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21 amazing ladies nights in Dubai



We all know ladies nights by now, or do we? Well, we know they are certainly not going anywhere. In fact, since our last feature dedicated to this Dubai institution in April last year, there are more in number and value. We said it then and we will say it now: the days of exchanging a voucher or two for a glass of pink-sweet-fizz on a Tuesday evening are no more. There are ladies nights every night of the week, and in some cases you can dine like queens, party all night and involve your male friends within the same venue. So, in order to give you all the information you need for 2017, ShortList spent a week giving some new ones a spin and revisiting some old favourites. Here’s our verdict on each.


Gossip Sundays
When: 8pm to midnight, Mondays
Where: Bazxar, Building No 4
The deal: Free-flowing grape for ladies from 8pm to 12am. Now, unlike most places, when they say free-flowing, they mean it. When your glass is nearing empty, a server happily replaces it for you, gleefully reminding you it’s free.
The atmosphere: Although, the bar area – which is comfortably hidden behind the venue’s Asian cooking station – is quite small, you never feel overwhelmed or agitated. There’s a constant flow of people between 25-40 years old from all over the globe. The atmosphere is relaxed with a hint of opulence thanks to the venue’s stunning industrial decor and unique pop art. That said, the dress code is smart casual. In fact, Marina Diaz, the restaurant manager, told us: “All ladies, regardless of their attire, are welcome.”
Make or break: What makes it is the friendly and welcoming staff and the laidback music spun by three DJs, DJ Benjamin, Sam B and Tommygun. After 9pm, the music gets turned up and the venue does start to fill up, so it’s best to get there by 8.30pm-ish.
Element of surprise: Bazxar has three food stations: the Asian station makes some of the best boas in town, the café specialises in lasagna, pasta and sandwiches, and the meat station does great nachos and burgers. Trust us and go carnivore here.
Female-to-male ratio: The women outnumber the men, which makes it great for a quick catch up with friends or a group dinner.
Creep levels: The men in the bar are much older than the women.
Would you go back? Yes, the ambiance was great, it wasn’t too crowded and the staff were genuinely welcoming.
Contact: +9714 355 1111

Also in the area…

Mint Leaf of London Dubai
Much like their mouthwatering food, Mint Leaf of London Dubai’s ladies
night offering is also a gift that just keeps on giving. Ladies can enjoy
three complimentary drinks, live entertainment and a 30 percent discount on all of its incredible menu items. The Lahori murgh tikka is one of the many must-trys. Now, that you’re sold on the night, remember to get there early because it fills up pretty fast.
When: 7pm-11pm, Monday
Where: Emirates Financial Towers
Contact: +9714 706 0900

Known for its cool, laidback attitude, this American-style joint will rid you of all your mid-week woes with its great views, friendly staff and excellent food menu that features tasty dishes such as their signature chicken lollipops, crispy lobster tail and burrata cheese. The unlimited bubbles offer isn’t bad either and is one of the reasons this is still a firm favourite on Tuesdays.
When: 6pm-9pm, Tuesday
Where: Precinct Building 3
Contact: +9714 425 6677


7pm-11pm, every Monday and Wednesday
Where: Media One Hotel, Dubai Media City
The deal: Five complimentary house beverages with every food order placed, plus 30 percent discount on any food ordered. If you don’t feel like eating, then you’ll receive two complimentary beverages… if you’re a lady, of course.
The atmosphere: The venue’s unique decor, with its colourful pop art displays, mix-and-match furniture and low lighting, creates a lively backdrop. The live music comes from the resident DJ or a band that plays a number of upbeat and catchy tunes to keep the party going, while the venue’s friendly staff ensure you’re taken care of. Get there early because after 9pm, the kitchen is usually at its busiest and we wouldn’t want you to wait too long for your baby devil spicy chicken, now would we?
Make or break: If you work in Media City like we do, running into just about everyone you work with isn’t a plus point and you may wait for drinks and food at the busiest times.
Element of surprise: Nothing really, it’s a good solid ladies night offering.
Female-to-male ratio: 70-30 (female to male)
Creep levels: It’s relatively easygoing.
Would you go back? Yes, because it’s close to work.
Contact: +9714 421 2679

Also in the area…

The Girls Don’t Q
As much as we’d like to agree with the name of Q43’s ladies night, ladies kinda sorta do queue here, but that’s to be expected. It’s a popular venue and you get three drinks and three dishes for
a mere AED99. Best bit? It’s twice a week.
When: Tuesdays, 6pm-1am. Saturdays, 8pm-1am
Where: Q43, Media One Hotel, Media City
Contact: +9714 443 5403

Crab Tavern
This is the perfect ladies night for those looking for an 80s and 90s throwback party as well as a decent meal. The relatively upscale American surf shack offers ladies five – yes five – free drinks and 30 percent off your meal. Sweet. If you’re not hungry, you can sip on two complimentary drinks and enjoy the lively laidback atmosphere.
When: 7pm-1.30am, every Monday and Wednesday
Where: Media One Hotel, Dubai Media City
Contact: +9714 420 7489


When: 6pm-12am, Tuesdays
Where: Armada Hotel, Cluster P
The deal: Four free cocktails and 50 percent off the food bill. We advise to book a table and enjoy the discount on food. You can order anything from the normal food menu, so we jumped straight in and ordered the Cornflake Chicken, which is flavoured with Cajun spices served with an irresistibly gooey zucchini and Parmesan waffle. The Nola burger, which comes with hand-cut fries and homemade coleslaw, is also a solid choice.
The atmosphere: We walked through the doors at Nola on a Tuesday for our 8pm reservation and the place was already packed. The live singer Carrie Gibson and her jazz band were in full swing, the bar was crowded and the tables were full. Waiters and waitresses were weaving in and out of standing guests with trays full of food while tables were busy with friends chatting the night away over the sound of live jazz. It sounds hectic and it was, but in a relaxing mid-week catch-up-with-friends kind of way. A nice touch is that you don’t have to dress up as it’s all pretty chilled.
Make or break: The service was good and our glasses were never empty, even when the restaurant and bar was full.
Element of surprise: We expected only women would be here on a Tuesday, but the men are just as keen to have that middle-of-the-week catch-up and can enjoy the benefits of the 5pm-8pm happy hour. Also, we left at around 10.30pm and people were still queuing to get in.
Female-to-male ratio: Hard to tell exactly, but it was a good mix.
Creep levels: Zero
Would you go back? Nola is one of our favourite venues and it makes us wonder why we don’t do this every Tuesday.
Contact: +9714 399 8155

Also in the area…

Cocktail Kitchen
We headed here after Nola as it is right next door. The venue was bustling with really chilled tunes coming from the DJ and it offers a cosier atmosphere than Nola. Here, you get three complimentary glasses of house grape, plus 50 percent off of the food bill. We enjoyed a couple of glasses before heading home. The vibe is slightly dressier without being pretentious. Look out for their “Hot Topics” talks on selected ladies nights. We’ll definitely make this our first choice for our next ladies night. There’s a DJ between 7pm-11pm.
When: 8pm-11pm, Tuesdays
Where: Armada Hotel, Cluster P
Contact: +971 56 828 0727

Spice & Ice
The place that loves a bit of dry ice… The bar area here is pretty cool and you can expect commercial hip-hop coming from the speakers, friendly staff and great service. The dress code says “dress to impress”, but smart casual or work wear will do just fine. It gets very busy and it is pretty loud. More of a let-your-hair-down place than one for a good catch-up.
When: 6pm-1am, Tuesdays
Where: Movenpick Hotel, Cluster A, JLT
Contact: +9714 275 9088


Whispering Angels
Where: Treehouse, Taj Hotel, Business Bay
When: 7pm-1am every Tuesday.
The deal: Two glasses.
The atmosphere: We’re big fans of Treehouse. The view gives it prime position on our to-do list every time we have a visitor, and cool vibes attract a stylish crowd without it being pretentious. The music is kept at a just about conversation-friendly volume (maybe that’s why it’s called Whispering Angels?) and we love the decor. Trees line the sides of the terrace and tall candles are dotted around, making the place feel atmospheric. And being in the same hotel as Billionaire Mansion is a massive plus point, as the deal offers a great starting point for a big night out.
Make or break: Everything about this place is great, the only downside to it is that it’s just two free drinks. Surely every ladies night should have a three-drink minimum? No? Please?
Element of surprise: It gets pretty busy, so get there early if you don’t want to stand.
Female-to-male ratio: Evenly split.
Creep levels: Zero
Would you go back: Yes, and we already have.
Contact: +971 50 648 3083

Also in the area…

Billionaire Mansion
Four free drinks for ladies… Every. Single. Night. This is a place where people go to party. Think bottle service with sparklers on top and people dressed up to go “out out”. It’s well worth going earlier and enjoying dinner at the Japanese and Italian restaurant. Queues can be quite long, though.
When: Every night
Where: Taj Dubai
Contact: +9714 510 3100

Blinq Cocktail Lounge
Another very stylish venue jumping on the every-night-is-ladies-night bandwagon. Could ladies night be the new happy hour? Possibly, but before the trend takes hold choose a night and visit Blinq Cocktail Lounge. The cocktail-of-the-day will be kept flowing all night long and ladies enjoy 40 percent off all à la carte food and other beverages. Expect a fun, glitzy atmosphere, so make sure you stay on for a dance, too.
When: 6pm-12am, every night
Where: The Westin Dubai, Al Habtoor City
Contact: +971 04437 3333

L80’s Night on Wet Deck
If you are after the “wow” factor, look no further than W Hotel Dubai. They know a good party and will take you right back to the 1980s every Tuesday night. Sequins, leggings and backcombed hair-dos are encouraged at L80’s Night Pool Party. Dance to 80s and 90s party tunes and ladies can enjoy unlimited house concoctions all night.
When: 8pm to late, Tuesdays
Where: W Hotel, Al Habtoor City
Contact: +9714 436 6666


When: 8pm-12am, Wednesdays
Where: Double Tree by Hilton, JBR
The deal: Free flowing grape
The atmosphere: The place was heaving right out on to the outside terrace. The music is good – hip-hop and RnB spun by DJ Adam Graca – and the bar was three people thick and you can only ask for one drink at a time. That said, the bartenders were fun, the crowd was young and the atmosphere electric. It’s the place to be right now and not just for ladies. In fact, on walking in, a group of lads eagerly tried to push through with us. “We forgot to book a table!” Nice try, chaps.
Make or break: Book a table if only to get inside quicker or make a night of it by having dinner, too – the Japanese food is exceptionally good.
Element of surprise:
Just how busy it is. The mistake we made was pretty epic. “Do you have a reservation?” the lady on the door asked at the end of a 15-minute queue. Big fail on a busy night like this, but we got in and enjoyed a few drinks.
Female-to-male ratio: 60-40 women to men.
Creep levels: There are a lot of guys in there, but the atmosphere remains fun.
Would you go back? Yes and if in true Dubai fashion this night loses its heat and numbers dwindle a little, well that’s fine, too.
Contact: +9714 559 5300

Also in the area…

Maine Oyster Bar and Grill
This was a big hit last year, but is in danger of being eclipsed by the likes of Ramusake which is in close proximity. The offer is free flowing grape from 8pm-12pm and while you used to be able to enjoy this while dining, it is now restricted to the bar area only – which is quite cramped. We’d say book Ramusake for 9pm and enjoy a drink or two here before heading upstairs.
When: 8pm-12pm, Tuesdays
Where: Double Tree by Hilton, JBR
Contact: +9714 457 6719

If you really want to go for it, Tribeca is a hop, skip and a jump from Double Tree by Hilton in JBR. Their Queen Bee ladies night offers free bubbly and house beverages from 8pm until 1.30am. Plus there’s 50 percent off main meals. We walked into the usual party atmosphere Tribeca radiates whether there’s 50 people dancing or three friends who “really love this song”. It’s a fun extension to flip ladies night into a midweek blowout if that’s what you are after.
When: 8pm-1.30am, Wednesdays
Where: Ocean View Hotel, JBR
Contact: +971 50 345 6067


O socialista
Where: Okku, H Hotel
When: 7pm-11pm, Wednesdays
The deal: Free select cocktails all night.
The atmosphere: There are two types of ladies who do ladies nights in Dubai: the wild and… the not so wild. In keeping with its elegant, upscale interior, Okku falls into the latter category; even when the bar was three deep, the vibe was still super chilled and pretty sophisticated.
Make or break: The food is as good as you will find in any ladies night. It’s a great chance to try it.
Element of surprise: Seek out bartender Souviak. He made us some special creations.
Contact: +9714 501 8777

Also in the area…

Leave Your Boyfriend At Home
While most ladies’ nights offer a few free drinks, Cavalli Club has gone all out with free drinks until the early hours – as well as a special three-course ladies night menu for AED150. The venue is everything here: think a huge space with loud prints and massive chandeliers, and the dress code is “strictly fabulous, no effort no entry”. If you’re in the mood for loud music and plenty of dancing, they’ve got it covered. And pay attention to the name, eh?
When: 8.30pm-3am, Tuesdays
Where: Cavalli Club, Fairmont Dubai
Contact: +971 50 991 0400

Nezesaussi Grill
Unlike most traditional ladies nights in Dubai, this Southern Hemispere place is all about the food – with a free main course for ladies who spend AED50 or more on drink. Enjoy hearty bites from the grill, beef pies and lots of chicken – perfect for hump-day comfort food and catch ups.
When: 6pm-9pm, Tuesdays
Where: Al Manzil Hotel, Downtown Dubai
Contact: +9714 428 5888

Envii at Vii Dubai
Get ready for this. The Vii Lounge has re-launched their “EnVii” ladies night with an open bar. Yes anything you want is free ladies from 8pm until 1am and there’s 30 percent off the bar food menu in case you need some sushi soakage. Kick on the terrace surrounded by pretty greenery while enjoying tunes spun by DJ Kennedy’s mashup
of old soul, funk, RnB and current hits.
When: 8pm-1am, Tuesdays
Where: The Conrad Hotel
Contact: +971 50 169 6777

[email protected] Le Soir
When an event bills itself as “not for the faint-hearted” how could any sane woman refuse? Fire-eaters, pole dancers you name it, Cirque Le Soir delivers.
When: 8pm-1am, Wednesdays
Where: Fairmont Dubai
Contact: +971 50 995 5400

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