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Grand Hyatt Dubai: The Ultimate Ramadan Experience 2023



Grand Hyatt Dubai e Ramadan Ifthar Suhoor Buffet

Ramadan, the holiest month of the Islamic calendar, is finally here, guiding believers into the spiritual cocoon of fasting, prayers, and holistic temperance. A time for self-reflection, Ramadan also signifies the role of social gatherings, societal bonding, and ultimately, cultural observance.

So as much as it deems simplicity, it also calls for celebration, a sort of commemoration without losing its glory. And that’s where the Grand Hyatt Dubai comes in. The pinnacle of luxurious comfort, there’s no better place for an Emirati to express and enjoy his/her spiritual ascension than the Grand Hyatt—the ultimatum of serenity and excellence.

Located at the core of Dubai, Grand Hyatt remains the city’s biggest five-star venue to date and the popular sanctuary which most are familiar with. Now that the Ramadan rituals have taken off, the significance has only risen, especially with Majlis Laylati, as one of its major attractions during the month—a fantasy world built exclusively to reimagine your iftar and suhoor experiences. And there’s more. 

Be it the live entertainment, cultural experiences, or religious offerings, Grand Hyatt has so much in the bag for its special guests irrespective of their diversity in tastes. So, if you want to know more about their packages, be relaxed and read on.

Grand Hyatt Dubai: The Perfect Destination for Celebrating Ramadan

If you’ve decided to step into the world of Hyatt, two definite words waiting for you in the grand halls of the hotel are ‘unforgettable’ and ‘enchanting’.

Grand Hyatt Dubai The Perfect Destination for Celebrating Ramadan

The luxurious venue invites you to enjoy a luxurious iftar and suhoor, featuring cuisines and dishes of the highest quality and the widest varieties formerly unseen or unheard of. No matter your palates, whether it’s close to the dunes or central to the globe, they’re never going to disappoint you.

Now put a rest to your culinary discoveries as there’s more like the exceptional decorations and atmosphere specifically catering to the traditional Ramadan vibes creating a sense of tranquility and comfort. Ethnic lanterns, majestic chandeliers, or the aesthetic Arabic calligraphy among many symbols are thoughtfully chosen to enhance your experience and represent the spirit of Ramadan.

Grand Hyatt also hosts multitudes of special events and activities like a henna painting to make your experience more memorable. With so much to offer, one can only conclude that Grand Hyatt Dubai is the ideal location for anyone wishing to observe Ramadan in elegance and luxury. 

Iftar and Suhoor at Grand Hyatt, Dubai

Prepare to immerse yourself in the spirit of the occasion with the Grand Hyat’s extensive menu, where you are encouraged to indulge in a sumptuous iftar buffet.

Expect meals like beef madfoun, chicken mandi, and saffron rice at the hotel’s dedicated Emirati station, which is known as their main draw and is included in the big iftar and suhoor packages. 

Their traditional shawarmas, Arabic mezze, and lamb ouzi are also well-known. These dishes are served alongside several live cooking stations that feature grilled seafood and sizzling meats. Similarly, the halva, baklava, and Turkish ice cream stations that transport the palette around the Ottoman Empire should not also be missed as there is a chance to feel lost in the Arabian delicacies.

Furthermore, certain to provide a delicious end to your evening is the freshly squeezed juices, Nespresso station coffee, traditional Arabic coffee, and Tamer Hindi offered at the majlis. Above all this, you can also enjoy shisha while listening to melodic music played live on the oud.

As there are private sections or specially allocated dining areas reserved for those who wish, special moments with your families and friends are only going to get better as you embrace the luxury of privacy and peace.   Plus, an adult can have the taste of smoke or can browse their internet for free as there is free Wi-Fi and shisha available throughout.

Now, if you are worried about the pricing and reservation information for the same, be it for iftar or suhoor, dive straight into their official website. Due to the fluctuating costs, which depend on the day of the week, the number of visitors, and child rates, we are only able to provide you with a limited amount of information on the same.

However, we will assist you with the latest information, which is once more not an all-time fixed rate. So read on below to have a basic grasp.

Iftar (from 6:30 pm—8: 30 pm)

  • Iftar—Adult rates: AED220
  • Iftar—age from five to twelve: AED110
  • Iftar—for kids below five: Free

Suhoor (From 9:00 pm—2:00 am)

  • Suhoor from Monday to Thursday: AED75 minimum/ per person
  • Suhoor from Friday to Sunday: AED100 minimum/per person
  • Shisha: AED 100/person

NB: All bookings are subject to availability. While Iftar is allotted for all age groups, Suhoor is only for adults.

Now that you have got an idea, make sure to book the reservations in advance, as Ramadan may attract more and more customers.

Ramadan Decorations and Atmosphere At Grand Hyatt Dubai

If you are someone who enjoys a traditional experience, then Laylatu Majlis is certainly the place for you. As soon as you walk into the specially designed Ramadan tent, the warm ambiance and pleasant settings that have been skillfully created are set to take your breath away.

Ramadan Decorations and Atmosphere At Grand Hyatt Dubai

The customary Ramadan decorations, the perfect mix of colors dressed throughout the furniture, walls, and ceilings, create a special atmosphere that makes one feel at ease as. 

As you progress, a tone of elegance and serenity can be seen everywhere in the hotel, whether it be the lavish gardens that are directly connected to the main venue or the stunning floral arrangements, the vintage-styled Ramadan lanterns, 16 VIP gazebos or the chandeliers that surround the main floor.


Grand Hyatt Dubai Dining

Apart from this, Laylati Majlis is embraced with fascinating Arabic calligraphy which adds to the already existing beauty, providing an authentic Middle East experience. Now, combine all of these with the calming strains of Arabic music playing in the background while you unwind with your loved ones in the traditionally furnished Arabic tents, rugs, and cushions—the most inviting environment that you can dream of.

Special Activities and Events during Ramadan In Grand Hyatt

As much as Ramadan remains a period of self-discipline, it is also one of celebrations and rejoicing, and Grand Hyatt Dubai is there to assist you in the latter. During Ramadan, they host varieties of special events and activities, from live entertainment to henna painting. 

Special Activities and Events during Ramadan In Grand Hyatt

Cultural performances and middle eastern music sessions performed lightly are a regular at Grand Hyatt during the holy month. Once the guests finish their grand feasts at the Laylati Majlis, entertaining events for women and children like henna painting awaits in the hall to feel a bit lighter.

Together with this, there will be a chance for art enthusiasts, or more specifically calligraphy enthusiasts, to see demonstrations of classic Arabic calligraphy done by qualified calligraphers.

Last but not the least, the grand hotel also provides an opportunity for a charity aimed to aid the least privileged. A portion of the Grand Hyatt’s Ramadan revenue is donated to regional charities in the Dubai area, to meet these needs. Furthermore, the management of the hotel occasionally makes an effort to provide iftar meal boxes to those in need too.

In conclusion, try spending some time with your family or friends at the Grand Hyatt Dubai, the city’s biggest five-star venue. Standing in contrast to most hotels, they offer a wide array of options, from the iftar and suhoor buffets to live entertainment and cultural offerings. 

Surrounded by the coziness and warmth of the traditional furnishings and ambiance, take a seat in the Laylati Majlis and enjoy a bite of your favorite dish while relaxing with your loved ones.

The hotel also provides leisure and live entertainment options like demonstrations of Arabic calligraphy and henna art, in case you get bored. Plus, if you feel like helping the needy this Ramadan, the grand hotel has options covered for that too.

Options are plenty and easy to find, why not waste a majestic experience where you can indulge in making memories for a lifetime and enhance your spirituality to new heights? Go book now and enjoy the delicacies while you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Iftar?

It is the meal that Muslims eat right after breaking the fast all day long from dawn to dusk (during Ramadan).

2. What is Suhoor?

Suhoor is the meal Muslims eat just before dawn to prepare for their fast during Ramadan.

3. Is Grand Hyatt Dubai family-friendly?

Indeed, the Grand Hyatt Dubai is a family-friendly resort offering events and activities ideal for visitors of all ages, especially during Ramadan.

4. Are non-Muslims permitted to partake in Ramadan activities at the Grand Hyatt, Dubai?

Yes, regardless of one’s allegiance with a particular religion, everyone is invited to take part in Ramadan events at the Grand Hyatt, Dubai.

5. How can I book or reserve a seat in the Laylati Majlis during Ramadan?

Customers can immediately reserve their Ramadan experience at Grand Hyatt Dubai through the hotel’s website or by getting in touch with the booking staff.

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