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How To Wear Makeup And Stay Perfect In Dubai’s Crazy Heat?



How To Wear Makeup And Stay Perfect In Dubai's Crazy Heat

The scorching heat of the sun is an irresistible affair in the UAE. The high temperature causes excessive urination and sweating. All of this may be cumbersome for women to handle.

They step out of their homes after getting ready only to feel disgusted within a couple of minutes. Their makeup starts melting and they have no other option than continuously wiping their face.

But if the women layer the makeup strategically, then they can actually save their makeup and stay perfect in the hot weather as well. 

This article will help to explore the ways with the help of which one can easily know the perfect secret to wear flawless makeup in summer and carry the same with perfection throughout the day. 

Common Makeup Problems in Hot Weather

During the summer, there are a variety of make-up issues that one may encounter, particularly when applying makeup. To begin, the entire skincare routine starts with the application of moisturizer and continues until your makeup fixer becomes done.

Common Makeup Problems in Hot Weather

The sun’s heat melts the layers of your makeup, and you can feel your efforts dripping down your chin. Second, your eyelashes cannot support the weight of mascara, and excessive sweating may smudge the entire look, resulting in an untidy appearance.

In addition, one may also constantly feel uncomfortable as many times the layers of make-up do not absorb the sunlight. This may cause blemishes and other kinds of skin problems. Irritation and redness are the common side effects of heat and this may be very evident on the skin itself. Therefore, there is a need to put an end to this embarrassment with the help of the techniques and methods discussed below.

Tips for Wearing Makeup in Hot Weather in UAE

Let us look at some of the most common tips for staying perfect in hot weather and wearing make-up with confidence.

1. Exfoliate your skin well

Before you begin applying your makeup, it is very important to exfoliate your skin properly. This process removes dust and dirt embedded in the deepest layers of the skin. It removes dead skin cells as well.

These dead cells, dust, and dirt particles may end up being converted to blemishes during high temperatures. That is why it is necessary to get rid of them.

2. Moisturize your skin

The next step is to moisturize your skin well. One can use a good quality primer to fill the pores left open due to exfoliation. It smoothens the skin and acts as a great base for makeup.

It forms a thin layer over the sweat glands due to which sweating can be controlled. It is recommended to use an oil-free primer in summer to avoid the mess.

3. Layer it with Foundation 

The next step is to layer the skin with a foundation. Always use a thin layer of foundation that is not only matte but also oil-free.

This basically reduces the chances of the foundation getting smudged. A long-wear and a full coverage foundation can suffice the purpose.

4. Carry subtle eye-makeup

If you want to look fresh and stay perfect throughout the day in summer, then your eye makeup must be very subtle. A light-colored creamy eye shadow with a thin layer of eyeliner may be all that you need for the eyes.

5. Hydrate your lips with a gloss

In order to avoid your lipstick from getting smudged, always hydrate your lips with a transparent gloss but before that apply translucent powder on the lips. This gives a drying effect and you don’t really need to apply your lipstick again and again. 

Skincare Tips for Hot Weather in UAE

Skincare is very essential in such hot weather. There are a number of steps that can be taken in order to naturally heal the skin and prevent any kind of further damage.

One can follow the given methods in order to achieve this purpose:

  • Cleanse your skin daily with a cleaner
  • Keep yourself hydrated for a naturally glowing skin
  • Apply sunscreen whenever you step outside your home
  • Scrub and Exfoliate at least 3 times a week to remove the layer of dead skin cells. 

Additional Makeup Techniques for Hot Weather

In addition to the techniques, which have been already explained above, one can also rely on the following methods in order to stay throughout the hot sunny day.

  • Layer your skin with a compact

After you have finalized your makeup, always layer your skin with a compact and translucent powder. This powder is actually useful to avoid sweating and give an even tone of skin all throughout.

  • Cleanse your skin with rose water

Regular application of rose water on the skin reduces the toxins within the skin and hence their secretion is also controlled. Therefore, you sweat less in the summer with the help of this method.

  • Use a spray-based makeup fixer

In summer, one must generally avoid cream-based fixers and use a serum-based or watery makeup fixer. The droplets of the water evaporate immediately to provide a clean skin tone.  

Therefore, it can be ultimately concluded that these ways must be adopted by almost every woman in order to prevent the distortion of makeup. This is a vital practice that must be remembered at every cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the minimum SPF of sunscreen that one must apply?

Any sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more should be preferred. 

2. How many times a day a person must exfoliate the skin?

A person must exfoliate a skin ideally 3 times a week.

3. Does excessive foundation cause irritation?

Yes, excessive foundation causes irritation. 

4. What is the purpose of rose water?

It helps to keep the skin hydrated.

5. What is the need for a compact?

It helps to keep the skin dry and avoid sweating

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