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INTERVIEW: Solardo on playing Dubai and guilty pleasure bands



Manchester-based, dance duo Solardo are set to return to the UAE this weekend as part of the Circoloco event at Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE. Off the back of what is considered to be their most successful year to date, the pair have also announced a forthcoming European tour  Solardo Sessions – in what should propel them even further into the limelight.

We sat down for a chat to find out a little bit more about the talented two.

What can we expect from the Solardo set this weekend?
Plenty of vibes and energy, as well as new music from ourselves and what we have coming on Sola, our label imprint.

What are you looking forward to the most about playing in the UAE?
It’s our first time playing at Circoloco and Blue Marlin, so that’s something in itself. Playing in Dubai is always mint and the fact that it’s an outdoor party will only heighten the mood.

What drove you to create the successful Solardo Sessions?
We’ve been lucky enough to play some awesome shows over the past year or two. But we had a burning desire to create our own party where we could play longer sets where we could go a bit deeper and have musical control over the entire night.

Who’s your favourite musical duo?
Would probably have to go with The Chemical Brothers – everything from the music to live show is on point.

Who are your biggest guilty pleasure and why?
Simple – Guns N Roses. Grew up listening to them, and still love them to this day.

Indoors or outdoors – what’s your favourite type of venue to play?
It’s a difficult question as it really all depends on the party and time of year. Both are enjoyable and we’ve had some wicked parties in both!

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you on tour?
When we played our tune “Tribesmen” at a show earlier in the year, someone dressed up in some sort of tribesman costume and jumped on stage as we played it. This was totally unexpected, but a nice touch!

When:1pm-11pm, November 24
Where: Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE
Contact: Website

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