Dubai Metro: The Perfect Way to Avoid Traffic Jams and Long Commutes

dubai metro traffic jam update

In today’s time, one of the best-developing cities in the world is Dubai. The architecture, bustling business activities, and luxurious lifestyle it offers are quite great. However, along with the rapid development, most of the time, people face a lot of problems while traveling due to traffic congestion, hence to resolve the major challenge, Dubai … Read more

Dubai Metro Vs Dubai Taxi: Comparing The Costs And Benefits

Dubai metro vs dubai taxi price, cost,which is better

Dubai boasts of a quality lifestyle and unique architectural marvels. All this and much more attract thousands of tourists and expatriates daily from around the world to Dubai. In its commitment to give its people and tourists the best experience possible, the Emirate has introduced multiple transportation facilities.  Beginning with air travel, Dubai prides itself … Read more

United Arab Emirates ( UAE) Military Strength In 2023: An Complete Overview

uae military power

The adage “Strong defense is the cornerstone of a secure nation” certainly applies to the UAE. To protect its citizens and its interests, the nation has made significant military investments. Due to its expanding economy and powerful military, which is regarded as the most sophisticated in the area, the UAE is clearly a strategic player … Read more