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7 Must-Try Ramadan Activities In Dubai 2023



Activities In Dubai You Should Try During Ramadan

In this article, we will explore Ramadan activities in Dubai you should try this Ramadan 2023 to make it more memorable and experience its true essence.

Like the rest of the Islamic world, Dubai celebrates Ramadan with zeal and enthusiasm. While the main focus is on spiritual purification and strengthening one’s ties with God, Ramadan is more than religious observance in Dubai.

It’s also a time for celebration, sharing with others, charity, and strengthening family values. Consequently, Dubai, which is already a glittering hub of modern and cultural extravaganzas, liven up with new energy. You will find color-full decorations at every corner, streets bustling at night, and a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere unique to this time of the year.

1. Visit a Ramadan tent

Iftar meals are the most beautiful part of Ramadan, and Dubai makes it more lively with Ramadan Tents. These lively settings are scattered throughout the city, offering a cozy environment, delicious food, and a perfect opportunity to socialize.

Visit a Ramadan tent In dubai

The festive atmosphere in these tents is a sight to behold, and the food options are truly mouth-watering. And if you are looking for the best Ramadan Tents, some must be on your bucket list.

Asateer Tent at Atlantis, The Palm, for example, is a popular Ramadan tent for its arabesque setting and delectable foods. Another popular option is The Majlis, Dubai World Trade Centre, renowned for its lively entertainment and cultural performance and the range of food and beverage options.

For those looking for an upscale, luxurious setting, Dana Ramadan Tent at City Walk is a must-visit. Its extensive iftar menu of Gourmet cuisine and the opulent plush environment is sure to leave you craving for more.

Overall, visiting a tent is a must-do Ramadan activity in Dubai. Besides, plenty of options are available for all budget ranges and food preferences.

2. Try the traditional Emirati cuisine

If the days in Ramadan are for fasting and praying, nights are for feasting and indulging in delicious foods. And in Ramadan, traditional Emirati dishes take the central stage. These are the blend of Middle Eastern, Asian and African flavors with extravagant use of aromatic spices.

Try the traditional Emirati cuisine in ramadan dubai

Therefore, during Ramadan, trying out traditional Emirati dishes is a must-do activity.

Some of the most popular dishes are;

Thareed – A centuries-old dish prepared with lamb meat and wheat. Spices are added liberally, and it’s usually served with bread. It’s a staple dish during Ramadan and served with unique twists across restaurants in Dubai.

Machboos – Another popular dish in Dubai during Ramadan is Machboos. It’s a typical rice dish prepared with chicken and vegetables and seasoned with spices and herbs.

Luqaimat – And to calm your sugar craving, you can munch on Luqaimat – deep-fried, small, and sweet dumplings soaked in scented water syrup. It’s a perfect dessert for iftar meals.

Lamb Kofta – Not completely middle eastern, Lamb Kofta are still integral to traditional iftar meals in Dubai. It’s spice-mixed minced lamb, grilled and served with rice, onions, and yogurt.

Jallab – After fasting for the day, something refreshing is a must, and there is nothing better than Jallab. It’s a classic beverage prepared with rose water, and grape molasses and topped with nuts and raisins.

To try these traditional delicacies, there are several options in Dubai. Al Fanar Restaurant and Café is the top spot to indulge in traditional Emirati cuisines, Including Thareed and Machboos.

Likewise, Seven Sands Dubai also represents a culinary delight, offering Emirati dishes with modern and unique twists. And for a more refined experience, try Arabian Tea House – the setting is mesmerizing, and the food is delicious.

3. Attend a cultural event

Celebrating culture and art is also an integral part of Ramadan in Dubai. Numerous cultural and arts events take place throughout Dubai during Ramadan, attracting people of different tastes. You can visit these events to truly experience the rich Islamic and Emirati culture.

Attend a cultural event in ramadan dubai

The Dubai International Holy Quran Award is one of Ramadan’s most popular cultural events. Participants from across the globe compete in Quran reciting and carry home exciting prizes. It will be an opportunity of a lifetime to experience the spiritual and cultural significance of the Quran.

For the lover of art, Nakheel Mall will host an art exhibition between March 24 and April 16, featuring the work of renowned Emirati artist Azza Al Qubaisi.

Likewise, the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority organizes various cultural events during Ramadan, offering a unique perspective of Emirati traditions and values.

4. Take a sunset cruise

Sunset has particular importance during Ramadan – it’s the time to break fast and enjoy hearty meals with family and friends. Dubai is already popular for its stunning sunset, so why not make it more memorable with a sunset cruise?

Take a sunset cruise in dubai ramadan

It will be a perfect opportunity to marvel at the beauty of nature as the sun sets on the Dubiconic skyline. All this while enjoying delectable local and international cuisine for iftar meals.

One of the most iconic sunset cruises is the traditional Dhow cruise. It takes place on traditional wooden boats, offering a deep peek into the city’s maritime heritage. But unlike other times, during Ramadan, these cruises also offer an unforgettable iftar experience filled with sumptuous meals.

Another great option is the Ramadan Iftar Dhow Cruise by Creek Cruises. The cruise will take you through the stunning waters of Dubai creeks, followed by a mouth-watering iftar buffet comprising local and international delicacies.

5 . Visit a mosque

Mosques are the most happening place during Ramadan in Dubai and worldwide. They are usually more crowded during the holy month, with people praying and contemplating.

Visit a mosque in ramadan in dubai

Therefore visiting a mosque in Dubai during Ramadan offers you a unique opportunity to understand the true essence of the sacred month. And Dubai boasts some of the most iconic mosques in the World, so you won’t be short of options.

One of the most popular mosques to visit in Dubai is the iconic Jumeirah Mosque. You can attend guided tours explaining the significance of Ramadan and taking you through its breathtaking surroundings.

Another great option is the Blue Mosque or the Al Farooq Omar bin Khattab Mosque. The architecture mimics the exemplary Blue Mosque of Turkey, with a unique blend of Andalusian and Ottoman architectural styles.

6. Try a charity activity

The true spirit of Ramadan is about giving back to the community; that’s why charity during Ramadan is an essential practice, and everyone does that to their capacity. Besides, doing charity also instills hope in those in need and fosters a sense of compassion and empathy. If you truly wish to celebrate Ramadan in Dubai, there is no better way than to participate in charity activities.

Try A Charity Activity in ramadan dubai

Here are some ways you can be a reason of happiness for someone this Ramadan;

Volunteer At a Food Bank – Food banks always need volunteers to procure food for needy people. The UAE Food Bank also organizes meal distribution during Ramadan to feed the poor. You can contact the authorities, donate, or participate in their upcoming events in Dubai.

Donate At a Charitable Organization – Several Charitable organizations operate in Dubai to provide a helping hand to those in need. Some of these organizations are Dubai Cares, UAE Red Crescent Society, etc. These organizations accept donations during Ramadan; you can reach out to them and contribute.

Host An Iftar Party for The Poors And Needy – Hosting an iftar meal for needy people is considered a big act of charity. It’s also a perfect way to interact with people in need directly. You can invite people from your neighborhood or partner with a local organization to invite those in need and share the meal with them.

Moreover, Expo City Dubai will also host a charitable event and distribute clothing items to those in need. You can attend the event, reach out to the concerned people, volunteer, or contribute. Also, you can check out the list of Ramadan charities in UAE and donate accordingly.

7. Attend a Cultural talk

Like cultural events, Cultural talks across Dubai also provide a unique opportunity to dive deep into Emirati values and learn about the rich heritage of the UAE. Local experts take you through the journey of exploring the various facades of Emirati lives and how they uphold historical and cultural traditions.

Attend a Cultural talk in ramdan dubai

Zeman Awwal Majlis Cinema will be organizing Ramadan talks every Tuesday. You can attend these Ramadan Talks to learn about Ramadan values & etiquettes, Ramadan-aligned fashion habits, and other similar topics. Do not miss this special Ramadan activity in this holy month.

Likewise, you can also attend Majlis Mohamed bin Zayed for Ramadan Lectures and learn the perspective of the UAE about the latest developments in the world.

Another popular destination you can head to for cultural talk is Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. Besides learning about local customs, traditions, and Islamic values, you can also enjoy finger-licking iftar meals.

8. Participate in an iftar

Iftar is when Muslims breakfast and enjoy fulfilling meals with family and friends. But its significance goes beyond just satisfying hunger. It’s a reminder of the importance of gratitude, generosity, and empathy.

Participate in an iftar in dubai ramadan

Gathering around for a meal teaches us the value of community, and sharing the meals reminds us to be thankful and to show kindness and compassion to those in need.

You can also participate in Iftar restaurants in Dubai offering iftar meals loaded with delicacies from around the globe.

You can head to Al Meylas, Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi, Al Maryah Island for a spicy iftar meal of chicken machboos and the famous Cheese Kunafa.

Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Beach Resort is another popular destination to enjoy iftar offering grilled meats, mezze, etc., to tantalize your taste buds.

And if you are into Indian cuisine, Dhaba Lane will be the perfect venue to break the fast. The most popular of its menu is the Ramadan special 4-course set menu comprising vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

There’s no better place in the world to be during Ramadan than Dubai. The city truly adorns the spirit of the holy month and offers countless ways to immerse yourself in its aura and grandeur. Every street radiates happiness; every corner extends a welcoming atmosphere.

Besides its spiritual significance, Ramadan also offers an opportunity to be a part of several activities that deepen your understanding of Dubai’s culture and strengthen your connection with the community. So you can select the best Ramadan activities from the above list during your visit.

You can attend a luxurious Ramadan tent, immerse yourself in the sacred atmosphere of a mosque or spread love through charity. Each event will be one of a kind and will offer you a profound sense of compassion and inner peace.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Activities to participate in during Ramadan in Dubai?

There’s a whole range of activities you can participate in during Ramadan – participating as Visit a Ramadan tent, Trying the traditional Emirati cuisine, Attending a cultural event, Taking a sunset cruise, Visit a mosque, Trying a charity activity, Attending a Cultural talk, and Participate in an iftar.

2. Are non-muslims allowed in Ramadan Activities in Dubai?

Yes, you can participate in Ramadan Activities across Dubai, irrespective of your religion.

3. Are there any guidelines to follow when attending Ramadan activities?

General Ramadan guidelines like avoiding eating in public places during day hours, loud music, revealing clothes, etc., are prohibited.

4. Can I bring the family to the Ramadan events?

Yes. Ramadan Tents, restaurants, and other places in Dubai offer a family-friendly environment to enjoy with your loved ones.

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