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List Of 10 Ramadan Charities In UAE To Donate : Trusted Organizations 2023



10 Charities In UAE To Donate During Ramadan

Ramadan, the holiest month for Muslims, is often considered an act of self-discipline and sacrifice due to its mode of practice—abstention of solids and liquids. But those aren’t the only values involved, as Ramadan occupies an even larger significance towards others, the less privileged, bringing the virtues such as empathy and compassion to a center stage.

This motive is explained in its essence by zakat, one of the five pillars of Islam, the act of giving charity. As an established necessity, Muslims all around the world participate generously in giving donations during the month of Ramadan. 

UAE as a nation has also played an active role in reinforcing this pillar further into the ground by doing their part through charities, with various organizations and charities established to support those in need. So, let’s delve straight in and familiarize with some of the most notable Ramadan charities in UAE have been inspiring people across borders.

Ramadan Charities In UAE To Follow In The Holy Month

In this article, we have listed best Ramadan charities in UAE that you can support.

  • Emirates Red Crescent
  • One Billion Meal Endowment
  • Dubai Cares
  • Beit Al Khair Society
  • Sharjah Charity International
  • Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Centre For Awqaf and Endowment
  • UNHCR Zakat Fund
  • UAE Suqia
  • Dar Al Ber Society

1. Emirates Red Crescent

One of the prominent humanitarian organizations in the UAE, Emirates Red Crescent’s mission is to support the most at-risk communities by offering emergency aid, healthcare, and educational initiatives.

Emirates Red Crescent

As of now, their helping hands have reached millions across 140 countries. For donations, one can either visit their centres or access their website.

2. One Billion Meal Endowment

It is an initiative by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI) to provide meals to the most underprivileged populations around the world.

One Billion Meal Endowment

Since its inception in 2002, the project has served more than 2 billion meals to needy communities in 45 countries, with the goal of eradicating hunger, food insecurity, and malnutrition. 

Organizations, companies, businesspeople, and people from all spheres of society are welcome to participate. Donations of as little as AED 1 can be made to the campaign in cash through multiple platforms like their website, via SMS, their dedicated call center or the Dubai Now App etc.

3. Dubai Cares

More of a charitable organization dedicated to enhancing children’s access to high-quality education in developing nations, Dubai Cares has been providing millions of students with the tools and resources they need to break the cycle of poverty.

Dubai Cares

Established in 2007, their impacts range from the construction and renovation of schools to initiatives that promote school enrollment and attendance. Visit their website, do a bank transfer, send an SMS or take part in the direct fundraising events to show your support.

4. Beit Al Khair Society

Founded in 1989 by a group of businessmen in the United Arab Emirates, Beit Al Khair Society aids the less fortunate by offering food, shelter, education, medical care, and social welfare.

Beit Al Khair Society

By establishing numerous centres and partnering with elite organizations to broaden their reach, they have had great success coordinating their efforts. One can either opt for online or offline/direct donations to help their cause.

5. Sharjah Charity International

Sharjah Charity International offers relentless services in the field of healthcare, education, and relief aid.

Sharjah Charity International

Especially, their health-related initiatives like providing medical care to underserved communities, assisting cancer patients etc has also earned them great praise. They also assist in times of crisis, such as natural disasters and conflicts.

The organization accepts contributions through a variety of channels, including bank deposits, online transfers, and in-person contributions at their Sharjah headquarters.

6. Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Centre For Awqaf and Endowment

This charitable organization stands out from the others by promoting endowment culture internationally. More than acting as the charity themselves, they offer goods and services to support and enhance the efficacy and efficiency of endowment.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Centre For Awqaf and Endowment

How? Giving charities access to sustainable resources enables them to realize their ambitions and objectives.

Visit their website and select from the various programmes and initiatives the centre offers if you are willing to donate.

7. UNHCR Zakat Fund

This organization falls under the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and uses zakat and other charitable contributions from the Islamic community to aid displaced people and refugees all over the world.

UNHCR Zakat Fund

They serve those in need with emergency assistance, housing, food, and other crucial services. They have been able to reach and aid vulnerable populations in nations such as Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Bangladesh through their zakat programme.

Donation is simple—just visit their website for both online donations and bank transfer.

8. UAE Suqia

Suqia functions as a water aid foundation established by the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, to provide access to clean water to people in need around the world.

UAE Suqia

Over the years, the foundation has served above 13 million people in providing clean water through thousand-plus initiatives. And that stretches across 37 countries. Individuals and businesses can easily help them by donating on their official website.

9. Dar Al Ber Society

Dar Al Ber Society, which was established in Dubai in 1979, has consistently been effective in helping those in need, regardless of their nationality or religion, by providing them with financial, social, and medical assistance.

Dar Al Ber Society Dubai

Through a number of projects over the years, including those related to housing, medical care, and emergency relief, they have had an impact on millions of lives. Visit one of their regional centers or donate through a bank or online transfer.

Importance of charitable giving during Ramadan in the UAE

On a spiritual level, charitable giving is considered one of the most rewarding acts for Muslims by the Almighty. A central teaching in Islamic theology, the month of Ramadan only accentuates its value and intent, as it is tied with the tenet of zakat. For a Muslim, giving to those in need is also an act that draws him or her closer to God—a divine step towards transcendence. 

Importance of charitable giving during Ramadan in the UAE

In the UAE, one of the pioneers in the act of charity, countless organizations work towards this holy cause tirelessly for the betterment-cum-happiness of the least privileged.

Be it the poor, the sick, the elderly, or women and children, the small emirates with big hearts have been providing vital support since time immemorial. They have never failed to inspire and embody the values of compassion, generosity, and solidarity through their acts of generosity.

Criteria for choosing the 10 Ramadan charities In UAE

Charity organizations offer great services to the society it serves. The tears they weep or the souls they touch is unmatched, be it anywhere. But are all charities the same? Is everyone blindly trusted? No, isn’t it? There are certain factors we must take into notice before we jump to offer any such organization a responsibility that affects millions at the receiving end. 

Criteria for choosing the 10 Ramadan charities

Credibility ranks in as the first factor. If the organization you entrust does not possess a good track record of spending funds efficiently or isn’t deemed trustworthy, all your efforts are wasted. So research and ensure that they are officially registered.

Next comes transparency. Take a detailed look at how and where they spend each penny. If done, you’ll be relieved that your efforts have reached the right hands and filled the right stomachs—trust reinforced.

The impact or influence an organization has upon a society cannot be ruled out in the same sense.  It simplifies your job, since anyone who can credibly attest to having improved people’s lives, whether it be through the provision of food, healthcare, education, or other important services, is someone whose hand is worth shaking even before you take a seat.

Last, but not the least, accessibility and ease of donating. Whatever their credibility be, a lack of accessibility and difficulty in donating drains their other qualities. So, pick one that offers multiple payment options, someone who’s flexible in receiving payments (offline or online modes like apps or websites).

In conclusion, Ramadan offers a great chance to give back to one’s fellow human beings as individuals or groups through such charitable organizations. Be it helping those in need of food and shelter, funding programmes for education and healthcare, and advocating humanitarian relief globally, legitimate supporters are many to acknowledge your generosity.

These organizations offer a mechanism to direct Zakat, Sadaqah, and other types of almsgiving to the proper causes and guarantee that the donations are put to good use.

UAE’s commitment to such charitable causes are in reality a living inspiration and a heartening gesture for world nations to follow. Hence, by supporting these charities, world citizens can contribute towards building a better future for the less fortunate, an act nothing short of divine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is zakat?

It is a religious obligation for the Muslims to purposefully donate a small portion of their wealth to the poor according to their financial capabilities.

2. How can a foreigner donate to these charities?

The best option for a foreigner is to donate through their websites, as it is a legible platform to do so.

3.Are these initiatives and organizations reliable?

Yes, all of these projects and organizations have a solid reputation and a track record of helping individuals in need.

4.Can in-kind donations be made in place of cash donations?

Yes, some of these groups are open to receiving in-kind donations of things like food, clothing, and other necessities.

5.Can a person volunteer at these charities?

Indeed. Several charities in the UAE welcome volunteers. 

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