance if their card gets lost or stolen. It gives access to all modes of transportation. It offers an e-purse that can be loaded up to AED 5000 in value. 


  • Costs AED 70 or AED 80 upfront for the standard and gold classes respectively including AED 20 travel credit and the rest of the amount as the processing charges. 
  • From the date of issue, it has a validity of 5 years.
  • Offers discounted fares for senior citizens and students on the Dubai metro.
  • People of determination can travel free on the Dubai metro.
  • Personalized with your photograph and name mentioned on the card.
  • A variety of secure online services along with SMS and Email notifications are available to keep the user updated. 
  • Features a special design with Dubai touristic landmarks.
  • Automatically calculate the cost trip and deduct it from the e-purse.

Tips for using Nol Card Effectively

  • Register your Nol Card online to safeguard yourself against loss or theft.
  • Check-in and check-out for each trip to avoid getting over-charged later.
  • Before traveling, ensure that your Nol card has a minimum balance of AED 7.50.
  • If your card gets rejected by the e-reader, wait until the red light stops flashing to try again.
  • Follow the bus and metro penalty rules, to avoid paying an extra penalty.
  • Keep your Nol card in a protective pouch to avoid damaging the microchip of the card.
  • Don’t allow any other person to use your Blue Nol Card.

How to register Dubai Nol Card for online services? 

To register Nol Card from anonymous to a registered person for online services and benefits, one needs to apply online on the RTA website or application and can go to the RTA agents for the procedure.

How to register Nol Card for online services 

After completing the procedure, the customer will receive an SMS regarding the approval of the registration. Once you got the SMS, use the card at the metro gates for traveling to activate the card from being anonymous to a registered person.

Nol Card for Tourists and Visitors 

The Dubai Nol Card option that is available for tourists and visitors is the Red Nol Card (which we have discussed in the Nol Features and Tips section above). Using the red Nol card is best for the tourist as it makes their traveling convenient and is affordable as compared to other transport services.

Where to purchase and reload Nol cards for tourists?

Tourists can purchase and reload their Red Nol Card or Ticket from any ticket vending machine or ticket counters available at several Dubai airports, metro, or bus stations. 

Benefits and limitations of using Nol Card as a tourist/ visitor

The major benefit of using a Dubai Nol Card as a tourist is that it can be used for up to 10 trips which charges the exact amount of the trip.

The tourist’s Red Nol card offers unlimited one-day trips and monthly passes for the metro. The tourists don’t need to calculate the trip cost and then give the cash, as the Nol card does the job automatically.

The only limitation of using the Nol Card for tourists is that it doesn’t provide access to all modes of RTA transportation facilities as only metro, bus, and trams can be used by the visitors during their trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who needs a Nol Card?

An individual aged 5 years or above needs to have a Nol Card to use the Dubai RTA’s transport facilities.

2. How to block a lost or stolen Nol Card?

To prevent a lost or stolen Nol Card, the consumer has to apply online through Refund Nol Card Balance Services or use MLT devices right away.

3. How to check the balance of Nol Card?

At Nol recharge stations located across the city at the metro or bus stations, as well as online via the RTA website or applications, you can check your card’s balance or add money to your Nol card.

4. What is the amount of minimum balance to be required for travel?

Your Nol Card must have a minimum balance amount of 7.50 AED for traveling irrespective of the card category. 

5. How to get a refund on an unused Nol card?

One can get a refund on Blue Nol Card only. So, it is advised to top-up the required amount for the travel in other categories of the Nol card

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