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Glamping In UAE: Best And Cool Places To Explore



Glamping In UAE Best And Cool Places To Explore

Are you looking for an adventure that combines the luxury of a hotel stay with the beauty of nature? Glamping in UAE might be the perfect option for you. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about glamping in UAE, from the best glamping sites to the activities you can enjoy while glamping.

Glamping is one of the most-trending tourism activities out there. At its core, it can be regarded as a form of camping, but it is way more than that. Glamping is the luxurious version of camping. This particular outdoor activity would be integrated with a lot of amenities and modern facilities that would amuse your senses and put you at maximum ease.

Glamping was not there in the older days. The emergence of the activity happened in recent times and its popularity and demand are continually rising in the territory of every nation having sophisticated tourism facilities. The derivation of the word glamping is from two different words such as ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’.

Glamping In UAE 2023

The word glamping gives justice to both of these words since it is exactly a glamorous way to camp during contemporary times. In traditional camping, you will get to enjoy the vibes of the place with just the basic amenities such as a simple tent or a sleeping bag

Whereas in this case, you will get the amenities such as a camper van. Since the UAE is focusing more on luxurious tourism nowadays, the demand for glamping in the country has been on a continuous rise.

Why Glamping Is Popular In UAE?

The landscape of the UAE is quite perfect for most of the outdoor activities in tourism. Desert safaris and night camping have been popular in the country since older days. Tourists have also appreciated and recognized the mood and vibes they get while camping in the desert landscape of the country enjoying the starry nights. In the same place, glamping is now making a revolution in the country by catering to the same ‘Arabian Nights’ experience with better amenities and luxury.

Glamping In UAE 2023

Moreover, the cultural scenario of the UAE is that people including tourists and natives are more inclined toward luxury so there are a lot of people getting obsessed with glamping in the UAE. 

Liwa Desert

Considering the sand deserts in the entire world, the Liwa Desert situated on the western side of the country UAE is the largest one. Its largest size and sand dunes have always been a matter of attraction to the tourists visiting the same.

liwa desert glamping united arab emirates

The golden sand dunes are quite picturesque and perfect for a lot of tourist activities. There is also an oasis in between these majestic golden dunes of sand grabbing the attention of the people visiting the location. If you are a lover of serenity, you will definitely fall in love with the desert in the UAE since this is a natural getaway you can have from the hustling and bustling city life of the country. 

Glamping is a popular activity in the region of the Liwa desert in the UAE. Since the golden-red sand dunes are quite mesmerizing, camping in the area with some luxury can never be a bad idea. The glamping options available in the region are integrated with the authentic traditions of the desert and the luxury of the modern days.

Bedouin tribes were the occupants of this desert and oasis regions during the earlier days. Today, when the desert got transformed into a popular tourist destination, the housing style of tribes is also taken as an inspiration to build glamping tents. Even though these tents look quite traditionally authentic from the outside, the interiors of these tents are built in a posh way providing all kinds of modern amenities such as private plunge pools and a lot more to the tourists. The vast desert views possible from the luxury set inside these tents are also quite matchless. 

If you are planning to experience glamping in the Liwa desert region of the UAE, luxury won’t be the only thing that will excite you. You can also enjoy a lot of other engaging activities by indulging in glamping like

  • Dune bashing
  • Traditional Emirati entertainment
  • Star gazing
  • Camel riding

Dune bashing is one such activity that is quite typical and also evergreen of UAE tourism. This thrilling adventure would be the best if you can go for it during the golden hours of the day. Hitting the golden dunes of the desert can give you the most satisfying experience ever.

Star gazing is also another typical entertainment for those tranquil and creative people who enjoy indulging in aesthetic and peaceful visuals. Moreover, the starry nights of Arabia are quite popular and the favorite of all those who experienced it. Camel riding and Emirati entertainment would also be available while you are glamping in UAE of the Liwa desert. 


Hatta is an enclave you can visit on the outskirts of Dubai in the UAE. During the older days, ownership of this particular enclave belonged to the government of Oman. But today, it is under the administration of the Dubai government.

Hatta Glamping In UAE

The Al Hajar mountains that can be seen in the backdrop of this enclave are quite beautiful and picturesque for every tourist to indulge in. It was the ruler of Dubai, Muhammed Bin Rashid who took the initiative to develop this particular enclave into a top-notch tourist destination in Dubai. Winter sports activities in the region are loved by almost all of the tourists visiting the place. 

Hatta Dome Park is the major attraction you can experience in the region. Glamping can be one of the most unforgettable experiences in the place. Hatta Wadi Hub known as the eco-friendliest adventure destination is also near this particular Dome Park. The dome-shaped glamping tents will excite you for sure. They are filled with luxury and amusement. The views possible from these tents are also worthwhile to experience.

Hatta is a perfect destination for camping. The mountain range is also quite attractive to watch from the tents. The bubble tents available in the location would also give you that posh fancy vibes altogether. The eco-friendly cabins here excel the experience of a star hotel with minimal environmental impact. Mountain lodges are also built considering the same concept. 

These eco-friendly experiences are also accompanied by a lot of adrenaline-pumping activities such as hiking and biking. The island landscape is also ideal for kayaking in the region. Exploring the heritage village in Hatta would be a different experience altogether catering to the authentic village vibes of Dubai. 

Sir Bani Yas Island

If you would like to explore this one-of-a-kind island in the UAE, you need to travel to the Al Gharbia region of the country. Arabian Wildlife Park is the major attraction of this region.

Sir Bani Yas Island glamping uae

Gazelles, cheetahs, and giraffes wandering in the surroundings of the wildlife park would be an exciting thing to explore in the region. This region is also significant on account of the archaeological remnants discovered here. The ruins of the Christian monastery found in the location are something quite interesting. Since it is also blessed with beaches, tourism activities based on beaches are also active in the region. 

Unlike all the glamping experiences you can have in the territory of the UAE, this is set in midst of wilderness and a forest landscape. Glamping here would be a blend of adventure and luxury. You can witness the freely roaming wildlife while immersing yourself in the best luxury ever.

If you have already gone on jungle safaris, that can be compared to a similar experience but with some add-on luxury experience. This is also an opportunity to feel the forest landscape of Dubai. 

If you are visiting Sir Bani Yas Island, get assured that your interests would be served right. This is because there are activities to please both peace lovers and adventure lovers in the location. Game drives made available in the location are quite adrenaline-pumping and also you can enjoy the visuals of the Mountain Gazelles that are quite picturesque about the location.

Nature walks are again something you will love since the landscape is absolutely distinctive and amazing. Kayaking is also an overpowering activity you can try in this particular island landscape.

You can also get the chance to explore the aquatic wealth of the island by venturing out for snorkeling. Since luxury is always a cherry on top of these experiences, you can also go for the luxurious spa treatments available in the location. These treatments amid the tranquil Arabian nature would help you relax to the maximum and get refreshed with all the energy and power. 

Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah is again a beautiful destination in the UAE to experience glamping and other interesting tourist activities. This particular city has two different parts such as Al Nakheel and old town. The mangrove islands seen in plenty in the location are beautiful attracting the attention of nature lovers to the destination.

glamping in Ras Al Khaimah uae

The mangrove-filled landscape of the city is also ideal for a lot of island-based tourism activities. You can also visit a museum and stay in the most luxurious stays including glamping tents. The mountain peak of Jebel Jais is the highest one in the region and watching its majestic look is one of the best things to do.

Historical landmarks such as Dhayah Fort are other attractive sights in the city. Wadi Shauka Mountain Range and the plenty of desert dunes found in the region set the best ambiance for desert and mountain tourism in the place. Flamingo Beach is the most popular beach destination in the city filled with domestic and international tourists. 

Glamping in Ras Al Khaimah can be one of the most overwhelming experiences on account of the paramount features of luxury integrated into it. Glamping in the region is set in a total of 9 acres of desert land in the city. Gaff Trees add more aesthetics and visual delight to the glamping experience in the location.

Koi Pond also adds to the experience by contributing its own coolness and peace to the visitors. The Hajjar Mountain Range nearby and its majestic look and feel are also complimentary to the glamping experience you can have in the city. The typical Bedouin tents, cozy cabins made of wood, top-notch hospitality, and a lot more comfiest and royal experiences will embrace you during glamping in UAE. 

Jebel Jais mountain peak has helped the city of Ras Al Khaimah to build the world’s largest zipline. The speed of 160 kmph is also much more thrilling if you are interested in experiencing the epitome of adventure. Hiking is also an ideal activity to do in the landscape of Ras Al Khaimah since there are a couple of majestic mountain ranges in the destination.

Hiking in this particular landscape would give you a feel of physical and mental activation. Flamingo Beach is again a hub of several beach activities that are usually enjoyed by a majority of tourists. Forts and monuments in the Emirate would again provide you with a chance for historical and cultural exploration in the city. 

  • Hatta, Liwa, Ras Al Khaimah, Sir Bani Yas Island, etc. are some of the most sought-out glamping destinations you can consider while exploring the territory of the UAE. The differences in their offerings of luxury mainly come from the differences in the landscapes in which they are situated. Almost all of the glamping destinations in UAE have got the same amount of luxury and modern amenities. But the experience in a desert glamping tent and island glamping tent would be totally different on account of the visuals and activities they provide.
  • Experiencing the mesmerising landscape of the UAE is not a silly thing to do in an hour. Sometimes, the scorching climate would put you struggle making you feel uncomfortable during the tourist exploration. Glamping in this context becomes one of the most convenient options to choose from. Here, you would be able to enjoy the natural aesthetics of the UAE most soothingly. Moreover, luxury glamping in UAE is something worth experiencing. 
  • There are credible websites to book your glamping accommodations in the UAE. Make sure the season in which you are traveling and the seasonal inclusions and exclusions of facilities in the site you selected. As usual, don’t forget to check out the reviews and make a final decision before making the booking. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the target audience of glamping?

Glamping is a tourist activity focused on people falling in the age group of 18-55. They form 70% of the customers engaging in the activity.

2. Who invented glamping?

Glamping is a recreational tourist activity invented by the Scottish Earl of Atholl. This invention is dated back to the 16th century.

3. Is a toilet facility available inside a glamping tent?

According to the service provider you choose, this may vary. However, most of them have in-built toilets ensuring the comfort of the occupants.

4. Is glamping a profitable business?

Considering the glamping industry in the UAE, it’s profitable. You have also ensured a continuous growth rate in the same.

5. What is the capacity of a glamping pod?

Most of the glamping pods accommodate 2-3 people. However, there are also pods accommodating 4-6 people.

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