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How To Take Care Of Your Skin During The Hot Weather In UAE?



How To Take Care Of Your Skin During The Hot Weather In UAE

Summers are considered to be the most challenging part of the year in Dubai. These are the high-temperature days coupled with humidity which necessitate paying extra attention to the skin. This article would be helpful in achieving these goals with the utmost amount of precision and carefulness. 

The changes in the weather can leave an irreparable impact on the skin in Dubai. During summer, the temperature is very extreme and humid in Dubai. In addition, the prevalence of air pollution can contribute to the temperature further. All of this causes skin dryness.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin During The Hot Weather In UAE

The cheeks are cracked and the lips are chapped. Some people may also experience sticky skin due to the rise in humidity. Excessive sweating can also be a reason for fungal infections on the skin. 

In light of these side effects on the health of the skin, it becomes imperative to take care of the skin to the maximum extent possible.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin During The Hot Weather In UAE

Regular skin care has become the need of the hour in Dubai. From regularly applying sunscreen to carrying your sunglasses and shades wherever you go, each precaution gains relevance. This helps to prevent permanent damage and tanning of the skin. 

1. Hydration

The intake of water during the summer increases in Dubai. This is because of the excessive water loss that a person experiences in summer due to sweating and urination.

Therefore, staying hydrated in order to replenish the lost water is very crucial. It is important to drink water again and again so that each cell gets the water it requires to function efficiently.

A dehydrated body on the other hand is exhausted and loses its efficiency to function. 

In order to stay hydrated, in addition to drinking enough water, it is essential to consume fresh watery fruits. They are not only refreshing but also amazing in taste. One can add vegetables such as cucumber and tomatoes to the daily diet as all of these are very high in water content. One should also cut down on alcoholic and caffeinated beverages.

Consumption of coconut water which is a rich source of potassium can be a good option to replenish the lost water. Most importantly, one must avoid direct exposure to sunlight, especially during peak hours. 

2. Sun Protection

Due to the ever-increasing pollution, the instances of diminishing ozone layer are haunting the planet. This is exposing our mother Earth to the direct ultraviolet rays of the Sun.

These rays have a tendency to penetrate inside the skin and cause skin allergies and aggravated forms of anomalies like skin cancer. Discoloration and tanning are the most obvious side effects of exposure to sunlight.

Wearing sunscreen, therefore, emerges to be the best and the most convenient solution to protect the skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It acts as a protective shield and protects the skin from any further sunburn, skin cancer, and most importantly, premature aging.

Exposure to sunlight can also cause redness and inflammation. Sunscreen helps to prevent such side effects in the safest possible manner.

However, there is always a way that must be remembered and taken into accord while applying sunscreen. Firstly, always choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more. It should offer a broad spectrum coverage from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

one must never forget to apply this sunscreen on the face, arms, feet, and any other exposed body part before going outdoors. Under the scorching heat, it is always advisable to apply sunscreen after every two hours for the best results.

In addition to wearing sunscreen, a person can also reduce skin damage under the sun by carrying shades such as an umbrella, sunglasses, and caps. The choice of clothing can also be altered in order to protect oneself from the heat.

3. Skincare Routine

During the extremely hot weather in Dubai, it is always in the best interest of the skin to alter the regular skincare routine. Summers can make the skin either extra oily or extra dry. In both cases, the chances of breakouts increase. Therefore, there is a need to adjust the skincare routine in the summer for maintaining naturally glowing skin throughout the year. 

Therefore, one must regularly wash and cleanse the skin with a cleanser that best suits the skin. Cleansing your skin two times a day removes extra dust, dirt, and dryness of extra oil.

Subsequently, it becomes necessary to moisturize the skin and coat the same with a layer of sunscreen. Even at night, one must follow the same routine, so that the skin gets time to replenish itself.

4. Diet

Healthy skin is an outcome of a good diet. Consumption of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants is genuinely a blessing for the skin.

They help to heal the skin from within. That is why it becomes important to consume a healthy and balanced diet. This diet includes an ample amount of proteins, vitamins such as vitamin C and Vitamin E, carbohydrates, and most important minerals such as potassium. A person can add these dietary supplements and consume the same with daily meals.

5. Clothing

Clothing can also help to mitigate the side effect of the sun on the skin. Always prefer to wear pastel shades during the summers inside of the darker ones as the latter absorb more heat. Additionally, wear light fabrics which allow your skin to breathe.

Wearing comfortable clothes is actually essential but always remember to wear the ones which offer full coverage against the scorching heat of the sun.

Therefore, in light of all these factors, it becomes essential to note that the protection of the skin during the summers of UAE is actually necessary in order to avoid permanent damage to the skin. Incorporation of these solutions will be actually helpful in the long run and avoid the damage to the greatest possible extent.

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