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Moon Knight Season 2: Release Date | Renewed Or Canceled? Check Here!



Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date Renewed Or Canceled

Aren’t we all patiently waiting for the second season of Moon Knight?

Although for a long time, the makers were not conforming to the making of season 2, we do have some news. 

Keep scrolling to check all the details about the second season of Moon Knight- whether it is canceled or renewed or its release date. 

Moon Knight Season 2 Story Line

Before we get deep into its updates, let’s know some facts about the show. The Best Limited Event Series winners of Saturn awards Moon Knight premiered on March 30, 2022, and ran for six episodes, concluding on May 4. 

Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date  Renewed or Canceled

Moon Knight is an American television miniseries streamed on Disney+ based on Marvel Comics. It is the sixth television series in MCU to be produced by Marvel Studios. 

The story follows the main character, Marc Spector, a mercenary man with dissociative identity disorder; he and his other alter- Steven Grant have been drawn into a deadly mystery involving Egyptian Gods. 


Oscar Issac is the main lead- Marc Spector, Moon Knight, and Steven Grant of the series used different accents to differentiate various identities of Spector. Other stars starring are Karim El Hakim, May Calamawy, David Ganly, Khalid Abdalla, Gaspard Ulliel, Antonia Salib, Fernanda Andrade, Rey Lucas, Sofia Danu, and others. 

The series was announced in August 2019 and began filming in April 2021 till October 2021. The series was filmed primarily in Budapest and then in Jordan, Slovenia, and Atlanta. 

Renewed or canceled

In the tweet of the promotion of the final episode, the Marvel Studio mentioned the sixth episode as the season finale rather than a series finale, birthed the hope of the second season. 

Apart from this, Mohamed Diab- leading the directing team, stated in March 2022 that he felt the character would be part of the MCU for the next ten years. In addition, he expressed his hope that Moon Knight might get his feature film. 

However, by the finale, Diab and Curtis were unaware whether the main character would be in the second season, feature film, or part of another character’s property. Although, by the end of the season, Issac had not signed any deal for the character’s future project. 

After the finale of the first season, the official Twitter account of Disney+ Hotstar India tweeted that showed some possibility of a better future for the Moon Knight. They tweeted that it is difficult to decide which one is harder, dealing with the heat or waiting for the second season of Moon Knight. 

Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date

Another important update from Diab raised fans’ hopes for season 2. Diab hoped that the second season would be filmed in Egypt, which hints that there might be some news about the production of another season or feature film of Moon Knight. In August, Isaac, Clamawy, and Hawke expressed their interest in returning. 

Even if we get a second-season renewal, it is likely to stream after a couple of years, comparing the filming time of season one after the announcement. 

The earliest we can expect the next season would likely be 2024. 

It seems that Marvel Studios have not revealed any future plans even to those heavily involved with the first season. 

However, we can say that there is a strong chance of the renewal of the second season given the show’s success and the cliffhanger ending of the first season.

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