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Where To Celebrate Easter 2023 In Dubai – Perfect Location To Visit



Where To Celebrate Easter 2023 In Dubai

Easter is one of the most important festivals for practicing Christians all around the world. It signifies the resurrection of Jesus, on the third day after the crucifixion, and is often observed as a time for reflection and renewal.

Preparations for the grand day start a week early and are greeted with great excitement. Although the celebrations vary from country to culture, the cultural holiday and practice remain constant wherever the Christian communities reside. 

Dubai, being a multicultural hub also holds equal weight in observing the practice of Easter. So, if you are a Christian visiting Dubai this Easter, keep calm. Your concerns will be taken care of because Dubai has a lot to offer, from conventional church services to events geared toward families and cuisine with an Easter theme.

Through this article, you’ll be well-prepped with all the necessary prerequisites to make Easter 2023 a memorable one. 

Whether it’s the Easter traditions in Dubai, the best places to celebrate Easter, or the Easter events and activities for families, we’ve got you covered. So, join us on our journey to explore more about what Dubai has to offer you. Read on to know more about where to celebrate Easter in Dubai 2023.

Significance of Easter

Easter is so important for Christians as it symbolizes eternal life, hope, and the victory of good over evil through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

For many Christian Denominations, the holy day marks the triumphant end of the Lenten season of intense prayer, fasting, and penitence. Through the resurrection, Christ has beaten death and sin, Christians believe—a firm conviction that guarantees eternal life for anyone who trusts in the Messiah.

Significance of Easter

It is the resurrection that makes Jesus so special to Christians as the son of God, or he would have been perceived as merely a prophet. 

Apart from its religious significance, Easter also brings a cultural facet to the table where families and friends gather together and celebrate the day.

Several cultures also add their distinctive customs and rituals to the mix, and they even use different terminology to refer to the day. Although Muslims make up the majority of the population in Dubai, there are sizable Christian and expat populations that express and celebrate Easter. Hence the multitude of options for the believers to enjoy their favorite occasion.

Easter Traditions in Dubai

The Easter Holidays offer the ideal vacation from the daily grind of work, and shopping malls and hotels have organized a plethora of entertainment options in Dubai to commemorate this big event. This festival is especially popular with children in Dubai because the city provides a wide range of fun activities just for them.

For instance, the kid’s area in certain malls offers a variety of activities like painting ceramics, making Easter cards, and decorating Easter eggs. Not only that, but the city has also arranged various other opportunities like multicultural cuisines, a contest to paint eggs, an egg hunt party, face painting, a special chicken farm, delicious treats, and other must-try activities.

Easter Traditions in Dubai

Now if someone wishes to purchase Easter presents, cards, or sweets, marketplaces, and malls are waiting for you.

Furthermore, bakeries, chocolate shops, and grocery stores stock up on Easter delicacies for visitors to Dubai. Five-star hotels are also seen going above and beyond to host an Easter brunch that features grilled specialties as well as hot and cold Mezze. 

In essence, if you haven’t thought of celebrating Easter in Dubai, think of it now. Because regret has already left the chat and is only meant to return in case you miss it.

Best Places to Celebrate Easter 2023 in Dubai

So now that you’ve decided to step in, it’s time to find a couple of the best places to unleash your Easter activities. Because, when someone talks about celebrating Easter in Dubai, they don’t mean to celebrate it in their homes or flats.

One can go for it, but then there’s no need for Dubai to get involved, isn’t it? So, without any further ado, let’s investigate a handful of ideal locations for you to celebrate this Easter.

1. Address Beach Resort

As a good start makes a lasting impression, look no further than the Address Beach Resort. While you go, make sure it’s on April 9 from 1 pm to 4 pm, because that’s when Easter falls this year, in case you missed it. 

Address Beach Resort

Ideal for both parents and kids, the resort offers various Easter-specific entertainment activities for kids like egg painting, interactions with cute Easter bunnies, and an Easter egg hunt on the lawn at 2.00 pm. While the kids are engaged, let the parents ensure to make the best out of their culinary offerings, which are off the roof.

  • Address: Address Beach Resort, The Walk, JBR, Dubai
  • Contact: (04 879 8888)

2. At.mosphere

Ever dreamt of sipping themed afternoon tea from the tallest building in the world? Well,  if you haven’t, it’s time for you to head to At.mosphere this Easter.


Looking out of the Burj Khalifa, have a bite of their delicious sandwiches like bluefin tartare brioche foie, beetroot rainbow trout, and cucumber and labneh which are quite famous in Dubai.

If you are not done with it yet, order some of their decadent pastries, such as black forest éclairs, reversed lemon tarts, cinnamon layered cakes, scones, and petit fours, to finish the meal.

  • Address: Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai 
  • Contact: 04 888 3828

3. Bungalo34

A beach club located in Nikki Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai, Bungalo34 stands out from the crowd and is prepared to provide you with an exceptional Easter experience.


While adults have a Mediterranean-inspired breakfast and lunch in the calm haven, children can hunt for colorful eggs that are filled with surprises, and a balloon artist will be there to give out fun balloon animals to the kids. 

  • Address: Bungalo34, Pearl Jumeirah, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai
  • Contact: (0)4 238 1780

Easter Events in Dubai

Lucky for you, Dubai has a lot of events coming up this Easter to boost your celebrations. But since it is almost herculean to list every single one of them, we’ve selected a handful of events that may stand out from the rest. Let’s find out!

a) Church Service for Easter

Celebrations are central to Easter, and so are the religious observances. Along the length and breadth of Dubai, churches are several that offer special services for this Easter, including the St. Mary’s Catholic Church, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, and The Mar Thoma Parish among many others.

While St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church holds masses in a wide variety of languages like English, Arabic, German, Tamil, French, Sinhalese, Arabic, Italian, and Tagalog, churches like The Mar Thoma Parish and St. Mary’s Catholic Church conducts masses only in a handful of languages like English, French, Arabic, and Malayalam. One can easily find the dates, times, and locations of these services on the websites of the churches or by getting in touch with them.

b) Dubai Parks & Resort’s Largest Easter Egg Hunt

One of the greatest events taking place in Dubai this Easter is the massive Easter Egg Hunt organized by the Dubai Parks & Resorts (which includes Legoland). Your kids can discover and win amazing prizes worth over AED 200,000 as there are about 100,000 colorful eggs hidden across the plot to make it fascinating. 

Additionally, if you purchase a two-for-one ticket, you can also stay the night at either the LEGOLAND® Hotel or the LAPITATM Hotel, as well as receive meal credits, ice cream, tickets to JumpX, the biggest inflatable bounce house in the world, and movie tickets from Roxy Cinemas.

  • Date: Saturday 8, April 2023
  • Ticket price: AED 395/ per kid (children under 3 can go free)

c) Free Easter cooking class with Thermomix

Cosmina Condrat will conduct free Thermomix cooking classes at your home for non-Thermomix owners who have always been curious about how to use the appliance.

The magic of the multifunctional kitchen appliance is real, and if you wish, your kids can also have a small share of the experience like adding ingredients in the thermomix to see how it’s done.

Dishes are many listed under various sections such as ‘Easter Bakes & Brekkie’, ‘Focus on Fish’, ‘Sides with a wow’ etc

  • Dates: 27th March 2023 – 9th April 2023
  • Ticket prices: Contact this mail for all exclusive info: [email protected]

Easter Activities for Families

Dubai is aware of the social significance of Easter and the value of families’ participation in it. Hence, they have arranged a range of Easter activities enjoyable for families this year. So, let’s look at some of the most engaging ones, shall we?

Easter Activities for Families

Palmito Garden

If you think your Easter can’t get any more interesting, you are wrong. Palmito garden’s outdoor brunch on the shores of a picturesque beach or pool is a fantasy-like experience that a family can dream of at an Easter event.

Together with the food options, live cooking stations, and live entertainment, this outdoor brunch will also keep the kids occupied with a variety of activities.

  • Dates: April 9, Sunday.
  • Time: 12.30 pm-4 pm

Ticket: Dhs399 (soft drinks + pool access), Dhs499 (house beverages + pool access), Dhs299 (kids between 6-12), free (kids aged below six)

Radisson Blu Dubai Deira Creek

Other family-friendly experts, Radisson Blu’s Easter brunches are going to return in 2023. The Easter Bunny visit, face painting, Easter egg painting, and an Easter egg hunt are all available to guests at the hotel, in addition to an international buffet that includes a traditional roast on Easter Sunday with all the fixings.

Radisson Blu Dubai Deira Creek
  • Date: April 9, Sunday.
  • Time: 12.30 pm-4 pm

Tickets: Dhs225 per person (soft drinks), Dhs324 (house beverages).

The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai

Want to have a special Easter experience? Attend Ritz-Carlton Dubai’s Marvelous Easter Sunday Brunch to celebrate the Easter spirit most uniquely with your special ones. Now, if you are concerned about the kids, forget it. Everything has been arranged well, ranging from an egg hunt to an Easter bunny visit.

  • Date: April 9, Sunday
  • Time: Starts around 12

Ticket: Dhs595 (soft drinks), Dhs750 (house drinks), Dhs895 (bubbly), Dhs245 (kids 5-12), free (under 5)

Easter Cuisine in Dubai

Feasting is central to every special occasion, and Easter is no exception. As visitors from around the world arrive in Dubai for Easter celebrations, the city has arranged some premium destinations for families to indulge in traditional Easter dishes. Let’s look at some of the best spots

  1. Gastro Kitchen

One of the best places for an Easter roast in Dubai is the Sunday Roast Lunch at Gastro Kitchen, which is served in a garden setting. Located at the  DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Beach, classic sides like salads, beef scotch eggs with avocado, anchovy aioli, lamb sausage rolls, prawn, and smoke salad with creme fraiche are available on their roast menu.

  1. Lo+cale

At Lo+Cale in the Crowne Plaza® Dubai Marina, take part in the ultimate Easter celebration. Enjoy their international buffet with options for a late breakfast and roast lunch components—it’s massive.

  1. Mina’s Kitchen

On Easter Sunday, bring your friends and family to The Roast by Bubbalicious at Mina’s Kitchen to experience a day themed around Alice in Wonderland. You can expect some nostalgic kickback as all the traditional roast meats and sides are provided there along with some delectable desserts.

In conclusion, Dubai is an Easter paradise like any European city that’s ready to offer you a diverse range of events, spots, and activities to make your Easter grand this year. Dubai has something to offer for everyone this holiday season, from most nostalgic Easter roasts and traditional church services to fun-filled family activities.

While you go, remember to opt for early reservations. Confirming the time and date of each of the events will also save you a lot of time and effort.

Once all the boxes are ticked, open your hearts out and go make some nice memories with your loved ones in one of the most promising cities in the world. Let us reassure you once again, Dubai is indeed going to impress you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Dubai provide traditional Easter dishes?

Indeed. Dubai offers a wide variety of traditional Easter fare, including hot cross buns, Easter eggs, and roasted lamb and gammon.

2. What is the Easter weather like in Dubai?

Easter in Dubai is typically warm and sunny, with average temperatures between 25 and 30 °C (77 and 86 °F).

3. Are there any exclusive deals or discounts available in Dubai over Easter?

Yes, a lot of accommodations and dining establishments in Dubai provide unique Easter deals and packages, including reduced lodging costs and menus with seasonal themes.

4. Can I buy Easter-themed gifts and decorations in Dubai?

Yes, during the Easter season, a lot of shops and malls in Dubai sell decorations and gifts with an Easter theme.

5. In Dubai, is Easter a recognized holiday?

Easter is not observed as a national holiday in Duba

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