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Ramadan 2023 In Dubai: Events, Activities, Timing, Guidelines & More



Ramadan 2023 Events, Activities, Timing & More

Ramadan is the holy month in Islam, where all Muslims come together and observe a fast from dawn to sunset. As per the Islamic calendar, it is the night month that is known to be laid on the foundation of 5 pillars, prayer, faith, charity, and pilgrimage to Mecca.

The fast signifies the opportunity to strengthen the relationship with god and the spiritual reflection by refraining from physical needs, food, and drink, during the daytime. It is also a great time for people to do charity, bond with families, and strengthen the communities. Soon after Ramadan ends, the Eid Al Fitr festival is celebrated with gift-giving, fasting, and prayers. Ramadan holds great significance in the Islam religion all over the world and it is the occasion to bring everyone together and celebrate.

Top Ramadan Events in Dubai 2023

It’s been more than a week since Ramadan started. IACAD ( Dubai’s Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department) shared the complete plan of the events to be held during Ramadan while they were at the press conference. All the events are announced to be part of the Ramadan Dubai Initiative. A lot of activities are planned to bring communities together.

Top Ramadan Events in Dubai 2023

Here are some of the events to be held under the “Ramadan Dubai Initiative”

1. Dubai Pulse

This is a special event organized for women, it will be held at the community Majlis Initiative. It is the women’s initiative that aims to fill the generational gaps by communicating with the new generation about the Emeriata values and helping them to know what an extended family looks like. During this event, the stories can be passed to granddaughters from grandmothers creating an environment full of memories and stories of Ramadan in the past few years. This will be held in the neighborhood council twice.

2. The Spartan Challenge – Kids Night place

Date: April 15, 8 PM

Location: Expo City Dubai

On April 15, 8 PM, There will be a spartan Nights Kids Race organized at the Expo City in Dubai By IACD. During this event, children can do multiple activities like running, crawling, jumping, and climbing through the course which will be mentally and physically challenging for them. There will be experienced volunteers and coaches available to guide children throughout the complete course. One can purchase tickets at the cost of Dh 123. 

3. Dubai Quran reciters events

The Dubai Quran reciter event will have reciters from UAE as well as outside UAE. Unlike previous years, it will be organized in 8 Different mosques and nearly 84 Quran reciters will participate. The list of Mosques is as follows.

  • Dubai Expo Mosque
  • Hussain Ali Yateem Mosque, Al Barsha
  • Al Waladein Masjid, Al Mamzar.
  • Mohamed Khamis Saeed Albadi Mosque Mirdif
  • Al Qasr Moque ( Hatta Area)
  • Sheikh Rashid Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Mosque ( Al Hudaiba area, Business Bay, zabeel1)
  • Sheikha Hind Bint Maktoum Bin Juma al Maktoum Mosque in Zabeel

Also, there will be an Elite of Reciters program organized where in 20 mosques, 50 Imams would lead the worshippers, performing the Taraweeh prayers. It is also expected that there will be a few other events too such as women’s lectures, Expo lectures, religious lectures, and lessons at different Mosques in Dubai.

4. Art of Donation Boxes

All the cloth donation boxes will be revamped as IACAD would call the best painters from all over the world to draw on the boxes by collaborating with the school students. Further, these boxes would be kept at the Expo City Dubai.

5. The Iftar together Initiative

There will be an “Iftar Together Initiative” organized by IACAD on April 9 that expects 200 leaders from different fields like principles of universities, and private and public schools will gather at Dubai Expo City for Iftar.

6. Children’s Book – ‘Diary of Hedaya and Falah in Ramadan’

This book would respect the day-wise life of the characters Hedaya and Falah during Ramadan and would put light on important concepts such as phonetic supplications, the Juris Prudential ruling on Fasting, and morals related to the holy month, Ramadan.

Activities during Ramadan in Dubai

During this month, the city comes alive with a range of spiritual and cultural activities that showcase the true essence of Ramadan. Check out some of the Ramadan activities listed below.

Activities during Ramadan in Dubai

1. Visit the Mosques

During Ramadan, it is quite an enriching experience when visiting mosques in Dubai. It gives you an understanding of the religious significance and visually appealing surroundings, the Imam Hussein Mosque, Khalifa AL Tejer Mosque, and Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque are a few of the popular mosques in Dubai that you can visit. Also, this would help you to gain cultural and religious significance about Ramadan in Dubai.

2. Visit some of the tourist spots in Dubai

Almost all major landmarks, amusement parks, tourist attractions, and shopping malls remain open and often provide steep discounts on admission throughout the holy month of Ramadan. Most of these places are less crowded during the daytime, whereas during the whole year, it is fully crowded. In the evening, most of the families go for the Iftar and other celebrations that make the shopping center and mall crowded. Also during the evening traffic is at its peak. 

3. Enjoy the Iftar

A lot of restaurants during Ramadan in Dubai offer All-You-Can-Eat feasts including some authentic Arabic dishes. After the evening prayers (Maghrib) the fast is broken by eating some dates and water, followed by different kinds of cuisines and multiple courses. You will find a lot of families hosting Iftars in restaurants for tourists and other non-muslim communities. You should feel quite lucky if you are invited to the Iftar Party as it is a fantastic opportunity for you to gain the whole experience and authentic taste of Arabic Food.

4. Entertainment and Shopping Center in Dubai

There are a lot of Shopping Centres in Dubai that offer products and services at discounted prices. Lots of fun places like Wild Wadi, SkiDubai, and Motiongate have discounted ticket prices. Moreover, there are also some great Iftar deals during Ramadan at local eateries and restaurants.

If you visit marketing during the night time you will get to experience a completely different view as the city is fully illuminated with amazing lights. Also near the shopping malls, there are some stalls put up for shipping after the iftar. A few of the best places to shop during Ramadan are Zabeel Hall World Trade Centre Dubai which has over 400 shopping outlets, Henna counters, Kids’ areas, amazing workshops, etc.

Ramadan is the best time to visit Dubai, as you not only get to know about the beauty and advancement of the city but also the culture. There are a lot of great deals available on flights, tickets, hotels, and much more. 

Dates and timing of Ramadan 2023 in Dubai

In 2023, the holy month of Ramadan is expected to start on March 23, which completely depends on the sighting of the crescent moon. It will last for four weeks and end with the festival Eid -ul Fitr. In India, Eid Ul Fitr would be held on April 21 whereas in Dubai it would be celebrated on April 22 subject to the moon sighting. 

23 Mar 202305:03 AM6:35 PM
24 Mar 202305:01 AM6:35 PM
25 Mar 202305:00 AM6:36 PM
26 Mar 202304:59 AM6:37 PM
27 Mar 202304:58 AM6:37 PM
28 Mar 202304:56 AM6:38 PM
29 Mar 202304:55 AM6:38 PM
30 Mar 202304:54 AM6:39 PM
31 Mar 202304:53 AM6:39 PM
01 Apr 202304:51 AM6:40 PM
02 Apr 202304:50 AM6:40 PM
03 Apr 202304:49 AM6:41 PM 
04 Apr 202304:48 AM6:42 PM
05 Apr 202304:46 AM6:42 PM
06 Apr 202304:45 AM6:43 PM
07 Apr 202304:44 AM6:43 PM
08 Apr 202304:42 AM6:44 PM
09 Apr 202304:41 AM6:44 PM
10 Apr 202304:40 AM6:45 PM
11 Apr 202304:39 AM6:45 PM
12 Apr 202304:37 AM6:46 PM
13 Apr 202304:36 AM6:47 PM
14 Apr 202304:35 AM6:47 PM
15 Apr 202304:34 AM6:48 PM
16 Apr 202304:32 AM6:48 PM
17 Apr 202304:31 AM6:49 PM
18 Apr 202304:30 AM6:49 PM
19 Apr 202304:29 AM6:50 PM
20 Apr 202304:28 AM6:51 PM
21 Apr 202304:26 AM6:51 PM

Guidelines for observing Ramadan in Dubai

Non-Muslims should always respect the people who observe fast during Ramadan and follow certain rules as given below.

Guidelines for observing Ramadan in Dubai
  • Never drink or eat in the public

Especially During the time of Ramadan, it is strictly prohibited to eat or drink in public, even chewing gum. If any violation of the rule is found, then the individual gets pushed for nearly a month in jail. Also, they can face a fine under Article 313 of UE penal COde up to AED 2000. No matter if you have faith or not the rules are applied to everyone.

  • Never engage in aggressive behavior.

One should be respectful to others during Ramadan. Any form of public display of affection or fighting should be avoided as this is offensive to the people who oversee the past. Since 

  • Ramadan is the Holy Month one should promote serenity and peace. 

Getting into arguments or fights is a punishable office and might lead to jail or a hefty fine. Even Swearing is not allowed as it is known to be extra offensive during the month of Ramadan.

  • Never play loud music or dance in public

It is allowed to listen to music quietly with headphones but not with loudspeakers. Playing loud music in malls or cars is also prohibited.

  • Never wear inappropriate clothing in Public.

One should dress modestly during Ramadan. It is not advisable to wear tight, short revealing clothes during Ramadan as it is quite offensive. Also, men and women both should cover them fully from shoulders to knees.

  • Never say no to the Iftar Invitation or gift.

If someone invites you to join them for Iftar or a gift is offered to you, then you should accept it. Iftar is an auspicious time for people who fast.

Ramadan is the holy month in the Islamic calendar that symbolizes reflection, spirituality, and community. Dubai is known to be the sth best place that helps anyone to experience the religious and cultural significance of Ramadan. From going to entertainment and shipping complexes to enjoying Iftar, A lot of activities are organized during Ramadan that one can experience. One should also ensure that they follow all the rules and guidelines in the Month of Ramadan to show their respect towards the Muslim community and their religious values. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. At what date does Ramadan 2023 begin in Dubai?

As per the Moon sighting, Ramadan 2023 started on the Evening of March 22, 2023, and continued till the Evening of April 20, 2023. However, the exact dates might vary by a day or two spent on the moon sighting.

2. Are there any specific times to follow during Ramadan in Dubai for Fasting

Muslims in Dubai fast from dawn to sunset, which is nearly 14 hours. The exact timings might vary each day based on the month and the location in Dubai. For exact timings, you can look at the table provided.

3. What are the different activities that I can do during Ramadan?

One can do multiple activities in Dubai during the holy Month of Ramadan such as shopping at discounted prices, visiting mosques, participating in events like Quran Recitation, and enjoying Iftar feasts hosted by Muslim families. 

4. When do restaurants open in Dubai during Ramadan?

All the restaurants are open during Ramadan in Dubai but the timings vary. A lot of restaurants are open in the evening for the iftar meals after sunset. Also, a lot of restaurants offer buffet dinners and Ramadan-themed menus.

5 . Are non-muslims allowed to participate in Ramadan Activities in Dubai?

Yes, Anyone from any community is allowed to participate in the Ramadan activities held in Dubai. This gives one a great opportunity to learn about traditions and local culture. However one should never be disrespectful to the traditions or religious practices during Ramadan Month.

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