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The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Savings Accounts In Dubai, UAE [Updated 2023]



Best Savings Accounts In Dubai

Step into the world of savings with the best-saving accounts in Dubai and watch your money grow over time. In this post, we list the 10 best savings accounts in Dubai so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding the best.

A savings account is a type of bank account that allows you to store money and earn a fixed interest over a given period. Unlike other bank accounts in Dubai, like the current or Business account, a savings account typically offers more interest rates. However, savings accounts often have caps on monthly transactions to encourage users to keep their money in the account for a more extended period.

The right savings account not only offers the most secure place to stash your money but also generous interest over time. Therefore it can help you reach your financial goals faster and make the most out of your money. However, when it comes to savings accounts, you can’t just deposit your hard-earned cash anywhere; you must choose wisely.

That’s why we have rounded up the 10 best savings accounts in Dubai to help you make an informed choice. Each of these accounts offers security, assurance, and the best bang for your money. So, without further ado, let’s explore these savings accounts in Dubai, UAE, and make your money work for you.

Top Features To Look at When Choosing the best savings accounts in Dubai

You want to pick the top savings accounts in Dubai, but how to actually define a good savings account?

best savings accounts in UAE

Here are the top four features you should always consider while picking up the best savings accounts in Dubai.

1. Interest rates

Banking and finance are all about interest rates. It’s how much return a bank offers for trusting them with your money. Typically, the higher interest, the more returns you will receive on your money, therefore pick a savings account that offers the most competitive interest rates.

2. Accessibility and convenience

Next comes the accessibility and convenience – it reflects the ease and flexibility of managing your account. It’s essential because no one wants a hassle or any trouble when it comes to money. It includes factors like ATM access, online or mobile banking, and the ease of deposit and withdrawals. Therefore, always choose a savings account that aligns with your goals and lifestyle and makes it easy to manage your finances.

3. Minimum Deposit Requirements

Almost every bank in Dubai puts a minimum deposit requirement for new savings accounts. However, the amount varies from bank to bank; some might charge more, while others may ask for a lower initial deposit. Minimum deposit requirements often relate to the services you will receive for your savings account. Therefore, thoroughly evaluate the minimum deposit requirements and ensure they align with your financial goals and budgets.

4. Fees and charges

When you open a savings account in Dubai, the bank will charge a certain amount in addition to recurrent monthly charges. These can be monthly maintenance charges, overdrafts, or transaction charges. You must choose a bank with low fees and charges to make the most out of your savings accounts. This way, you can keep your banking expenses in check and keep a big chunk of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Top 10 Savings Accounts in Dubai

Here’s the list of the best savings accounts in Dubai with the most lucrative interest rates, competitive charges, and excellent services.

  • Emirates NBD Smart Saver Account
  • ADCB Active Saver Account
  • HSBC Savings Account
  • CBI eSaver Account
  • Standard Chartered Xtrasaver Account
  • ENBD Mudaraba Savings Account
  • Citibank Savings Account
  • Mashreq Al Islami Savings Account
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank Savings Account
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Savings Account

1. Emirates NBD Smart Saver Account

The first on our list of best savings accounts in Dubai is the smart saver account by Emirates NBD. It allows deposits in AED, USD, and GBP.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Savings Account, Dubai

The best part is that it offers attractive interest rates based on the amount in your savings accounts. Generally, you can receive interest of up to 2% on an AED deposit. You can start an account online or by visiting the nearest Emirates NBD branches.


  • Varying interest rates based on the currency.
  • Complete Online management.
  • Monthly interest payment.
  • Quick transfer facility via online banking or through deposit machines


  • No physical branches.
  • Interest rates are low.
  • Higher initial deposit requirements (AED 3000)

2. ADCB Active Saver Account

ADCB Active Saver Account is another excellent savings account with ease of banking online.

ADCB Active Saver Account, Dubai

You can open a savings account within minutes and enjoy an interest rate of up to 1.15% pa alongside quality support and excellent banking services. In the UAE, ADCB bank runs more than 96 branches and ATMs, with 31 of them in Dubai alone.


  • No minimum balance requirements.
  • Tiered interest rates to maximize returns.
  • Excellent rewards points to make the most of your deposits.
  • Online 24/7 availability.


  • Low-interest rates.
  • No ATM cards or checkbooks for quick withdrawal.

3. HSBC Savings Account

HSBC is another reliable bank that offers savings accounts in the UAE.

HSBC Savings Account, Dubai

If you want an account loaded with perks like high withdrawal limits, multiple currency support, and a streamlined deposit process, go with HSBC, one of the best savings accounts in Dubai.


  • Instant online account opening process.
  • Free cash withdrawals from non-HSBC UAE ATMs.
  • Multiple cheque deposit machines throughout Dubai.
  • International Visa Debit Card.
  • Free over-the-counter transactions up to six times a month.


  • High Minimum balance requirement of AED 3000.
  •   Low-interest rate of just 0.5%
  • AED 25 fine if the balance drops below the minimum balance requirements.

4. CBI eSaver Account

If you can commit a large sum to your savings accounts, CBI eSaver can be the perfect account for you. It offers interest as high as 3.52% but on deposit between AED 5 million to AED 10 million.

CBI eSaver Account, Dubai

In general, it provides an interest rate of 1.75% monthly. On top of that, there’s no cap on withdrawal, so you can get your money back whenever you want.


  • No limits on withdrawals.
  • Monthly interest payment.
  • High-interest rate of up to 3.5% on big deposits.
  • International debit card free of cost.
  • Facility for children and joint applicants.


  • Support for AED only.
  • High initial deposit.

5. Standard Chartered Xtrasaver Account

If you wish to onboard a bank to save your money with international recognition, go with Standard Chartered. Its Xtrasaver account comes with excellent perks and makes banking a breeze.

Standard Chartered Xtrasaver Account, Dubai

It allows both AED and USD, offers an interest of 2%, and provides a contactless debit card.


  • Internationally acclaimed bank.
  • Online banking, phone banking, and the SC Mobile app.
  • Easy withdrawal process.
  • No monthly charges.


  • Support AED and USD; however, accounts can only be opened with AED.
  • Penalty if minimum balance drops below the required limits.

6. ENBD Mudaraba Savings Account

If you are more tilted towards Shariah compliance with savings accounts, then the ENBD Mudaraba Savings account is one of the best savings accounts in Dubai which will be perfect for you.

ENBD Mudaraba Savings Account, Dubai

It doesn’t offer interest, but instead shares profits with you. On top of that, it supports both AED and USD and offers faster withdrawals, easy fund transfers, and a debit card for cashless payments.


  • Shariah-compliant profit sharing.
  • Zero account opening fees.
  • Profit rates of up to 0.09%.
  • Faster transaction.


  • Lower profits compared to interest rates-based returns.
  • No facility for checkbooks.

7. Citibank Savings Account

The interest-bearing Citibank savings account is another excellent option if you consider opening a savings account in Dubai.

Citibank Savings Account, Dubai

Besides the world-class facilities, Citibank Savings Account offers 24-hour online banking as outstanding customer support, makes them on the list of top savings accounts in Dubai.


  • Easy per day withdrawal of AED 40,000 anywhere globally.
  • Monthly interest payment.
  • Support nearly all major currencies.
  • Support account opening with multiple currencies apart from AED.


  • Comparatively lower interest rates.

8. Mashreq Al Islami Savings Account

Mashreq Al Islami savings account fully aligns with Islamic banking principles and offers its customers an excellent way to save money as well as earn lucrative returns.

Mashreq Al Islami Savings Account, Dubai


  • Free Access to telemarketing, mobile, and online services.
  • Free 6 manned transactions per month.
  • No monthly limits on transactions.
  • No need to keep a certain minimum balance.


  • Profits sharing Max at 1%.
  • Quarterly profit payment.

9. First Abu Dhabi Bank Savings Account

First Abu Dhabi Bank is a trusted banking service provider with a considerable user base in the UAE.

First Abu Dhabi Bank Savings Account, Dubai

It offers the facility of a savings account with reasonable interest rates and top-notch facilities.


  • Available for both UAE residents as well as non-residents.
  • Instant account opening via the FAB mobile app.
  • Support multiple currencies.
  • Offer FAB Mastercard.
  • Offer free access to airport lounges with no prior booking.


  • Implements minimum average balance requirement.

10. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Savings Account

If you want to open a savings account in Dubai with zero opening balance and still earn a good return on your deposit, go with the ADIB savings account.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Savings Account, Dubai

Besides, it also offers excellent 24-hour, e-ADIB Internet Banking to provide hassle-free continuous services.


  • Unlimited teller transactions across 60 branches all over UAE.
  • Free Visa debit card.
  • Intuitive mobile banking app.
  • Zero opening balance requirement.


  • Need to maintain a minimum balance of AED 5000 to be entitled to profit sharing.

How to choose the best savings account in Dubai?

How to choose the best savings account in Dubai

Here are some points to help you choose the best savings accounts in Dubai;

Consider Your Savings Goals

The savings account is not only about savings; it is to compound the amount and obtain lucrative returns. Therefore, it’s essential to pick an account that fits your savings goals and enables you to reach your financial targets.

Evaluate the bank’s reputation

It’s your money; therefore, gauging the reputation of the bank you trust your money with is of utmost importance. It would be best if you research the reputation of the bank you are considering, like customer reviews, ratings, security measures, its financial stability, etc. It’s crucial to pick a trustworthy, financially stable bank that heavily emphasizes the safety of your savings.

Compare interest rates and fees

When comparing savings accounts, it’s vital to consider the interest rates and fees associated with each bank. Aim for higher interest rates and lower charges to ensure that you get the maximum return on your money.

Check Accessibility And Convenience

The ease of use is a big factor to look for when choosing a savings account in Dubai. Check whether the bank applies any blocks while doing the transactions or withdrawing the money.

Likewise, what services does the bank offer to streamline the process, like ATMs, online transactions, customer support, etc.? In short, it’s crucial to consider how easy the bank makes it to deposit, withdraw or do the transactions.

In conclusion, there’s no shortage of quality savings account providers in Dubai, which often complicates the selection process. However, it’s your money, so finding the best vendor is well worth the effort. With so many options available, finding an account offering high-interest rates and enhanced convenience and flexibility is essential.

Per our research, Two of the best savings accounts in Dubai are the Emirates NBD Smart Saver Account and the Mashreq Al Islami Savings Account. Whether you are saving for rainy days or to keep your money safe and secure, the options present here will surely help you pick the best one that aligns perfectly with your financial goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are savings accounts in Dubai safe?

Yes. In most cases, savings accounts are pretty safe and secure. These accounts are often insured by government agencies to assure users further.

2. How much interest rate can I get?

Interest rates vary from one bank to another. Generally, you can expect interest rates between 1% and 5%. However, remember that high-yield accounts might ask for bigger deposits and may put additional restrictions on fund withdrawals.

3. How does a savings account work?

A savings account offers a secure way to stash your money as well as earn a profit on it. Besides, you can access your funds anytime you want, as well as enjoy other benefits tied to the account.

4. Can I have multiple savings accounts with different banks?

Yes. You are allowed to have many savings accounts with various banks. It allows you to diversify your savings and earn a higher return in the form of interest.

5. Do savings accounts in Dubai have minimum deposit requirements?

Yes, most banks in Dubai have deposit requirements for savings accounts, which means you have to maintain a certain amount of balance in your account to avoid penalties. However, a few banks, like Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Savings Account, allow zero balance savings accounts too. 

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