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Top 10 Tiktokers In UAE 2023: Creators You Can’t-Miss



top 10 tiktokers in uae

TikTok has emerged to be an effective platform for displaying one’s talent and potential. Numerous users of TikTok have amassed substantial followings all across the world, especially in regard to locals in the UAE.

In recent years, the United Arab Emirates has become a major center for innovation and human capital. An ever-increasing number of people are becoming TikTok stars in UAE. Both men and women have become very popular after showcasing their talent on the platform. Let us explore some of the popular TikTokers who have gained name and fame in the UAE. 

Most Famous Tiktokers In United Arab Emirates

We have listed some of the Top 10 UAE TikTokers in 2023

  • Jumana Khan
  • Yara Aziz
  • Sarah Miladd
  • Raghad
  • Zibah Gulley
  • Huda Beauty
  • Pinky J Francis
  • Khalid and Salama 
  • Faryal
  • Basel Gazioglu

1. Jumana Khan

Juman Khan Is one of the youngest Tiktokers in UAE. Her originality in storytelling has won over a wide audience. Roughly 9.2 million people follow her on TikTok. She also has a tremendous online following on sites like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Jumana Khan

She publishes outfit posts online. She uploads multiple short videos to all of her social media platforms. Her contents are generally on fashion and way of life. Her fashion choices have always been criticized.

She frequently works with other social media stars to create videos. She’s done some work in India’s film industry, where she’s had some measure of success. Her accomplishments can be attributed to her potential.

TikTok Profile – Jumana Khan

2. Yara Aziz

She’s one of the most stunning and creative TikTokers in the United Arab Emirates. She’s hilarious, and her TikTok videos keep her fans laughing. Roughly 5.1 million of TikTok’s users are following her. She also contributes to a fashion blog.

Yara Aziz

She’s been quite into the beauty content and TikTok challenges that have been going around recently. She is this year’s most influential creative figure.

She has over 91.6 million followers, and she frequently shares videos of herself dancing and lip-syncing. She has risen to prominence thanks to her one-of-a-kind character. Her eagerness to help has inspired a lot of individuals at once.

TikTok Profile – Yara Aziz

3. Sarah Miladd

Sarah Miladd is an active TikToker. She has 7.9 million followers on TikTok. Her videos and posts have received more than 91.2 million likes. Her videos are very creative and cover different types of genres. She has been making blogs on fashion, lifestyle, skincare, and dance. Her lip sync videos are worth watching. She has also participated in different types of comedy shows and emerged to be a successful comedian over time.

Sarah Miladd

Her versatility and creativity have made her famous in the UAE and around the Middle Eastern countries. Her content is very innovative, and people just love her content. She has made a unique name and fame for herself in the industry. She has collaborated with different artists to develop more content for social media platforms. She is a unique personality and actively engages the audience to a great extent through her eloquence.

TikTok Profile – Sarah Miladd

4. Raghad

To put it simply, she is a top-tier TikTokers in UAE. In 2023, her fan base has grown to about 5.5 million strong.


It’s all been possible because of the creativeness of her content. She shares original content on a wide range of topics, including beauty, travel, food, fashion, and dance. Lip-sync videos she creates are entertaining. She’s accepted a number of TikTok challenges and triumphed in the vast majority of them.

She continues to post and interact on sites like YouTube and Facebook. Her videos have attracted viewers from the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, and elsewhere in the Middle East.

TikTok Profile – Raghad

5. Zibah Gulley

Zibah Gulley is known for having the most extensive engagement in the UAE on TikTok. She is an Afghan who has created a distinct identity for herself despite working in the hospitality sector. She creates articles and movies on her trendy way of living.

Zibah Gulley

She speaks confidently in English, Urdu, and Hindi. She has millions of followers on social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. She’s a regular contributor among the Tiktokers In UAE.

She also finds great joy in participating in charitable endeavors. She frequently competes in the several sporting events held in the United Arab Emirates. She is now an established public figure. This honor for “The Most Curative Influencer of the Year” was bestowed upon her in 2022. She has made breakthroughs in her field that have become her signature.

TikTok Profile – Zibah Gulley

6. Huda Beauty

TikTok has evolved into a dynamic medium for promoting both the abilities of individuals and the possibilities of businesses. One of the most well-liked brands in the United Arab Emirates is Huda Beauty, which has become a viral sensation thanks to its TikTok account.

Huda Beauty

The TikTok account of this brand can enjoy a total fellowship of 8.6 million followers, which is the highest for any makeup brand in the UAE. Huda Beauty is known for developing an exceptionally amazing brand value. 

The marketing team is known for posting creative skincare content on TikTok. The videos train the women on how to use and apply makeup. The videos are very encouraging and engaging. Every post of Huda Beauty gets an average of 182.4 million likes. 

TikTok Profile – Huda Beauty

7. Pinky J Francis

Born in Pakistan, Pinky J Francis lives in Dubai and has emerged as a successful TikToker in UAE. She is known for posting dance videos on TikTok daily.

Pinky J Francis

She is a professional ballet dancer. Her number of followers has increased exponentially over the period to cross more than 20 million. This has made her one of the richest TikTok stars In UAE. Followers from different parts of Dubai, Pakistan, and other Middle Eastern Countries love to watch her content. 

Her content covers different niches, such as skin care, lifestyle, food, and dance. She actively collaborates in paid partnership sessions. She has been able to impress the audience through her talent and potential. She has earned herself a substantial name and fame in the industry. She has improved her content and updated her blogs so that her followers keep enjoying the content. 

TikTok Profile – Pinky J Francis

8. Khalid and Salama 

They’ve become one of the most well-known couples in 2023 thanks to their popularity on TikTok. People really seem to enjoy their content. They upload new videos on a consistent basis, and their topics range widely.

Khalid and salama

They choose to air their opinions on other people’s debates and discussions in front of their followers. They interact with their fans and broaden the perspectives of the people. 

Their content is well-researched and amazing. They also post funny videos wherein they play pranks on each other. These videos are entertaining and enjoy a massive viewership on the social media platforms. The videos are shared and re-shared regularly. Their followers have increased beyond 5.2 million in a very short period. 

TikTok Profile – Khalid and Salama 

9. Faryal

She is a famous Pakistani TikToker living in Dubai for some time. She has been living in the UAE for the past 10 years now. She is one of the most popular content creators in the UAE. She has revolutionized the influencing industry by encouraging the trend of modest and minimal dressing. She dresses minimally and modestly in her videos and endorses young girls to stay confident without being conscious of anything. 


She has 11.4 million followers on TikTok. Many people around the world view her music videos. She is indulged in social and charitable work as well. She has taken it upon herself to aid other cancer patients in their quest for proper care. She has also backed several firms operating in the Middle East. Through her ingenuity and skill, she has amassed a considerable fortune for herself.

TikTok Profile – Faryal

10. Basel Gazioglu

He has gained popularity on TikTok after making funny videos. His videos are usually very short and stretch over 20-25 seconds. His content is very unique and hilarious. His followers on TikTok have increased beyond 5.7 million in a very short span. His videos enjoy likes which are as great as 100.5 million. His viewership has increased as his content is unique and creative.

Basel Gazioglu

He is very famous on other social media platforms as well. In addition to posting funny videos, he also holds live sessions to interact with his fans and followers. All of the TV shows he’s ever hosted have been fun to watch. He has also inked several deals with the OTT and entered the cinema industry.

In 2023, the UAE was swept up in the popularity of these TikTokers. These TikTokers have all been brought up from the ground up.

It has been possible only through their hard work and talent. Their creativity in developing rich content has been responsible for their growth over some time.

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