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The Ultimate Guide To National Bonds Reward Programme!



The Ultimate Guide To National Bonds Reward Programme!

Throughout the year, the National Bonds Reward Programme offers individual clients a terrific selection of rare and intriguing presents.

With rewards ranging from AED 1 million to 16 luxury automobiles and other bond incentives, the project seeks to reward customers and motivate them to continue and extend their savings.

Exclusive benefits are offered for Emiratis and Expats, including two million-dollar grand prizes each quarter, in addition to over 423,000 prizes every year, including prizes for females, minors, and Regular Savers.

What Is National Bond?

National Bonds are a form of savings account with no minimum charge. These National bonds are essential because they provide diverse investment possibilities and personal saving programs for people of all income levels.

What Is National Bond

National Bonds Corporation Sole Proprietorship P.S.C., based in Dubai, provides Islamic financial products and services to many high-net-worth people, retail clients, and commercial enterprises. A special Sharia-compliant Mudaraba-based savings program is among the most renowned National Bond offerings.

Reward program

National Bonds has implemented a reward program to make investments more appealing. Every year, the organization distributes AED 35 million in prizes. A big AED 1 million prize is awarded to two fortunate winners every three months, and there are 423,408 specific rewards for minors, females, individual savers, and habitual savers. This scheme constantly promotes investors by providing additional prizes at set weekly or monthly intervals.

UAE National Bond Reward Program Eligibility Criteria

The following are the requirements for buying a National Bond Reward Program Certificate.

  • The investor must be a resident of the UAE with a legitimate Emirates ID or perhaps a passport with a residence permit.
  • Investors must be at least 21 years old.
  • Minors can have a legitimate guardian/parent purchase tickets on their behalf.
  • A valid passport with an entrance stamp is required for foreign investors.

What Are The Ways To Purchase A National Bond Reward Program?

  • UAE post offices. One of the most typical methods of obtaining National Bonds is to go to a post office and complete an application form. Make sure to submit the form together with any necessary papers. You must pay the total amount in cash or by check. However, National Bonds Reward Program Certificates are provided instantly, whereas check purchases require five to seven business days to produce the certificate for cash transactions.
  • National Bond offices. You may always go straight to the National Bonds office and buy your preferred National Bonds Reward Program. Fill out the application form in the office and return it with all the needed papers, much like the online method. National Bonds Reward Program Certificates are issued instantly for cash transactions. However, check purchases take five to seven working days to receive the certificate.
  • National Bond website. Go to the National Bonds Corporation’s official website to purchase a National Bonds Reward Program online. The procedure is essentially the same: you must complete the online application on the website and send it along with all required documents. You can pay for your purchase with checks, money transfers, or written rules. Again, there is a parallel with the offline approach. National Bonds Certificates are awarded immediately on cash purchases. In contrast, the certificate is given within five to seven business days for cheque purchases. 
  • Banks. Several exchange houses in the UAE make it quite simple to purchase the National Bonds Reward Program. To avoid errors, contact one of the exchange house representatives and fill out the application form in their presence. After that, you must provide the necessary paperwork and make payments in cash or by check.

How Can I Find Out Whether I Won A Draft?

All award winners are notified by SMS. To simplify the award handover procedure, a spokesperson from National Bonds will reach out to the AED 1 million as well as Luxury Cars winners.

The winner will also be announced on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Customers can examine the winners’ list on their company website if a notification is not received owing to telecom network issues.

How Can I Get The Certificate?

Your winning account will get AED 1 million, AED 5,000, and AED 500, as well as AED 50 certificates, in addition to an email to your registered e-mail address.

Top National Bond Products That Offer Reward Programs

  • Saving bonds. Investors may start saving with these Savings Bonds Certificates with a small expenditure of AED 100. This bond contains Reward Programs in addition to adequate annual revenues. Its flexibility is significant since this bond allows investors to adjust their investments based on their financial needs. Individuals under 21 are not allowed to invest in the UAE.
  • Accelerator savings plan. This product is one of the National Bonds programs recognized for increasing investors’ savings and assisting them in achieving their goals. This plan contains perks other than money, such as a bonus of up to 10% per year, accumulating savings, accessibility to AED 35 million incentive programs, and so on.
  • Payout bonds. National Bonds Payment in UAE allows you to invest your money and receive perks such as profitable reward programs, attractive return rates of up to 8%, monthly profit payout, access to luxury automobiles, and an AED 1 million draw, among others. This plan protects your capital according to the National Bonds Mudaraba framework.

Clients’ Reviews Of The National Bonds Reward Programs

Below are what winners have had to say about this:

Clients' Reviews Of The National Bonds Reward Programs
  • Ahmed from the UAE said, β€œThank you a great deal to National Bonds for the 1,000,000 Dirham reward. I filled up my account in July, and in August, I won 1 Million Dirhams. I never expected to win this much money. I intend to reinvest the funds in Dubai and my pet store. I would strongly advise everyone to start saving with the National Bond, and I am looking at setting up employee accounts for my employees. The sum is life-changing, even if the award is one million AED or ten thousand AED. When they call, you will become numb, unsure whether to believe it. But, happily, National Bonds is a secure means to save money, and I’ll keep doing so.”
  • Kazan from the UAE said, β€œI started saving with National Bonds a long time ago that I can’t recall the exact date, but it’s been more than five years. I make a monthly commitment of AED1,500 to achieve financial security so that I can pay my children’s school expenses and retire with a sense of tranquility afterward. My wife similarly saves with National Bonds, in fact, more than I do – AED15,000 every month. I also tell my friends and coworkers about National Bonds as a financial nest egg. My wife later won from the reward program, which was the beginning of something big in our little family. I hope to win too soon.”
  • Elly from the USA, based in the UAE, said, β€œMy husband and I began saving with National Bonds around five years ago, using a monthly plan for each of us. We aim to save enough money for a comfortable retirement, something we haven’t had to do yet. Last year’s AED 10,000 prize draw enhanced our chances of reaching our target. I believe National Bonds has grown in popularity and attracted more clients. However, if any of my friends were unaware of it, I would recommend it to them.”

Despite the worldwide shortfall, National Bonds investments increased to AED 8.8 billion, demonstrating the public’s rising confidence in the program.

What makes the service so popular is that there are options for both major organizations and individuals who can only afford a small monthly payment.

You can buy a ticket to the draw on the official website or keep saying it; either way, you could be fortunate. Also, please keep in mind that you may only buy or sell National Bonds through the official National Bond website or offline locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the National Bonds Reward Program work?

All year long, the Rewards Program provides individual clients with a more extensive choice of exclusive and exciting gifts. The initiative seeks to reward clients and encourage them to keep and increase their savings by giving prizes ranging from AED 1 million to 16 luxury vehicles and numerous bond incentives. There are specific prizes for Emiratis and Expats, including two grand prizes of AED 1 million each quarter and over 423,000 awards every year, with rewards targeted to females, minors, and Regular Savers. Each year, AED 35 million in incentives are awarded.

2. When are the National Bond Reward Program draws held?

The million-dirham draw is held every first Monday of January, April, July, and October each year. Every three months, every first Sunday of February, May, August, and November, the UAE National exclusive luxury automobile draw takes place.  The regular draws will be held on the first Monday of each month.

3. How can I get my non-cash National Bond Reward Program rewards?

Non-cash prizes will be given to National Bonds reward partners in person or through an authorized reward transference letter.

4. How can I qualify for rewards from the National Bond Reward Program?

AED 1,000 in savings or enrollment in any regular savings plan will qualify you.

5. Can I choose to get cash instead of a physical item in the National Bond Reward Program?

No. Nonetheless, if the reward is in the nature of bonds, you can redeem them whenever you like.

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