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The Dragon Prince Season 4: Update On Release Date and Other Facts



The Dragon Prince Season 4Is It Releasing In 2022

Do you want to explore The Dragon Prince Season 4 Overview, Plot, Cast, Release date, trailer, and much more? Then proceed further and check out below to gather a better idea. The Dragon Prince is a popular animated series, which the first season premiered on Netflix on September 14, 2018.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Overview

The team of The Dragon Prince has officially confirmed the release of The Dragon Prince season 4.

The Dragon Prince Season 4Is It Releasing In 2022

The rest of this article can let you gather unknown details about this series. 


No trailer was released for The Dragon Prince Season 4, so it is not easy to guess the plot. But we can hope for the plot to keep our expectations high.

We expect elves and allies continue their fight. But in season 3, there is no proper conclusion of who will be defeated. So in season 4, they may reveal such a sequence. 


  • Aaravos as Erik Todd Dellums
  • Claudia as Racquel Belmonte
  • Callum as Jack De Sena
  • Harrow as Luc Roderique
  • Ezran as Sasha Rojen
  • Runaan as Jonathan Holmes
  • Rayla as Paula Burrows
  • Viren as Jason Simpson
  • Soren as Jesse Inocalla
  • Ellis as Nahanni Mitchell
  • Corvus as Omari Newton
  • Lujanne as Ellie King
  • Gren as Adrian Petriw

News On The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release date

The team of The Dragon Prince is planning to release the series in late 2022 and is not sure about the date. 

The 3 Best scenes of the previous season

  • The boomerang reference

The boomerang reference is the most significant moment from the dragon prince season 3. It is quite an easter egg which leads to the further season.

  • Soren’s redemption

Even though Soren is not a popular character in The Dragon Prince, the redemption of this character gives goosebumps. 

  • Thunder’s backstory

The untold backstory lets viewers witness the dark magic and actions involved and understand how the dragon prince’s egg wound up in the first place in Katolis. 

Where and How to watch The Dragon Prince Season 4 online?

The previous seasons of The Dragon Prince have been streamed on Netflix platforms across the globe. They have the rights to this series; hence, Netflix will stream season 4 also. They are planning to stream upcoming seasons also without a break. Thus users can access the Netflix platform and watch this animated series. 


As season 4 is under post-production, the team has still not announced anything about the trailer. But the team may plan to release the trailer within a month to boost fans’ eagerness. Even though the trailer release takes time, fans can expect a teaser before the month. 


From the scenario mentioned above, you now have a complete idea about The Dragon Prince Season 4 Overview, Plot, Cast, Release date, trailer, and much more. So why are you still waiting? Stay tuned and enjoy watching this animated series – The Dragon Prince Season 4, on Netflix. 

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