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Rashed Belhasa: Net Worth, Lifestyle, Age, And More



The Richest Kid In Dubai All You Need To Know About Rashed Belhasa

Rashed Belhasa is a social media influencer from the United Arab Emirates. He is popular because of the YouTube videos he shares that consist of content related to fashion, luxurious cars, and more entertaining things. He is best known as Money Kicks. Rashed Belhasa shares video clips through his official Instagram account too. This 23-year-old boy started making vlogs at a very young age and has gained the attention of the whole world. He is one of the world’s most influential and wealthiest kids.

His videos get viral when he started to collaborate with different celebrities from all over the world in his videos. When Rashid’s popularity grew he became the subject of curiosity for people, and they wanted to know more about his life including family details and other interesting factors about him. In addition to his luxurious lifestyle videos, he is popular for his love for exotic and dangerous animals like tigers and lions.

Rashed Belhasa Family

Rashed Belhasa was born in an Islamic family on 5 January 2002 in Dubai, UAE and his nationality is Emirati. In Dubai, he comes from an affluent family. Rashed is Said Ahmed Belhasa and Sarah Belhasa’s youngest son. He has two brothers Abdullah Saif Belhasa and Mayed Saif Belhasa. Rashed’s father Said Ahmed Belhasa is the owner of a construction company in Dubai.

Rashed Belhasa Family

He is one of the highest tax-paying individuals there. Rashed studied at the Internation School of Arts and Science, Dubai. Now he is pursuing his college studies. Money Kick aka Rahed Belhasa’s personal life is not all open to the world. There are rumors about him having a girlfriend but still not confirmed.

He currently lives in a big, beautiful, and one of the most expensive mansions which has become a tourist attraction for many celebrities. This mansion has a full-size football pitch underground. And inside his home, he has a big zoo that consists of around 500 exotic animals. The zoo consists of giraffes, cheetahs, and chimpanzees as well.

Rashed has been pictured with all of these animals including his pack of white lions and a Bengal tiger cub. He is famous for raising these dangerous animals. Money Kicks has named some of his animals after the long list of celebrities who have visited him, including Christiano Ronaldo, Rihanna, and Jackie Chan.

How did Rashed Belhasa Become So Rich?

His first step into the social media world was in May 2013. Rashed uploaded his luxurious lifestyle picture through his Instagram account. That helped him to gain a lot of followers. Then he started a Youtube channel called “Money Kicks” and added his first video ‘Legendary sneaker collection’, in which he showed his footwear collection that costs more than $30 thousand.

Rashed Belhasa Instagram Current Status

Rashed is active on all top social media platforms and has millions of followers. He has done collaborative videos with almost every top celebrity in the world. His fame is also rising as a young entrepreneur of a clothing brand. Rashed has won an award for the youngest influencer of 2017.

Rashed Belhasa Instagram Current Status

Rashed Belhasa has more than 2.2 million people who follow him on Instagram and more than 3.85 million people who subscribe to his Money Kicks account on YouTube.and he has posted 149 videos on his youtube channel so far. Most of his videos are about cars and his shoe collections.

People, particularly teenagers are attracted to these contents and these videos are getting millions of views from all over the world. The celebrities Rashed has done collaborative videos are Travis Scott, Nicky Minaj, DJ Khaled, Logan Paul, etc.

Rashed started his Instagram account in May 2013 preceding his youtube channel. Currently, this Instagram account has 1215 posts and 2.2 million followers. Most of the posts are his photographs of many influential celebrities. He also shares the charity program details through his Instagram account and that influences a lot of people out there.

One of the differences that we can see in the videos of Money Kick from other content creators or influencers is that he tries to bring content quality in his every video. People’s interest and the quality of the content are what he aims for. Rashed equally maintains all his active platforms and uploads videos on a regular basis. Most importantly, he is now using his every active platform to raise awareness for important humanitarian causes.

Rashed Belhasa Net Worth

Rashed has born into one of the wealthiest families in Dubai. As I mentioned above his father is one of the most well-known personalities in Dubai and one of the richest constructive companies in the world is owned by him. His father, Said Ahmed Belhasa estimated net worth is $2.5 billion.

Money Kickstarted his career as an influencer at a very young age. He wants to become a self-made person and he started working on that. Now his videos have the highest reach in the whole world. Each video he uploads has millions of views and he is now considering vlogging as his future. Currently, in 2023, based on the data on the internet, Rashed Belhasa’s net worth is around $30 million and his main source of income is youtube, business, and acting.

Rashed Belhasa Physical Features

Height (approx) 5’6”
Weight (approx)55 kg
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Rashed Belhasa Physical Features

Other Interests

Money Kicks AKA Rashed Belhasa loves acting. His favorite actor is James Franco and his favorite actress is Emma Watson. Rahed’s debut film was “Ferrari ki Sawari” which was released in 2012. He also loves to play new games and traveling to different places is his favorite thing to do. Rashed has many pets in his home zoo and he loves lions among his many other pet animals. 

Rashed has an exotic collection of cars including the Cadillac Escalade, Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, and Rolls Royce Wraith. Rahed’s car taste is unique. He often puts custom wraps on almost all of his favorite cars and it makes them different from other celebrity cars. Most of his videos are about his car collections And Rolls Royce is his favorite car. 

Money Kick has also launched his clothing brand named “Streetwear Line KA-1” with designer Ross Mackay and he also owns a brand for backpacks which is “Sprayground”.

Another interesting fact about Money Kick is that he loves boxing and he has his debut in the field of boxing in the year 2021. He is represented by the INFLUENCE Talent Management company. He faced Anas Alshyab in his debut match. He also faced Mayweather in a recent match that was conducted in Dubai. Rashid was the winner of that boxing faceoff. He is the youngest Youtuber to do what Logan Paul did by facing Mayweather.

This review so far discussed Dubai’s richest kid Rashed Belhasa’s life. His family details Youtube entry everything is covered. Money Kick is definitely an inspiration for this generation. He started to earn money at a very young age. Despite his father being the extremely rich person in the entire world. He has found his place in the world by himself. Nothing comes easily the passion he has for his interests made him the talk of the world. He is recognized not only for his content videos but also for the charity work he does for the world’s poor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the real name of Money Kicks?

The real name of Money Kicks is Rashed Saif Belhasa.

2. How many cars does Money Kicks have?

Rashed Belhasa has many cars including the world’s most expensive cars such as Cadilac Escalade and Rolls Royce Wraith.

3. What is the name of the company owned by Rashed Belhasa?

Rashed Belhasa is the co-owner of a men’s streetwear line called KA-1 and he also owns the e-commerce store

4. Is there a zoo inside Rashed Belhas’s mansion?

Yes, there is a big zoo inside Rashed Belhasa’s home. Currently its a home for more than 500 animals including exotic and dangerous animals such as lions and tigers.

5. Does Rashed Belhasa have a girlfriend?

According to the data available Rashed is single. But his private life is not too much exposed to the outer world.

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