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5 Best Rooftop Bars In Dubai (2023) Updated



Rooftop Bars In Dubai

There are various types of people who are not aware of what a rooftop bar is, for the one who does not know rooftop bar, are mainly located on the top floor of the building, and the ambiance and the environment are way too different from the other restaurant, and it is claimed that 90% of people prefer rooftop restaurant or bar over normal restaurants. This article shows you the best rooftop bars in Dubai.

If you have yet to go to any rooftop restaurant or bar, then prefer visiting the nearest rooftop bar to have a different experience. It is claimed that if a person starts going to a rooftop bar, he will never want to return to the average restaurant.

Rooftop restaurants create a great ambiance and make it perfect for you to have a glass of wine and enjoy yourself with your partners. We are all aware that Dubai is well-known for its luxurious and expensive lifestyle, and everyone wishes to live it. A rooftop bar in Dubai is a great experience because most of the bars in Dubai are classy and provide a great environment and food.

Everyone wants to enjoy their life with their loved ones, and choosing a rooftop bar for the party is the best option. For those who are unaware, this type of bar is well-known for the environment it provides.

If you have never been to a rooftop bar, this article is for you because we will share a list of the top five rooftop bars as well as discuss why one should visit a rooftop bar.

Why should you visit a Rooftop Bar In Dubai? 

For the one who does not know, rooftop bars in Dubai are way too different from regular restaurants and bars. The extraordinary view of the town, ambiance, and height will attract you like no other thing and make you feel like you are at the town’s top. One reason one should choose this place for a glass of wine is that this place offers you a great ambiance and good wine. Tasting your favorite wine on the top floor with soft music will offer you a vibe at the next level. 

Best Rooftop Bars In Dubai


Various people claim that the outstanding view of the town from the top of the roof bar will mesmerize you and will make you forget about attractive things. If you are the one who lives in a place where there is no rooftop bar, then you should browse the nearest bar and should visit it, or you can also go to Dubai to experience the best rooftop bar. Before you plan to visit a rooftop bar, gather various information about that place so you can get to feel the best environment. 

Everyone should visit a rooftop bar at least once to get the best feeling but for the one those who don’t know why they should visit a rooftop bar, we have shared a list of the primary reason

These bars are unique

Many people are unaware of this fact, but there is something special about these rooftop bars in Dubai; they have nothing unusual, but they are fashionable. These rooftop bars in Dubai are well-known for the exclusive and luxurious lifestyle that they provide to all users.

Furthermore, one can have a great night with friends while enjoying a glass of wine and food in these bars. Many argue that regular bars are superior to rooftop bars, but people can only compare them if they provide comparable food, wine, and ambiance.

These bars are unique


They stand out from the crows, offering great customer service, drinks, and food of your choice. These bars keep updating themselves with the latest cocktails and unbeatable mocktails so that no one can compete with them. Various people claim that these rooftop bars are over-priced but in reality, one can enjoy great food and drinks at the same cost as a normal bar.

Offers a great view

When you see a sunrise or sunset, many people donā€™t even know how the city looks from the top floor. We all believe that visiting or spending some time in peace helps an individual relieve stress and gives mental peace.

Visiting a rooftop bar in Dubai will offer you peace and you will also be able to experience how the town looks from the top floor. So, if you are out for a vacation and the best way to see the entire town is by visiting a rooftop bar, it is also a great place to spend quality time with your close ones. 

Offers a great view


One common question among individuals is what they will do when it rains, so those who don’t know all the rooftop restaurants are well prepared for the unpleasant weather. They have all the arrangements ready and will ensure you donā€™t face any issues, even if it is raining. 

The drinks 

One great benefit that every individual will experience is that they will have the best wine and mocktail. These rooftop bars in Dubai are famous for offering great ambiance and good drinks. You should visit this rooftop bar if you love drinking or tasting different mocktails.

Most of these bars in Dubai offer a particular type of drink every day and one can also create their own drink if one wants to. Visiting this type of bar or restaurant benefits you in the long run.

One will experience these rooftop bars, including excellent bar service and treatment, fun cocktails, great food, and good music. These places are also considered great places to organize a small party as one will enjoy being at this place at night. 

Great place to socialize

If you love interacting with others, this bar will benefit you as you can offer a drink to someone else to start a conversation. Moreover, many people come to these places to enjoy their night and connect with various individuals. A report claims that there are high chances of you making a friend when you are enjoying alcohol on a rooftop bar. 

If you choose to visit a popular bar, thousands of people will come to enjoy a drink and get fresh air, and it will also offer you an excellent opportunity to get in touch with various people. Another way of connecting to various people in this bar is by sitting at the bar counter and speaking to almost everyone. 

Great place to socialize


If you are out with your friends enjoying a trip, then visiting a rooftop bar in Dubai is essential as it will add a spark to your trip and will help you enjoy yourself more.

If you plan to visit Dubai in a few days, this article will be very beneficial for you as we have shared a list of the best rooftop bars in Dubai so you can enjoy them without wasting time and effort. To visit any of these given rooftop bars, prefer going through the description to check whether this is appropriate for you.

5 best Rooftop Bars In Dubai

We know that no other place is as good as Dubai if you plan to enjoy the nightlife. This country is a great place to have fun with friends and enjoy the rich lifestyle. It gets very boring when you need to search for a sound bar while on a trip; thatā€™s why we have shared a few rooftop bars so that we can help you enjoy yourself more by eliminating the extra time taken. 

Dubai has become a trendy country, and everyone wants to visit it to enjoy the spark of luxury. For the one who doesnā€™t know, Dubai is also known for offering great wine, and whenever wine comes up, the best place to enjoy a glass of wine is by visiting a rooftop bar. A few top rooftop bars in Dubai includes

1. The Penthouse 

On the top of the list, we have the penthouse bar, and this bar is located on the rooftop of the five palms Jumeirah; for the one who doesnā€™t know, this unique place is one of the best venues in Dubai and people prefer throwing a party here so that they can enjoy the venue and great drinks.

The PenthouseĀ 


If you are visiting Dubai for a vacation, you must add this place to your list to add some life. This place will offer a great skyline view and is excellent for one who wants to enjoy a sunset drink. One can also dance with strangers as this place has a dance floor. 

A few Features of visiting this place include:

  • You may get to see various cuisine
  • Outstanding music and a live singer
  • Great decoration and ambiance
  • Excellent customer treatment and service

Address– No 1 Palm Jumeirah – Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact – +971 52 900 4868

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2. Treehouse 

On our list, the second name that we have is a treehouse. If you love Burj Khalifa, this place is appropriate for you as it will give you a closer view of it. If you are looking for a place where you can hang out after a tiring day or if you are looking for a weekend spot, then this place is appropriate for you.



This is a great place to get in touch with strangers, and this place will also help you to enjoy your evening and night. Various people also visit this place for dinner, and one can also pre-book their seats by connecting to their reception. 

Features of this place are:

  • One is going to experience a wide range of great food
  • Various types of cocktails
  • Great ambiance and it plays music according to the weather
  • Live performance for various events

Address– Taj Dubai, Burj Khalifa Street – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact– +971 58 827 2763


People prefer this rooftop bar because it is located on the 54th floor and offers a great view of the entire city. This is one of the most popular rooftop bars in the country, and everyone plans to visit this bar at least once as it offers a great ambiance and drinks.

If you’re the one who loves tasting various types of mocktails and cocktails, then this place is appropriate for you as you can taste various new drinks. This bar will offer you a great sky view, and you will enjoy the place at night. People also visit this place for lunch and dinner purposes.



Some features are:

  • Great sky view 
  • Allows you to taste new wines
  • Perfect place for dinner and lunch
  • Food by award-winning chefs

Address– Tower 2 – Level 54, Address Sky View Hotel – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact– +971 4 582 6111

4. Iris Dubai

If you have already visited the other three rooftop bars, then you can explore this rooftop bar. However, this bar is now shifted to the ground floor of the Mayden grandstand complex. But one will get the same environment they used to get before.

Iris Dubai


This place has become a perfect bar for someone suffering from vertigo. One can get to see various new drinks and great food. This place is perfect for getting drunk before entering a nightclub. You can also make a reservation by dropping a text on WhatsApp.

Some features are:

  • Outstanding mocktail 
  • All types of cuisine
  • Excellent customer treatment and services

Address– Meydan Grandstand – adjacent to the Ticket Sales Office – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact– +971 4 334 3355

5. Siddharta lounge 

This bar is located at the Grosvenor House hotel. If you plan to visit Dubai, add this bar to the list, as it will offer you great taste in music and drinks.

Various people come here for official meetings so you can enjoy this place peacefully. If you love staying lowkey, then this place is appropriate for you. 

 Siddharta lounge


Some features are:

  • Great music and food
  • Various types of cuisine
  • Sophisticated bar

Address– Grosvenor House Dubai – Al Emreef St – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact– +971 4 317 6000

If you’ve never been to a rooftop bar in Dubai, then this is an appropriate time for you to visit a rooftop bar to enjoy the nightlife by having a glass of wine and great food. If you plan to visit Dubai, remember to visit the rooftop bars, as you can taste various new wines and cocktails. 

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