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Blue Marlin welcomes Uberhaus to a special pop-up party



Beirut-born clubs are hardly new on the Dubai nightlife scene. White on the rooftop at Meydan is a Lebanese import, as is Indie in DIFC. The pop-up, though, seems to be gaining favour as a means of bringing that unique Beiruti vibe to Dubai; Mar Mikhael’s Central Station Boutique Bar, for instance, is doing something at Billionaire Mansion this month.

Without question, though, the arrival of Überhaus to Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE this weekend is the most spectacular – so big, in fact, we’re not sure “pop-up” is exactly the right word for its arrival. The centrepiece of the party experience is a huge dome adorned with panels that illuminate in time with the music. We chatted to Überhaus founder, Nemer Saliba, about what Dubai’s clubbers can expect – and where the idea came from.

You had already opened a series of bars before your 21st birthday. Why the nightlife industry?
It started off as an opportunity and now it’s really grown into a passion. I love building nightclubs. I love creating new, immersive structures that keep people guessing.

Why has Lebanon in particular developed this reputation as the party capital of the region?
Lebanon is a really unique place. Life isn’t always easy and people need a release. When people in Lebanon go out to party, they let go. All the stress, everything negative in their lives, they just let it out on the dancefloor. We wanted to add to this, to give people like us a space to do exactly that. We wanted a club where our friends would enjoy the music and the vibe without having to compromise.

You have Überhaus and also Gärten. What’s with the German-influenced names? You a secret heavy metal fan?
The club was previously owned by an Austrian family and they had these gorgeous drawings on the walls, including a double-headed eagle. When we started brainstorming the name, I could see three letters: U, V, W. The double-headed eagle and the U reminded me of a philosophy class I took in university and Nietzsche’s übermensch or superman, and the W we thought could be “warehouse”. But “übermensch warehouse” was a bit long, so that’s where Überhaus came in.

Where did the idea for the illuminated dome come from?
One of my ex partners had shown me this gorgeous image of discoballs attached to a structure. One day, when I was attempting to sketch it out, my best friend walks into my office and asks why I am “drawing a geodesic dome?” – he is an engineer! That was that. I called up leading architect Karim Najjar and soon after we had our dome.

Obviously the music is key to any party. What will DJs Dixon and Åme bring to the dome?
We felt that for this event at Blue Marlin we wanted to bring a melodic vibe and these two are the kings of that. They’re guaranteed to take the crowd on a journey.

Any plans to do something more permanent in Dubai?
Right now we’re sticking to pop-ups. We want to keep it organic, get a real feel for it and then… who knows?

Überhaus x Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE
Where: Blue Marlin Ibiza DXB
When: Thursday, March 9
Contact: +971 56 113 3400

Hanene Bin Smail, head of marketing and events at Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE, talks about the pop up

Tell us about this collaboration…
Collaborations are not something new for us, whether it’s in fashion, art or music. We have previously worked with the likes of Cadenza, Pacha, Elrow and Circoloco. Ultimately, Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE is a lifestyle platform and we’re always looking for ways to express our creativity with unique collaborations. Überhaus fulfilled our mission in that way.

What was it about the concept that you knew would be right for Blue Marlin?
Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE has been a pioneer of music in the region since we launched back in 2012. We are always on the lookout for unique collaborations and Überhaus has the same musical direction and shares our philosophy of creating unforgettable experiences.

Is this about attracting new customers or keeping existing ones interested?
We have a strong base of loyal clientele, so we are always looking to find ways of keeping these people entertained. Our aim is to introduce the latest brands and trends and to offer the best experiences, but we are always finding ways to attract new faces to the beach-club, too.

Why should people come down and check this party out?
The Überhaus party isn’t just about one night, it’s more of a weekend journey. In fact, we are offering a hotel stay for those that book for both Thursday night and Friday. A live set will be played by Stephan Bodzin on Friday, March 10, a hugely influential figure within the global techno scene. He is an impressive live specialist who creates mesmerising, high impact soundtracks. It’s going to be an unforgettable weekend!

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