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How To Complain Construction Noise In Dubai: Things To Know



How To Complain Construction Noise In Dubai Things To Know

Dubai is one of the best cities in the world in terms of living standards. The city offers clean surroundings, safe and comfortable travel experience, and luxurious views that are pleasing to the eyes. With these facilities being offered by Dubai, it attracts people from all over the world, tempting them to settle down in the beauty of the city. This is evident from the increase in population in Dubai over the last few years.

Dubai is a developed city with more and more developments being introduced every day. It strives to be at the top in terms of modern technologies and breathtaking architecture. Dubai’s architecture and buildings are like no other.

How do you get rid of construction noise?

The unrivaled Burj Khalifa which has been standing tall in the city over the years is the best example to show how much Dubai relies on its buildings for its name. And every new construction made in Dubai sets its own mark with its architectural marvels adding to the beauty of Dubai.

get rid of construction noise

Attractions like these draw more and more people to the city. Many have settled down in the city to start a peaceful life in the midst of the best buildings and facilities in the world. But it is only after spending some time in the city that they would realize, these benefits come with certain drawbacks too. 

With more and more people settling down in Dubai and with the authorities constantly striving to make Dubai the city with the best architecture, new constructions are inevitable. But initiating construction work in the most densely populated city of the Emirates is not an easy task.

Construction work progressing without disrupting the peaceful lives of the residents is the toughest task of all. Recently, many residents have come up with complaints about the construction noises that are disturbing their peaceful life.

Noise from construction sites is inevitable, but according to the residents, it continues into the late hours of the night and starts as early as 6 in the morning, leaving them sleepless and tired. People have been tweeting about how investing in Dubai would be an investment in noise pollution and sleep-deprived lives.

While complaints have been flooding in the form of tweets on Twitter, many people do not know that the complaints could actually be addressed to the responsible authorities and that necessary action can be taken regarding this issue if complained to the right place. 

Who to contact to Complain about Construction Noise?

While complaining about the construction noises that are disrupting the peaceful lives of the residents on social media would help in letting everyone know about the issue, it would not actually bring immediate action.

Who To Contact To Complain About Construction Noise

Many people seem to be unaware of where they could address their complaints. And there is not just one authority, but multiple authorities like Dubai Municipality’s Hotline, Dubai Polices’s non-emergency hotline, and Dubai Municipality’s official website that you could reach out to regarding this issue. 

In Dubai, the existing noise allows for a noise level of 55 decibels and below during the daytime between 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. Whereas the permitted noise level at night hours starting from 8:00 pm to 7:00 am is 45 decibels and below. 

Before filing a complaint, though it is not necessary, it is always best to try and talk to the construction manager or the watchman or security guard in case the manager is unavailable, to make a request to bring down the noise level.

In case this does not work out, the residents can directly contact the Dubai Municipality via their hotline number or the official website. The Dubai Police’s non-emergency hotline is an alternative if you can not reach out to the Municipality. 

How to file a complaint?

The process of making a complaint regarding noise to different authorities is similar but not the exact same. If you are placing a complaint to the Dubai Municipality, you can either call them on their main telephone number or the free contact center number given below.

Main telephone number: +9714221555

Free contact center number: 800 900

The Dubai Municipality can also be contacted via email. The email addresses are listed below.

Main email:  [email protected] 

Suggestions: [email protected] 

Complaints: [email protected] 

e-Services: [email protected] 

The complaint can also be made on the official website or app of Dubai Municipality. To complain via the app, go to the ‘Dubai Municipality’ app and tap on ‘Services’ at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down to the ‘Building and Construction’ category and choose ‘Report Noise’.

ou can upload a short video or picture of the construction site along with a description. Fill in the address of your area and tap on ‘Proceed” to successfully place your complaint.

You can also contact the Dubai Police on their non-emergency number. 

Non-emergency number of Dubai Police: 901

What to expect after filing a complaint?

After you have successfully filed a complaint regarding the issue you can wait until necessary action is taken. The usual time taken before the Dubai Municipality Reacts is 24 hours.

Within 24 hours of the complaint being registered, the director of the ‘Building and Construction Department’ or members of this department will visit the address you have complained against to examine the case. If deemed necessary, action will be taken to resolve the issue.

If the noise does not subside even after its inspection, necessary action will be taken against the ones responsible.  

Tips to minimize construction noise

Construction companies can follow these steps to reduce construction noise and complaints related to it. It is important to schedule the construction activity appropriately so that it does not disrupt the lives of the residents.

Construction activity must be avoided at night. If it is absolutely necessary to carry on the construction late into the night, the company must make sure that it is not too loud. Noise level at or below 45 decibels is permissible from 8:00 pm to 7:00 am.

It is always best to choose equipment that does not create a lot of noise. Noise-reducing equipment and materials can be used to bring down loud noises that might disturb others.

Adding noise barriers to the construction source can help obstruct the direct path of sound and help in reducing loud noise both at the site and its surroundings. 

Dubai is a city of dreams Its popularity has risen so much in the past few years due to the government’s efforts in bringing it up to or even above the level of many cities in the West. the flow of Asians to the West and the number of Asians settling in Western countries have significantly reduced in the past few years.

The standards of living offered by Dubai are undoubtedly one of the major reasons for this decline. This means that more and more people are settling down in Dubai to experience a life of dreams amidst breathtaking buildings and unrivaled living standards. 

These factors lead more people to invest in Dubai and settle down there for a life of expectations. With disruptions like noise from construction sites the expectations people have of Dubai might not be met, tarnishing the image of Dubai as providing one of the best standards of living

Most people do not know who or how to complain about construction noises that are depriving them of their sleep. Some seem to not even know that they could actually do something about it.

Dubai strives to not only improve and add to its architectural marvel but also to do that without affecting the lives of its residents.

For this purpose, Dubai offers a lot of facilities that allow the residents to make complaints and grievances in case of anything that is bothering them.

Noise pollution due to construction that leaves people sleep-deprived and frustrated is one among the many issues that can be addressed by the concerned authorities. So the next time you are awoken by unpleasant noise from construction sites nearby, you can go ahead and report to the numbers mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I call these numbers at any time?

The Dubai Municipality’s toll-free number is available 24 hours a day. The other numbers are only accessible during working hours.

2. Can I call the police on the emergency number to report the loud noise?

Calling the emergency number of Dubai Police for reporting loud noises is not entertained. You can call the nonemergency number of Dubai police for this purpose.

3. How loud should be the noise to be able to report it?

The noise level permitted is 55 decibels. This is a bit lower than the sound of an air conditioner or a normal conversation in a restaurant or an office.

4. How long will it take for action to be taken after I file my complaint?

Usually, an action is taken within 24 hours of the complaint being filed.

5. Is the permitted noise level the same for day and night?

No. The noise level must be below 55 decibels during day time and below 45 decibels during the night.

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